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              According to scientific research we are made of energy and that energy can be influenced either by positive thinking or negative one. The analysis has reached the sub-atomic level of our cells and it shows that the energy that we are made of changes according to our thoughts, our environment and can be influenced both by others or ourselves (if we acknowledge the imperative of awareness and its tremendous defining role in our life).

I would argue, both through my personal experience but also according to so many other people that took a special interest in the field, that there is such a thing as “passive” energies that come from places and objects left behind throughout history but also “active” energies that have their sources in the actions of all that is living on earth.

Active and passive energies

What I call passive energy is in fact an energy that is clustered and imprinted on objects and places. It is not a dormant energy but a non-renewed energy. Let’s take for example an historic place where a war or battle took place a few decades ago, centuries or even further back in time. For instance the Normandy Beaches (V-day, 1945). All Americans will hear the bells ringing because they can recognize the date as a very important day in the recent history. Some veterans, survivors of that period are still alive and maybe can show some light on the impact that that particular time in history has had on them and the hot places where the battles took place. There are many more places like this one, but I chose this particular one because I have been there and I had a personal experience with this particular hot place of “passive”, stagnant or lingering energy.

What am I talking about? Well to put it simply, I went there and I felt a disturbance in the electro-magnetic field that changed my mood and altogether my sensations. We can also take in consideration the state of mind that allowed me to connect to those energies, my empathy, respect and sorrow for all those young lives taken too soon in a bloody battle, but we can also acknowledge the intellectual readiness, the information that I took in during my travels (images of soldiers that have been there, the visual impact of the fields where bombs have left definitive marks and imprints on the ground, debris and bits of lingering barbwire  fences surrounding the place that has become a memorial…etc.)

A connection was made and those energies that most of the people ignore or aren’t aware of are still there even if they aren’t felt by everyone present.

I tried to make sense of this change on my state of mind and the physical impact that those energies I felt there had on me. I became dizzy, nauseated, had a dreadful migraine, none of which could be explained by anything else but the energy of the place where I was. The proof came a little while later when I left the place and went back to the city of Caen a little further from the Normandy Beaches. Once I was out of that zone, I was “home free”. It took its toll on me because even if the nausea and the migraine left, I became hungry but my energy levels were good and became positive again. I felt good as new, once again.

What happened there? Why was that place in such a bad shape energy-wise? After all this time, where the place looked like a healed wound but with some scar tissue as a memento, there were still low vibes.

After doing my own research on energy and how it works I realized that places that were witnesses to violent scenes where a person or more died in a very tragic way are more likely to have low lingering energies.

One could argue that a bomb could break the existing energies. That can be true, but what happens next is even worse than before because people blead to death, in tremendous fear, anxiety, sadness, suffering physical as well as mental and it was a mass crime. Just imagine all those energies belonging to all those fallen soldiers, plus the bombs, plus the state of mind and being of the ones that survived, coming together in a bubble of lingering energy that infused the soil, the rocks and the grounds. Just imagine how powerful that is.

Any such place where such tragedy happened is bound to have lingering energies that were never cleared even if the place is very close to the clear waters of the Atlantic Ocean. Those grounds have never been washed out by the ocean and so the new low energy has never been broken in any shape and form since WWII.

This is a mere example of lingering “passive” energy that remains untouched but so very present and impossible to ignore.


The second category of energy the “active” one is in continuous movement and change. What happens to this type of energy? Well, first of all it belongs to living entities, from human beings, to animals, plants and all that nature encompasses. This energy comes from thoughts, actions and words or basically it is all over and in continuous movement due to living, breathing things. This active energy is found here on earth but also in the whole universe and everything is connected in an invisible web that makes us and our lives as they are.

After reading about this matter for a few years I feel compelled to share my ideas on the matter because it has been influencing me for such a long time. I am aware of the existing energies and how they can affect people in so many different ways. It is very important to acknowledge these facts and get to know and understand what all this means because it seems to me that it is our responsibility to turn around the energy when it tends to go south.

High and low energies

                There are more and more people aware of this scientific proved fact: energy can be high and low and the impact of those types of energies is tremendous on sensitive people but all the same very effective either we acknowledge them or not.

For those of you that need to catch up with the information it is really simple if we break the energies into two categories the highs and the lows.

The high energy is the one that comes from love, joy, happiness, peace, harmony, a state of relaxation, meditative state, positive actions, positive words… etc.

The low energy is found in fear, anger and basically in destructive or self-destructive thoughts, words and actions.

How can a simple person detect those energies? You just have to ask yourself: how do I feel? If you feel energized, happy, good, loving, kind, relaxed, well rested… etc. Than the energies in you are high energies. This is how you are supposed to feel and you should stay in sync with this type of energy.

