Do you want to be right or do you want to be happy?



I think that if we should find in reality the proverbial demon and angel standing on opposite sides of our shoulders well that would be the ego and the soul.

It seems to me that all the bad decisions in life are taken because of the ego because it tells us to get revenge, to always compare our self with the others, to seek more of what the others have… etc. Those emotions that our ego provides us with, are just the roots of hate, jealousy, envy, grudge  and everything that normally we should aim to avoid.

On the other hand we have a soul, as pure as it can be, considering that even in our birth we don’t come with a real clean slate ( karma and all), that functions on a different channel and totally different vibrations/vibes/ waves of communication. This part of us tells us all we need to be safe, good and prosperous. We are saved by it when we are in trouble, when we are feeling sick, when to trust or not various external challenges.

So, practically, we have the good, the bad and the ugly inside of us as well as some “magic” that no one cares to remind us of. In fact it isn’t magic it’s a very real and wonderful gift that we are born with and are meant to develop. 

Nowadays we struggle to rekindle the flow between our narrow minds ( what we were taught) and  the “art of being” ( what we are naturally gifted with but encouraged to ignore “because it’s ridiculous”- really?). So we need Deepak Chopra, Louise L. Hay and others in order to get our head straight. Even religion does a poor job at making us better because we are guided by other humans that strayed from their original path of being guides. Where are we supposed to get guidance when we feel lost (I say feel because we aren’t really lost, never)? The answer is as simple as we want it to be or as complicated as we make it (our mind fabricates obstacles because we were taught to accept challenges, we were taught that nothing is as simple as it seems (when in fact it is), we were taught that nothing is for free (of course not, only the things that our ego wants are expensive, in more than one way). So one friend of mine got me thinking and asked me one question that everyone should ask himself/herself: “Do you want to be right or do you want to be happy ?” because if the latter is the response to the question, than you are on the good path of recovering your connection with your soul and the truth of your existence.

If you manage to leave your ego out of the equation you will find out that there is so much happiness beyond the treacherous lessons we are taught by the society which are alimented by  “zombies” ( the  followers of trends, of politics, of religions, of media, generally everything that is generated orally or in written in order to make us sheep  because it is convenient for leaders ( no matter of what they lead) to have an unquestioning, unchallenging population that does whatever they say). Well forgive me for being so blunt but “God” or whatever name you chose to give him/it, surely didn’t mean for us to have so much squashed and choked and suffocated potential.
We were born with great potential, a wonderful working body and a wonderful, powerful computer called “the brain” that we were meant to use as well as we want. We also have a spirit, a soul, an energy that we deny, ignore… I find it funny that when you by yourself a new mobile phone like an I-phone or whatever is the newest model in shop, you get to go over all its applications (also called apps) and you get to use and learn all its kinks and use it to it maximum potential, but when it comes to your own being, you just flake, give up, ignore yourself, your own powers and “apps”. And believe me you have so much more “apps” than a mobile phone! Why are you so curious about a human made product and not about your own person that is no less than a miracle?

Till next time … Think about it ! Do you want to be right or happy?

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