1. Life became a struggle because society made it a struggle.
  2. We are taught that in order to succeed in being The Best in any field we need to solely focus on one particular field. Find it, love it, study it and master it… then what?
  3. Sociological discrepancies between what we are taught and what is asked of us in practice: it leads to frustration, the sentiment of inadequacy, the daily stress, the constant feeling of failure, distress, dismay, depression, anxiety, alienation…etc
  4. The step between being one of the Best and the real Best: what is beyond a phd? Phd+ conscious expansion of the mind= Best because the expansion of consciousness is in the presence of information an expansion of knowledge.
  5. Alternative realities, string theory, law of attraction and more: there are at least two observable realities, there is a great difference between them: ex: best book (quantity vs quality)
  6. What matters is what you LOVE.



I began this New Year by asking myself “what can I do for you”. It seems rather strange to think about what I could do for others, instead of thinking of myself and which parts of my life I could rearrange, change, modify, purge, insert, etc.
At this point I really don’t care what you think of the cogitations that lead to this short story about the out comings, the final results of what the society made of us. I have noticed that we are groomed to fail. Only the best of the best manage to find a “guru” that will eventually point them towards success. That is, if they are lucky enough or smart enough. But we really cannot rest and leave the success of our society, its growth and prosperity, in the invisible hands of luck or hazard, whatever you may choose to call it.

How can one be knowledgeable and smart enough, experienced and open minded enough to break the walls built by the society, designed by speculative minds and harmful for the people?
The answer came to me from another conversation that was related to the questions about what I could do for myself and how to make my own life better. I had a certain imaginary list of things I wished to change in order to feel more comfortable in my life as it is at this point. I had a strong feeling that was following me since a few years ago. I was imprisoned between the walls of my own perception of the world, the reflection of the society I was living in, the lessons I had learned until then, about how a good, honest and prosperous life should look like and my own desires. All of these matters stretched my nerves very thin until the breaking point. So I sought new perspectives from people who managed to be happy in the same world, people who managed to feel gratified and accomplished in their profession, to make it short: people who had the same human qualities as me but who grabbed life in a proper manner and made their goals come to life, their projects came to fruition.

I have spent countless hours in front of my computer reading or listening to lectures that made more or less sense to me. Some were absolutely brilliant and I was wondering a few things about them: how many of the followers of those videos, really understood what they were taught and how many of them succeeded to take the knowledge and make it their own, and how many of the ones that succeeded in taking the knowledge and make it their own succeeded in making it happen on a practical level. Because it is nice and fun to listen to a funny, handsome, smart and talkative guy for a couple of hours but from there to making it happen: taking the knowledge, understanding it, making it your own and transferring it into your daily routine. Oh my! That is a mighty challenge. I bet that even that smart man that lead the conference is still working on the last part of the process.

You know it is quite easy to fake happiness. Have you ever done it? It is simple though. You just have to have a social media page and post your very best photos of your greatest moments ever. Most of the people will buy into it. No problem. But are you really happy?

I for one am very skeptical about your great never ending happiness. Why? Because in those pictures I rarely see emotions. I rarely see anything beyond those snippets, glimpses of joy.

Joy is different than happiness. It is a momentary state that is the feeling good part of a day. It isn’t the whole day, it isn’t the whole hour. A brief moment of glitter and sparkle. That is all. So if those people try to show their true happiness, share it with all of us, they should show us their struggles and their victories on the different challenges that life throws at them on a daily basis, at any given time really.

The triumph of the light over the creeping darkness. That is what I want to see.

No thank you to the puppy pictures and the great wedding dress and the cute baby that sleeps like an angel. If you show me your toddler crying his head off, your wedding dress drenched in champagne, your broken heel on the steps of the church, your dying dog and you still manage to share it on the world wide web and still be smiling about it, than that my friends, I will consider a triumph of the life over death, the victory of the light over the darkness and I will undoubtedly  applaud, cheer and cry of joy for your success in being happy during this life NO MATTER WHAT.

                Until then, we have a matter at hand, which still makes me going on with this purposeful study of the broader horizon, larger perspective, bigger picture, expanded awareness and finally expanded consciousness through knowledge. This is the subject that keeps me up at night and I want to share it with you.