On the opposite side, if you are feeling depressed, sad, angry, anxious and fearful and your actions follow this line of vibrations, than, it is clearly the time to disconnect from this type of energy and orient yourself towards the first set of feelings and emotions.

Energy can be healing, rejuvenating, constructive or it can be damaging, destructive and plainly painful.

Here comes into play the awareness! For our wellbeing and that of those who surround us , it is imperative to take notice to be aware of the energy that we aliment ourselves with every day and check it every day as if we would check the glucose-meter if we were diabetics. Long periods of time spent at a low energy level can produce damage to our brain, our organs, the whole set of functions that our body has but also this low energy affects our surroundings, our relationships, the people that are in contact with us and on a higher scale everything we touch (physically, mentally, energetically).

All is good but how does our energy relate to the international crisis?

Just think about it. Reflect on what we do regularly, what we think, what we say, how we feel on a daily basis. Also think about what are the elements that are able to influence us (either way) on a daily basis and condition us to thinking in a certain way, act in a certain manner, react. Remember to chew on the idea of awareness. How aware are we really? How much of what gets to us is a well thought individually chewed information and how much of the information that we assimilate is poured down our throats without us even blinking?

The international crisis, in my modest opinion, is first of all a human crisis.  The good news is that all the human beings can do something about it. As shown before when speaking about energy, the more of a kind there is in one place, the more it intensifies and makes a mark on the general state of being. It is the same for high and low energies the only thing that differs is what we set our minds and feelings on: our attention.

I bet you don’t feel that great about the economy and how it is presented on TV. I bet you have plenty of reasons to complain about a billion things that happen to you personally or in the world in general. We, can each, make a very long list of things that tend to bother us and make us feel bad, less than, inadequate, inefficient, depressed, fearful and angry.  But this is surely not the way to go if we want to change the frequencies of our energies. It is just the opposite in fact and for the same reason I decided to not watch TV news on a loop. It would be even better to lose the TV for good. For example if you want to be informed you can read about it. Reading is selective, you have the power to read more of something or less of it, think about it, be aware and make up your mind about an event or another without being told nonstop (in a direct or indirect manner) how to think and feel about something. Reading is good for brain activity, increasing memory, rewiring the neuronal paths and basically making you smarter. Lose the free hypnotist that is the television.

On the other hand if you are shown success stories, humanitarian acts, support and love amongst people or between people and nature or animals… that will make you feel good, happy, motivated, rejuvenated…etc. That is all good high energy that we must aliment ourselves and our surroundings with. Take the happy pill of love and increase its effects with a dose of empathy, kindness and stay in the moment by being aware of its effects on you and the ones that surround you.

One doesn’t have to be a genius or a religious person to understand the meaning of coming together, be as one, connecting through high energies and keeping an eye on the results through awareness. It is as simple as that.

How can we end the human crisis?

                People we are getting desperate here! As you know being desperate is not a high emotion inductive of high energies. Not at all! But there are more and more people trying to convey this same message through the internet and inside their community, leading through example and showing through messages that may seem cheesy or goofy even silly sometimes, that we as human beings are in need of some high energies or simply put: cheering up.

Some find solace in quotes from people that we identify as being smart, others find solace in the honest belief in God or a form of universal energy that is the source of all there is living in the universe. Others find joy in random acts of kindness caught on camera and spread through the World Wide Web. Its mere existence shows us our innate need to be connected to people, the need to belong to a community, to feel included and participate. Nobody forces us to communicate with others it is just the way we, human beings work and it is so since the beginning of time. But we have a choice to make. To what, how much and how long do we want to stay connected to? How does this make me feel? Let’s make it feel good and stay in this windmill of positive energy by being aware of what is happening and changing lanes when the one we are connected to has been corrupted by information or action that makes us feel less than great about it.

My point is that by changing our energy, our vibration, we become happier people. By becoming a happy person we attract happy people or people who want to be happy too. If our intention is to make a change not only in our personal life but also in the one of those who surround us the good vibes keep on spreading and “spreading they will”.

A happy person is not depressed, gets less angry, is less violent, thinks clearly, attracts more of the same, is not alone, has back-up and a community of more of the same people. A kind person helps and receives help. That same person is noticed, communicates better and helps others to feel better and so on.

A happy person with high energy, good vibes is not a candidate for stealing, cheating, hurting anyone just the contrary.

That same type of person needs less medicine, less therapy, less comfort food and is healthier.

That same type of person is less influenced by negative thoughts or information, is clear headed and more inclined to learn and be aware of their surroundings. That person is more likely to read, workout, go out and socialize with other people than to watch TV news on repeat and look for deeply troubling information on the internet. That person is more likely to save a life than take one.

How do we change the world?


One step at a time, by changing ourselves. Law of attraction people! Start reading!

