Jaw dropping- Tinder’s got you hot and bothered

“Well hello to you too”! Did you swipe left or right?
I mostly swipe left but sometimes I swipe right. There’s nothing like an app that provides you with pictures that tell stories and … oh boy! Jaw dropping stories. I don’t know how people react to Tinder in other countries but here in Romania I had a variety of situations that leave me speechless. It’s not what I paid for! Wait! I didn’t pay! But still, even if you are on Tinder for a day it already too much. Besides, it gets addictive and even if you aren’t interested in the offers you still feel like looking even if only for a second.
It has been made clear to me that Tinder is mostly for sex (at least here in Romania). I am well aware that people have found love on the internet and why not?
I’ve been encouraged to check out this app and I was reluctant because I know what goes on the internet since I have been on it since I had access to it way back when. I finally decided to try it because … why not? And I still was disappointed in the pickings because I didn’t expect what I will tell you next.

If you found what you were looking for on Tinder: good for you! Congratulations! If not please follow me!
TOP 10 weird things you shouldn’t ever have to see on Tinder… yet they are there!
10. Guys with Xerox looks- are you sheep? I am so over the pony coiffed hair, sunglasses and beards.
9. BDSM has reached the old continent on its eastern side. Now guys are shopping for legal and willing sex slaves.
8. Photos with your buddy/buddies: which of one is you? Are you looking for an orgy? If not, take them down.
7. “I am a married pig, I know, but it’s my business. If you are looking for a no-strings attached torrid affair swipe right.”
6. “If you are fat swipe left”
5. He’s hot and he knows it, he shows his muscles and you should know by now that if you swipe right you’ll have to meet up for sex. If not…
4. Happy couples that are looking for swinger “friends” wink wink.
3. Virgin much?
2. Dick-pics. What is more obvious than that?
1. Sperm donor looking to impregnate hot, smart, independent women before he leaves the country. He chooses you not the other way around, if you missed that little bit of info.

So this is an opportunity for you girls to be brave and to get online for some toy shopping because it is less creepy and less dangerous.
I mean who wouldn’t want to be picked-up by a stranger in his car and driven somewhere “nice” in the middle of the night as a first date?
Me neither!
Decent people should react and be outraged by this type of behavior because there are still nice people out there that are looking for a relationship or friends with whom to share their spare time with and Tinder seemed to promise us some good times with people from around us. Instead… I am discovering the creepers all around us and it’s getting less exciting by the second.
So if you like photos and like swiping while seeming VERY interested in your phone while waiting for a friend to arrive at the coffee shop, that is ok to keep on swiping left until your finger gets numb, but for more… Tinder confirmed to me what I had been already expecting and so much more… But in a bad way.
Until next time: keep looking and MAKE IT COUNT.

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