                So what came over me to even start thinking about it and what does it mean to me? What can it mean for all of us?

As I said one day, I found myself lacking a proper conversation partner. This I realized after starting to talk with the one that threw me into a vortex of new ideas that never until then had ever crossed my mind. Some of the things I was taught were scattered ideas in my conscience but until then, never had I ever put them together in a coherent enlightening string of ideas. Snippets, just that, that rounded my conscience without really penetrating the depths in order to make something of them. And then came my dialogue partner that I was dreaming of without even realizing it. He came almost out of the blue, the poorest time ever for me. I was so troubled by my own matters that nobody would have ever suspected for me to react to what I was told. In hindsight my openness even startles me. I can only explain that I am a curious person who took a liking to reading and listening to other smarter people talking and I am extremely joyous when I discover new things. All that gathered information that stuck to a shelf in my mind for a while, started to make sense to me, once I began my conversation with this friend. During our conversations, he peppered my older information with his own ideas and the thoughts of others that interested the both of us in equal measure. This is how I arrived to talk, learn and understand things that I never knew they existed or that I never understood before, even things that I didn’t care much about before they came together. They became my guidelines, my truths, my reprieve from my censured mind that was running in circles with random thoughts that were, inconsequential.

This is how I arrived at the broader horizon, larger perspective, bigger picture, expanded awareness and finally expanded consciousness through knowledge. And the more I sought this expansion, the less I felt trapped into a world that I didn’t like much, a world that I didn’t think I could really fit in, a world that most of the time, bothered me and troubled me to no end. Isn’t that great? A step closer to happiness I would say!

                Once I realized what life was really about, I understood that this display of happiness was just that. People feel the need to show off their daily achievements in a way or another because of their subconscious fear of dying, of being forgotten. People feel the need to display all their “moments of glory” because they were taught to brag and to compare themselves to others. People get annoyed at the others not because they need the same things as the others but they don’t have them. No. They are annoyed because some of them see the ridicule of this permanent display of anything and everything, others are just frustrated because they believe that they are not happy because they don’t have the same exact thing as the next one/the other. How sad is that?

All this nonsense is an issue, but not the purpose of my study. But it is really troubling because all this nonsense feed thieves, bullies, it makes people go crazy (closer and closer to pathology), this bullshit makes friends part ways, families to disintegrate…etc. This nonsensical behavior fed by “the great minds” that lead the world, makes us loose our composer, our common sense, our confidence, our integrity as human beings. Even highly educated people with excellence written all over their diplomas, are becoming more and more victims of (what I will call) “THE SYSTEM” that makes us go silly, crazy, absurd and unbalanced.

I really don’t know and wouldn’t normally about their program, but when I see normal, sane, smart people becoming the opposite just because the society is pushing them around… Well this should not be accepted because it is totally unacceptable and absolutely unethical and totally wrong no matter from what perspective you look at it.

                You will say: “wait a second, you are totally derailing from the topic at hand!”

                I know you might think that. But the fact of the matter is that all this thinking in circles has brought me to several conclusions about the interest of broadening the horizon, expanding the consciousness through knowledge.

–          The first thought that comes to mind is that “THE SYSTEM” wants us to be stupid, unfulfilled, at the mercy of an unknown bunch of leaders ( and they are not only political… do not worry, nobody is safe!)

–          Have you ever wondered why a book is called “THE book of the year”? There are many of those. It only depends on who decides on whom this honor should be bestowed. Is there even a quality factor in the equation? Probably but it is not the deciding factor. Oh no. You get one book out. If John John reads the book and says it is great. No one will care. But if a “leader” like a famous person like … I don’t know … Oprah for example gets this book on the TV and says “oh my how I loved this one, it’s a must have!” then BANG! A million copies sold in a few days. How’s that for a success story? Does it really matter that you can’t even remember the name of the author or the story told in that book after buying it and reading it? No. The book is sold, the cash is in, the name becomes a brand after receiving a bestseller title and a “book of the year” award. And that is how in the recent years, history is written. Does any of those books compare to a long lasting novel that became a model for many generations since it was published? No, of course not. I pray to God that Sandra Brown (no offense, she just one of the most popular (ized) authors for a while now) will never be read in schools like Shakespeare, Hemingway, Hugo, Camus or Zola. I recognize the need to modernize a bit the reading list but some of the great masterpieces cannot be avoided. It would be a shame. That is why there should be three different classes taught in school: 1. Grammar, language, communication; 2. Classic literature; 3. Contemporary literature.  The world cannot do without and you will understand my statement a little bit further. Just hang on!