By being informed we are less easy to manipulate.

By being king we are less likely to get into an argument, a fight or any aggressive behavior.

By being empathic we get to understand ourselves and others more than before and we are able to control our reactions and be aware of how our words, thoughts and actions influence the others.

Just think about it!


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Lipsa de profesionalism la o emisiune intitulata “Profesionistii”









Cei care au avut ocazia si neplacerea de a urmari emisiunea Eugeniei Voda « Profesionistii » unde i-a avut ca invitati pe Emilia Sercan si Catalin Tolontan, au fost poate surprinsi de ce le-a fost dat sa auda si sa vada.

Nu pot sa cred ca TVR-ul a coborat atat de jos incat sa-si compromita si sa-si sacrifice demnitatea profesionala pe altarul senzationalului. Ceea ce s-a intamplat in emisiune a fost o demonstratie de lipsa de etica profesionala si de mediocritate umana.

Recunosc ca emisiunea « Profesionistii » mi-a fost mult timp draga, intrucat era singura emisiune de la TVR care mai avea o urma de cultura si de rafinament. Acesta din urma era bineinteles potentat de prezenta invitatilor din platou. Regret nespus declinul acestei emisiuni odata cu aparitia unor invitati sub standardele initiale ale emisiunii. Regret si mai tare auto-sabotarea Eugeniei Voda care dintr-un motiv sau altul a uitat la ce televiziune lucreaza, ce emisiune pastoreste. Odata cu editia in care i-a avut invitati pe Emilia Sercan si Catalin Tolontan, totul s-a naruit si culmea nu din cauza invitatilor ci din vina realizatoarei tv.

Asa cum Emilia si-a manifestat remuscarile pe care le avea pentru ca a facut un compromis pe care nu si l-a dorit, lucrand pentru un post de televiziune condus din umbra gratiilor de un penal, asa mi-e si mie rusine de o televiziune la care am lucrat si de care pana acum in ciuda coruptiei din interior, m-am simtit mandra.

Mandria vine din faptul ca in ciuda mizeriei, in orice loc exista si lumina, oameni dedicati, profesionisti si binevoitori. Poate mi se pare mie, insa am impresia ca modelele de profesionalism din TVR au fost calcate in picioare. Unele au facut un compromis si au ramas… altele au decis sa paraseasca cladirea  Televiziunii Istorice…

Ce mai conteaza istoria cand ai legitimatie de TVR ?

Ce mai conteaza respectul, demnitatea si alte valori umane respectabile cand intrii pe post in fiecare saptamana ?

Eu cred ca mai conteaza si ca nimic bun nu poate fi facut fara integritate si respect.

Se pare insa ca sistemul nu este de acord cu mine iar eu… nu pot fi de acord cu sistemul si nici nu am incercat.

Draga Emilia Sercan, nu va cunosc, nu ne-am intalnit niciodata insa cred cu tarie ca dorinta de a va face meseria cat se poate de bine in contextul dat, nu lasa loc de regrete nici de remuscari. Meseria de jurnalist este o meserie necesara, ba chiar vitala pentru o societate moderna. Faptul ca ati dorit sa va continuati cariera, pentru a putea face lumina acolo unde intunericul ameninta sa se lase pentru totdeauna, nu este un motiv de tristete. Ceea ce s-a intamplat in emisiunea « Profesionistii » spune multe despre dumneavoastra dar spune si mai multe despre realizatoarea ei.

Cele spuse dar si cele nerostite nu sunt oglinda dumneavoastra asa cum TVR-ul nu este si nu a fost niciodata o oglinda a personalitatii mele.

Domnul Tolontan are admiratia mea pentru simplul fapt ca a avut taria de caracter, siguranta de sine si suficient simt al umorului pentru a ramane pana la sfarsitul filmarii. Sunt convinsa ca a ramas in emisiune din respect pentru telespectatori.

Cum se spune : « razbunarea este mai buna servita rece ».

Oare de ce se mira Eugenia Voda de un salariu primit candva de un profesionist. In TVR sunt cativa angajati care de ani de zile primesc salarii care depasesc cu mult suma de care doamna Voda se minuna. Oare dansa cat a primit ca sa se faca de ras in public ? Sau a facut-o pe gratis asa cum lasa sa se inteleaga ca ar fi realizat emisiunea « Profesionistii » timp de atatia ani ?


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Recalibrare nationala sau anatomia sufletului

Oare dragostea bate frica?

