Medium Intuitive

Medium Intuitive Guidance

                  Sometimes all you need is to find the answers to  your most important questions.

                           I have awaken gradually but more so from 2011 on. It has been a challenge, a tremendously difficult transition and at times even painful.
Becoming aware, being conscious and knowing yourself from a new perspective is not only a gift but also a privilege but it doesn’t come without growing pains.

To all of those who feel lost and need guidance and counseling I am now able to ask: „How may I help you?”

It has taken me over eight years of trying therapies and different practices, reading thousands of books, participating to webinars… and very much practicing on my own to know that there is more to come and there is also more to life than this. „This” is the place where you have been stuck for a while. Sometimes it is right at the rock bottom and you are wondering how is it even possible to stand up again.

We can get to the bottom of this and through all that we have in: from Reiki to gemstones, from intuitive readings to medium conversations with dear ones, herbs and plants to guided meditations designed especially for you.
This is a holistic non medical approach of your deepest hidden emotions, the stale emotions that keep you from advancing and sometimes… unfortunately make you sick.
The only thing that you need to do is accept to let go of the pain and embrace our journey together.

Love and Light,


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