–          There is a huge gap between what we are taught and what is required of us after leaving school (no matter how far we are in the game). We are told since the beginning of time that if we want to get somewhere we should learn, learn, learn. Ok so we did! Until a day came and we had our University degree (College), the Master’s degree, the PHD title… maybe even the post-doctoral stage. It makes some of us feel a bit nauseated. It is like the twilight zone or a black hole… never mind you get my drift.  Then what? That’s a good question Joe! Thank you for asking! How are the kids?…Then the Hell breaks loose  because you have been a member of this higher learning institution that you have no clue what lies beyond this research paradise. All you see is green grass, research, studies, exams, papers, lots of papers, professors with manners and some twisted ones too, other smart, polite, funny peers… all is great. But what are we groomed for? FAILURE!

Don’t smack your lips in front of me lady ! I am just the messenger. Peace bro!

Why are we groomed for failure? Because the unexpected happens. You get out of an institution like this one  (a sort of cocoon, safe place, really comfortable and soothing, that is habit right there for you!) and you are thrown out of the fish tank into the ocean, out of the zoo into wilderness, out of your mama’s arms into the big dark forest of humankind. And that sucks big time! Did anyone ever evaluate the need of the former student to adjust to the business life, the grown up life, the domestic life? Did anyone see coming that once you get a position in a company they are pleasantly aroused by you fabulous resume that is all intellectual but they don’t know what else to do but to train you like a pet? Why is that and how does it feel to know that you have written a three hundred pages thesis and now you are “in training” in order to “perform” accordingly to the standardized procedures of the company and you will be “evaluated” according to your “qualitative and quantitative” work and your level of commitment to your job ( meaning NO LIFE)? How does it feel? Are you a dog? Even dogs have pride.

What are we groomed for again? To be proper in an improper society (and all that derives from that statement). Do the old patterns still stand? No. Are we mislead? Hell yeah! Excuse me, yes we are!

How to get my point across? I wonder…

Let’s see… If you go “to the mattresses” like in the Godfather, it means that you have followed the idealistic thinking of our elders that taught us to study hard, learn more, find a well-paid field, get a job in that field and all will be nice and dandy. If you do that all you will be is FRUSTRATED.

How about another approach. Let’s take study hard, learn more, do what you LOVE, expand your consciousness and knowledge and be happy. The ending result will be HAPPY all over the place, because if you have learned your lessons, you have done all that was mentioned before and you do what you love you will sometimes feel frustrated but you will never be depressed and the biggest result is that your work won’t seem like a never ending chore, under paid, where you don’t feel appreciated and respected… etc.

How dare I say such a thing? Well my life has forced me into taking a few steps back in order to gain some well needed perspective. I experienced firsthand both of these sides and whenever I feel frustrated now is not with myself but with something else from the exterior. Do you know what a great accomplishment is to not feel bad because you feel like you are never enough, nothing you do is never enough? How can you feel good with yourself and your life? It is quite simple in fact. When you do something that you love and you give yourself time and space to achieve your own established goals and you make it at your pace and succeed ( it is totally possible), then you never ever get to experience the overwhelming feeling of failure, the overwhelming anxiety of not being good enough, the unsteady feeling that no matter what at some point something will happen and you will get thrown out of “the system” that you (in fact) despise so much.

How ridiculous is to be afraid of failing someone or at something that in fact you despise? Get a grip!

                We are drawing in clichés spoon fed to us by “the system”. We are mentally challenged by the power of the mental missiles thrown at us on a daily basis over and over again. They want us to itch in order to scratch, in order to feel uncomfortable and to finally go to buy a new pill that will make us feel good again. They even show us the nasty rash on TV so that our mind get permanently branded by the false sensation that we need that product. It is just an example amongst so many others that contribute to our state of mind, to our way of thinking in patterns, to how we should lead our life and they show us how it is going to be from now on , if we want to participate and lead a “normal” life in this men made society.