As vrea sa cred ca nu este nimic mai presus de dragoste. Acest sentiment pur care se naste odata cu noi sau care poate ca a existat mereu si va dainui dincolo de noi (trupul).
Probabil ca trebuie sa calatoresti mult si departe in timp si spatiu ca sa intelegi ca suntem facuti din energie iar absolut tot ce este dincolo de aceasta energie nu sunt decat experiente pe care le luam cu noi numai atata timp cat ne este permis sa avem memorie.
Sufletul, spiritul, energia s-au nascut odata cu dragostea iar frica vine si pleaca sau ramane in noi numai atata timp cat avem o constiinta.
In acest caz, dragostea bate frica intrucat dragostea este permanenta.

Oare sufletul bate mintea?

De ce trebuie sa ne gandim la o lupta si sa privim subiectele ca pe doi sportivi intr-un ring de box ?
Astfel mi-am imaginat eu povestea. Mintea nu face diferenta intre realitate si imaginatie. Asadar pentru mine, in acest moment sufletul si mintea sunt doi gladiatori intr-o arena romana si se bat pe viata si pe viata ( nu pe viata si pe moarte). Ambii vor sa castige teren si sa se manifeste in acest univers ( poate unul dintre multiplele universuri in care ne manifestam de-odata).
Sufletul este mai batran si are o privire de ansamblu. Sufletul are secrete pe care mintea nu le cunoaste. Sufletul este vesnic…
Sufletul castiga.

Daca dragostea izvorata din suflet castiga si frica izvorata din minte pierde, daca sufletul insusi castiga si mintea pierde… atunci adevarata noastra lupta interioara ar tebui sa aiba o concluzie evidenta. Nu avem de ce sa purtam lupte deja pierdute. Asa este firesc, sa ne ascultam sufletul si sa ignoram orice alte voci care cauta sa ne capteze atentia.
Atunci ma intreb de ce continuam sa ascultam in afara noastra, acele voci dusmanoase care ne cer sa ne desprindem de esenta insasi care ne da viata ?
Asa am fost invatati. Ti s-a spus macar o data « sa te gandesti de doua ori », « gandeste-te mai bine »… etc ?
Care este primul lucru pe care il facem cand suntem in masina sau pe drum? Ne ascultam gandurile? Punem muzica? Stam in tacere si ne ascultam sufletul?
In primul caz ascultam mintea nu sufletul. In al doilea caz ascultam orice ne amorteste si mintea si simturile. In al treilea caz… Mai e loc pentru a treia varianta ?
Prezentul fluid in care ne aflam imi spune ca da.

Ma uit la oamenii care au iesit in Piata Victoriei si-mi pun si eu aceeasi intrebare pe care si-au pus-o multi. De ce au iesit oamenii in strada ? De ce acum ? Cred ca pentru un moment mintea lor s-a intalnit cu sufletul si s-au pus de acord. Mintea poate ca ar mai fi tolerat nedreptate, tristete, dezamagire, frustrare… dar sufletul nu a mai putut sa se abtina. Pur si simplu sufletul nu a mai acceptat.
Vi se pare amuzant ca-mi imaginez sufletul si mintea ca pe niste lucruri vii, animate si capabile de ratiune si simtire, capabile de stocare a informatiilor ? Pentru ca mintea nu face diferenta intre realitate si imaginatie , hai sa presupunem ca ceea ce imi imaginez eu este valabil pentru toti, pentru o clipa doar.
Sufletul nostru intelept este si protectorul nostru. Poate mintea sa adoarma, sa lesine, sa plece la plimbare insa sufletul acesta incapatanat sa ne tina in viata si sa ne faca fericiti preia comanda… de fiecare data.
Atunci cand mintea noastra ne spune ca mai putem rezista un pic sau invers ! Ne spune ca nu mai putem deloc… Sufletul este acolo pentru a ne spune ca orice ar zice mintea , el, sufletul, va fi mereu cu un pas inainte.
Asa cum traim propriile noastre lupte individuale… pana cand mintea in sfarsit intelege ca nu decide ea in acest « regim » pe care il putem numi « univers » de exemplu ; lafel se intampla si cu luptele sociale, luptele de grup, constiinte care rezoneaza pe aceeasi frecventa, suflete care rezoneaza pe aceleasi unde. Constientul colectiv sau fuziunea vibratiilor sufletesti ne duc spre meleaguri nebanuite si imposibil de prevazut de minte.
Cred ca fenomenul #Colectiv si fenomenul #PiataVictoriei s-au transformat intr-o realitate palpabila sau intr-o energie vizibila si manifesta deoarece sufletul fiecaruia dintre noi a vibrat in acelasi moment pe aceleasi note iar mintea ne-a fost de prisos… din acel moment nu ne-a mai fost lene, nu ne-a mai fost frig, nu ne-a mai durut nimic, nu am mai avut motive peste motive sa nu facem, sa nu intelegem, sa nu spunem ceea ce simtim, sa ne lasam dusi de nas si calcati in picioare…
Sufletul nu ne permite sa ne lasam calcati in picioare. Daca mintea si egoul nu si-au facut meseria de a ne pazi de acest pericol… ei bine sufletul va fi mereu acolo ca ultima solutie. De ce ultima ? Pentru ca sufletul are secrete pe care mintea nu le cunoaste.
Daca mintea noastra e un soi de Parlament, atunci sufletul… este un soi de serviciu secret ,care face pentru om, tot ce nu reusesc toate serviciile secrete din lume puse laolalta sa faca pentru tara lor.
Sufletul bate mintea…
Te-ai convins ?
Adica cum ? O ordonanta de urgenta a reusit sa scoata oamenii in strada asa … pur si simplu ? Tot iti mai pui intrebari desi ai aflat ca sufletul bate mintea ? Credeam c-am stabilit acest adevar.
Raspunsul este afirmativ. Acest fenomen a reusit si exista din cauza ca sufletele romanilor au luat puterea si mintile lor s-au desteptat din somnul indus de pastilele manipulatoare ale televizoarelor hipnotice. Sufletele au decis sa desparta mintile de drogul lor preferat si trenul bine construit de ani de zile a deraiat urmand calea pe care cu totii am fi luat-o daca in loc de tren luam masina, bicicleta sau daca o luam pe jos spre destinatia dorita.
Asistam la o trezire colectiva care este inevitabila si mult asteptata de cei putini care au reusit sa se mentina treji, in ciuda conditiilor adverse.
Am simtit trezirea colectiva odata cu #colectiv, si o simt din nou cand ma uit la oamenii din #PiataVictoriei.
Fenomenul care dureaza deja de mai bine de doua saptamani este mai puternic daca constientizam faptul ca oamenii din piata nu au fost platiti sau obligati sa iasa. Aceasta libertate de expresie, atat de mult dorita si bine asumata de cei din strada, creaza un momentum excelent pentru a duce mai departe schimbarea pe care constientul colectiv si-o doreste de ani de zile.
Este o chestiune de destin. Cel putin asa imi place mie sa cred ca undeva acolo este ceva mai presus de toate si de toti si ca indiferent de cat haos pot crea niste minti, acestea din urma vor pierde in mod inexorabil in fata sufletelor insetate de a se manifesta liber si de a-si indeplini misiunea.
Poate ca ne-a fost frica, dar noi romanii nu am fost niciodata un popor las.
Poate ca am fost dezamagiti pentru ca am fost tradati.
Poate ca am fost tristi pentru ca am pierdut multe lupte.
Insa … mintea nu ne mai sta in loc iar sufletele noastre ale romanilor vibreaza din nou, in mare parte, in unison, pe aceeasi frecventa si cu aceeasi sete de realizare de manifestare in plan uman, aici si acum.

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#colectiv1an #colectiv #nu am uitat