We are set to fail since the beginning. We get depressed, dehumanized, stranded on a highway of regrets and what ifs, we buy more, consume more, have less money, feel like crap because we don’t have enough, we work like laboring animals on a field from dawn till dusk and we become well “trained” machines that never think for themselves, never get out of line and all is just NORMAL, peachy, dandy, just fine.

Do you feel that this is the poster of normality that our parents promised us when we were children? Does it depict even a fraction of the happiness we were promised to have if we behaved, learned and mind our own business? I surely don’t think so.

My point is that we have been shaped, we have been brain washed and we keep on being brainwashed for the sake of conformity. The pressure of the abnormal behavior on our brain and our soul is so great that we become alienated from all that is holly (family, personal life, pleasure, measure, balance and harmony, happiness, joy, awareness, consciousness, knowledge). We are deprived of all that matters under the false pretense of freedom, rights, law, order, government… but we are lonely even when we are suffocated by thousands of people… every single day.

So why does it matter so much to me to share this revelation? Because it feels damn good and all so right to break the chains and to feel at least in your own heart that you are the most important person in the world. If feels fantastic to feel free and in charge of your own path. It feels exhilarating to decide what, when and how to do with your time in order to have a comfortable salary, time to spend with the people you love, meet new people to love, take care of your mind, body and soul. It feels great to be able to be yourself and to love yourself as you are.

This is what matters folks! Not the internet crap about posting pictures of your last fiesta, not your best baby pictures, your best fake smile… It gets old and you eventually grow tired of playing a role in the story of “what you think that others need to perceive you as”. It doesn’t accomplish your main goal: to BE happy (not look like, seem to, appear,…).


Life became a struggle because the society made it a struggle. We mostly struggle with ourselves because we fight our own nature in order to fit the mold. We are scared to not fit the mold because we have the false sensation that the mold gives us security and that if we don’t fit in anymore we are left behind into the unknown.

 So now, what if I told you that you could leave the mold, be yourself in every shape, form and color and look, sound, smell and feel however your soul desires? It seems like heaven, from so deep within the mold. But once you get a peek outside the mold and you discover that there are actually a few people very happy and prosperous out of the mold … then maybe you will take a chance and get out.

Let me tell you a secret: outside there is no unknown, no black hole and no glimpse of nothingness that might scare you. Outside the mold there is air to breathe and an infinity of possibilities for you to choose from and make your own as you wish and dream of. Outside the mold, there is all that you were meant to be and could not because you were told that it is impossible, it is not proper, it is not what the company wants, you cannot afford it, you cannot achieve it… all the downers that you have heard thousands of times during your life time.

You need to get out of the mold in order to understand that there is more to life than what your eyes can see and the only way out is by EXPANDING YOUR CONSCIOUSNESS THROUGH KNOWLEDGE.

                You may want to know HOW, the ropes. Well it is actually simple. I gave up any possibility of a 10 to 12 hours job, I started reading and for the last three years I have read between 150 and 170 books per year. I have watched TEDx and Ivy League seminars (online). I took notes on things I didn’t understand yet and came back to them after I understood them. I took in all kinds of perspectives on life from psychologists, psychiatrist, life coaches, spiritual gurus and mentors, enlightened people, professors. I gave up 99% of television. 

Currently I am still trying to imagine a world where people are free to manifest their feelings on a daily basis and create their life with the mind, body and soul reunited. Imagine that John Lennon!

Is this too fancy for you? Well tell me what feels best a long walk on the sand by the ocean or a TV political marathon? (If it is too easy try replacing political with star wars or fifty shades of grey).


Expand your consciousness.  One eye one the prize one eye on the potential.

Be permanently on the prowl of knowledge.

What takes you from one of the best to THE best is the expanded consciousness that means

expanded knowledge.

People are trained to choose one field and sub-field to be the best they can at, but they’re put in a box

And they miss the bigger picture because of it. Da Vinci was and is still considered as being a genius exactly because of his expanded consciousness and therefore knowledge and his work like so many others still stand the test of time.  


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