Acum cand spunem « Colectiv » toata lumea stie despre ce este vorba.
Desi a trecut un an, noi inca nu am uitat… si probabil nu vom uita niciodata.
Desi a trecut un an, nu s-a schimbat nimic.
A picat Ponta? Si ? E minunat, sa nu ma intelegeti gresit, cred ca este mai bine pentru toti ca Ponta nu mai este premier… Insa cum ramane cu justitia, cum ramane cu spitalele, cum ramane cu victimele ?
De ce si pentru ce au murit acei oameni dragi ?
Asa cum ati putut vedea la televizor gratie unor reporteri dedicati care s-au incapatanat sa pastreze flacara vie, foarte multi oameni au avut de suferit de pe urma devastatorului incendiu din clubul Colectiv din 30 octombrie 2015 : victimele, familiile lor, prietenii, asistentele si oamenii care au fost la locul dezastrului, colegi de scoala si de serviciu, anonimi… mai putin oamenii responsabili care ar fi putut impiedica nenorocirea si cei responsabili care puteau salva mai multe vieti.
Ma intreb : oare politicienii chiar cred ca o zi de doliu national poate spala toate pacatele lor ?
O sa-mi spuneti ca s-au inchis localuri « periculoase », s-a interzis fumatul in spatii publice inchise… Hai sa fim seriosi ! Focul acela nu a fost pornit din cauza unei tigari aprinse… de altfel o tigara nici nu avea cum sa provoace un astfel de incendiu fara un accelerant puternic.
In loc sa inchideti localuri mai bine v-ati indrepta atentia spre consolidarea cladirilor si renovarea lor astfel incat sa corespunda normelor de securitate. Acum cei care sufera de claustrofobie din cauza unui astfel de « accident » pot intelege de ce este nevoie de mai multe iesiri dintr-o cladire care gazduieste un numar mare de oameni.
Cand te gandesti la ce fel de iesire avea clubul Colectiv ( cu sauf ara incendiu) tot era periculos… Dar pe atunci, tinerii obisnuiti cu acest model de club, nu s-au gandit nicio clipa ca s-ar putea sa aiba nevoie de o iesire rapida, sau ce s-ar intampla daca doamne fereste, este nevoie de o evacuare in masa. Acum cu totii ne gandim, macar timp de o secunda : « oare cum se iese de aici » ?
Eu sincer ma gandesc si la mall-uri. La cata lume intra si iese si cum un mall este ca un bulevard inchis care oricand poate fi afectat de o explozie. Un mall care are usi care se invart automat si usi care se gliseaza automat… dar ce se intampla daca se opreste curentul ? Mallurile sunt construite ca niste labirinturi in care te poti pierde. Fiind mari dureaza enorm pana ajungi la o iesire… unele iesiri sunt blocate si oamenii din jur sunt nepasatori. Daca nu le arde lor haina de pe spate nici nu se uita la tine ca ti-e rau sau ca ceva nu este in regula. Ma gandeam ca dupa Colectiv oamenii vor incepe sa fie mai constienti si mai implicati cand sunt intr-un loc public. Speram ca intr-un an, cetatenii vor incepe sa se uite in jurul lor ( nu ca sa critice si sa barfeasca ci ca sa dea o mana de ajutor in caz de urgenta).
In schimb nu-l mai vedem pe Ponta in fiecare zi dar tot mai auzim de el pentru ca este omniprezent.
Nu am castigat nimic. Atata timp cat aceleasi nume vinovate (de cate ceva) apar in continuare la stiri ca si cand ar fi mari vedete si nu ni se permite nici macar sa uitam ca exista, dara mite sa fie pedepsite de lege asa cum se cuvine, nu vom fi castigat nimic, nici macar linistea si pacea pe care o meritam.
Intr-un an de zile s-a investit in marea oroare de catedrala/mall religios dar in schimb au mai disparut medicamente de pe piata.
Imaginativa cum este pentru un pacient sa nu isi mai poata lua medicamentele cu care s-a obisnuit organismul sau. Imaginativa cum este sa nu ai bani sa te tratezi. Imnaginati-va cum este sa suferi in agonie intr-un loc numit spital care arata mai rau ca o temnita… camere de tortura ! Imaginati-va cum este sa nu ai vaccin antirabic la dispozitie in toate spitalele si unitatile sanitare din oras.
Chiar nu imi foloseste la nimic sa mai aud explicatiile unora si a altora. Chiar nu mai vreau sa aud pretexte si motive pentru care lucruri firesti « nu se pot intampla ». M-am saturat sa aud nu se poate. Am obosit sa umblu de la un medic la altul pentru o amarata de reteta si o amarata de reducere. Cui ii pasa de aceste odioase regulamente si legi cand le este rau si au nevoie de solutii urgent ?
Nu am nevoie nici de minciuni nici de asigurari din partea purtatorilor de cuvant. Am nevoie de solutii concrete, de interventie rapida, de executie a tehnicilor medicale fara cusur. Am nevoie de un pic de umanitate din partea tuturor cetatenilor. Imi doresc ca cetatenii si politicienii sa fie mai prezenti, mai activi si mai implicati.
A trecut un an de la Colectiv si vin alegerile (din nou)… As vrea sa nu mai vad in Parlament aceleasi fete care ne-au dezamagit si ne-au tradat increderea de fiecare data.
A trecut un an de la Colectiv si vreau sa ma simt bine in tara mea.
Pentru mine masacrul Colectiv inseamna nu numai piederea unor oameni dragi dar si un enorm semnal de alarma ca nimic nu mai merge si ca nu se mai poate continua asa.
A trecut un an de la Colectiv si ca cetatean, imi doresc sa vad rezultate. Nu pot sa cred ca intr-un an de zile justitia nu a fost in stare sa penalizeze pe nimeni pentru oroarea din Colectiv. Nu pot sa cred ca unii oameni politici inca mai au permisiunea sa candideze undeva, pentru ceva. Nu am auzit de nimeni sa fi fost obligat de lege sa plateasca pentru tot restul vietii sale pentru faptele savarsite care s-au soldat cu moartea tinerilor din Colectiv.

A trecut un an de la Colectiv si inca mi-e dor, inca sunt trista, inca sunt suparata.
A trecut un an de la Colectiv si nimic nu s-a schimbat.

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Vladimir Cosma decorat de Casa Regala a Romaniei

Compozitorul Vladimir Cosma va primi Decorația Regală Nihil Sine Deo, Luni 24 Octombrie 2016 la Palatul Peles de la Sinaia. Este o distinctie deosebita mult asteptata de admiratorii maestrului.
Maestrul Cosma mi-a comunicat telefonic vestea, inainte de a porni pentru a treia oara spre tara dupa plecarea sa in 1963. Modest si delicat asa cum il stiu toti cei care au avut placerea sa colaboreze cu el, mi-a transmis ca de aceasta data nu se va putea opri si in Capitala deoarece, il asteapta nenumarate proiecte care au fost puse in asteptare datorita acestei ocazii deosebite.
Asa cum probabil ati aflat deja din presa, din interviurile pe care le-am avut impreuna sau pe care le-a acordat altor colegi jurnalisti, Vladimir Cosma calatoreste pretutindeni, unde se poate, cu trenul. Din acest motiv, fiecare deplasare are o importanta deosebita si trebuie planuita din timp.
Nu stiu despre altii dar ma bucur sa fi participat la reuniunea sa cu tara natala, iar recunoasterea tarzie a intregii sale activitati care continua sa infloreasca, este pentru admiratorii sai si mai ales pentru mine, o implinire fara margini.
Legaturile reinoite cu tara i-au deschis portile catre noi colaborari cu artisti si muzicieni romani, aici in tara cat si in strainatate.
In prezent tocmai a terminat coloana sonora a unui nou film « Octav » realizat de Serge I. Celibidachi, fiul renumitului dirijor. In acest film, rolul principal este jucat de indragitul « international » Marcel Iures si promite sa aiba succes.
Citat de presa, Marcel Iures marturiseste despre film : „Octav este, de departe, cel mai frumos rol pe care l-am primit pana acum. M-a cucerit de la prima citire. Acest rol este o provocare actoriceasca pentru mine deoarece presupune să interpretez personajul unui copil din perspectiva unui adult”.

Pana la premiera filmului… Il felicitam din suflet pe Maestrul Cosma pentru noua nestemata pe care o adauga coroanei sale de Rege al Muzicii de film.

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  1. Life became a struggle because society made it a struggle.
  2. We are taught that in order to succeed in being The Best in any field we need to solely focus on one particular field. Find it, love it, study it and master it… then what?
  3. Sociological discrepancies between what we are taught and what is asked of us in practice: it leads to frustration, the sentiment of inadequacy, the daily stress, the constant feeling of failure, distress, dismay, depression, anxiety, alienation…etc
  4. The step between being one of the Best and the real Best: what is beyond a phd? Phd+ conscious expansion of the mind= Best because the expansion of consciousness is in the presence of information an expansion of knowledge.
  5. Alternative realities, string theory, law of attraction and more: there are at least two observable realities, there is a great difference between them: ex: best book (quantity vs quality)
  6. What matters is what you LOVE.



I began this New Year by asking myself “what can I do for you”. It seems rather strange to think about what I could do for others, instead of thinking of myself and which parts of my life I could rearrange, change, modify, purge, insert, etc.
At this point I really don’t care what you think of the cogitations that lead to this short story about the out comings, the final results of what the society made of us. I have noticed that we are groomed to fail. Only the best of the best manage to find a “guru” that will eventually point them towards success. That is, if they are lucky enough or smart enough. But we really cannot rest and leave the success of our society, its growth and prosperity, in the invisible hands of luck or hazard, whatever you may choose to call it.

How can one be knowledgeable and smart enough, experienced and open minded enough to break the walls built by the society, designed by speculative minds and harmful for the people?
The answer came to me from another conversation that was related to the questions about what I could do for myself and how to make my own life better. I had a certain imaginary list of things I wished to change in order to feel more comfortable in my life as it is at this point. I had a strong feeling that was following me since a few years ago. I was imprisoned between the walls of my own perception of the world, the reflection of the society I was living in, the lessons I had learned until then, about how a good, honest and prosperous life should look like and my own desires. All of these matters stretched my nerves very thin until the breaking point. So I sought new perspectives from people who managed to be happy in the same world, people who managed to feel gratified and accomplished in their profession, to make it short: people who had the same human qualities as me but who grabbed life in a proper manner and made their goals come to life, their projects came to fruition.

I have spent countless hours in front of my computer reading or listening to lectures that made more or less sense to me. Some were absolutely brilliant and I was wondering a few things about them: how many of the followers of those videos, really understood what they were taught and how many of them succeeded to take the knowledge and make it their own, and how many of the ones that succeeded in taking the knowledge and make it their own succeeded in making it happen on a practical level. Because it is nice and fun to listen to a funny, handsome, smart and talkative guy for a couple of hours but from there to making it happen: taking the knowledge, understanding it, making it your own and transferring it into your daily routine. Oh my! That is a mighty challenge. I bet that even that smart man that lead the conference is still working on the last part of the process.

You know it is quite easy to fake happiness. Have you ever done it? It is simple though. You just have to have a social media page and post your very best photos of your greatest moments ever. Most of the people will buy into it. No problem. But are you really happy?

I for one am very skeptical about your great never ending happiness. Why? Because in those pictures I rarely see emotions. I rarely see anything beyond those snippets, glimpses of joy.

Joy is different than happiness. It is a momentary state that is the feeling good part of a day. It isn’t the whole day, it isn’t the whole hour. A brief moment of glitter and sparkle. That is all. So if those people try to show their true happiness, share it with all of us, they should show us their struggles and their victories on the different challenges that life throws at them on a daily basis, at any given time really.

The triumph of the light over the creeping darkness. That is what I want to see.

No thank you to the puppy pictures and the great wedding dress and the cute baby that sleeps like an angel. If you show me your toddler crying his head off, your wedding dress drenched in champagne, your broken heel on the steps of the church, your dying dog and you still manage to share it on the world wide web and still be smiling about it, than that my friends, I will consider a triumph of the life over death, the victory of the light over the darkness and I will undoubtedly  applaud, cheer and cry of joy for your success in being happy during this life NO MATTER WHAT.

                Until then, we have a matter at hand, which still makes me going on with this purposeful study of the broader horizon, larger perspective, bigger picture, expanded awareness and finally expanded consciousness through knowledge. This is the subject that keeps me up at night and I want to share it with you.

                So what came over me to even start thinking about it and what does it mean to me? What can it mean for all of us?

As I said one day, I found myself lacking a proper conversation partner. This I realized after starting to talk with the one that threw me into a vortex of new ideas that never until then had ever crossed my mind. Some of the things I was taught were scattered ideas in my conscience but until then, never had I ever put them together in a coherent enlightening string of ideas. Snippets, just that, that rounded my conscience without really penetrating the depths in order to make something of them. And then came my dialogue partner that I was dreaming of without even realizing it. He came almost out of the blue, the poorest time ever for me. I was so troubled by my own matters that nobody would have ever suspected for me to react to what I was told. In hindsight my openness even startles me. I can only explain that I am a curious person who took a liking to reading and listening to other smarter people talking and I am extremely joyous when I discover new things. All that gathered information that stuck to a shelf in my mind for a while, started to make sense to me, once I began my conversation with this friend. During our conversations, he peppered my older information with his own ideas and the thoughts of others that interested the both of us in equal measure. This is how I arrived to talk, learn and understand things that I never knew they existed or that I never understood before, even things that I didn’t care much about before they came together. They became my guidelines, my truths, my reprieve from my censured mind that was running in circles with random thoughts that were, inconsequential.

This is how I arrived at the broader horizon, larger perspective, bigger picture, expanded awareness and finally expanded consciousness through knowledge. And the more I sought this expansion, the less I felt trapped into a world that I didn’t like much, a world that I didn’t think I could really fit in, a world that most of the time, bothered me and troubled me to no end. Isn’t that great? A step closer to happiness I would say!

                Once I realized what life was really about, I understood that this display of happiness was just that. People feel the need to show off their daily achievements in a way or another because of their subconscious fear of dying, of being forgotten. People feel the need to display all their “moments of glory” because they were taught to brag and to compare themselves to others. People get annoyed at the others not because they need the same things as the others but they don’t have them. No. They are annoyed because some of them see the ridicule of this permanent display of anything and everything, others are just frustrated because they believe that they are not happy because they don’t have the same exact thing as the next one/the other. How sad is that?

All this nonsense is an issue, but not the purpose of my study. But it is really troubling because all this nonsense feed thieves, bullies, it makes people go crazy (closer and closer to pathology), this bullshit makes friends part ways, families to disintegrate…etc. This nonsensical behavior fed by “the great minds” that lead the world, makes us loose our composer, our common sense, our confidence, our integrity as human beings. Even highly educated people with excellence written all over their diplomas, are becoming more and more victims of (what I will call) “THE SYSTEM” that makes us go silly, crazy, absurd and unbalanced.

I really don’t know and wouldn’t normally about their program, but when I see normal, sane, smart people becoming the opposite just because the society is pushing them around… Well this should not be accepted because it is totally unacceptable and absolutely unethical and totally wrong no matter from what perspective you look at it.

                You will say: “wait a second, you are totally derailing from the topic at hand!”

                I know you might think that. But the fact of the matter is that all this thinking in circles has brought me to several conclusions about the interest of broadening the horizon, expanding the consciousness through knowledge.

–          The first thought that comes to mind is that “THE SYSTEM” wants us to be stupid, unfulfilled, at the mercy of an unknown bunch of leaders ( and they are not only political… do not worry, nobody is safe!)

–          Have you ever wondered why a book is called “THE book of the year”? There are many of those. It only depends on who decides on whom this honor should be bestowed. Is there even a quality factor in the equation? Probably but it is not the deciding factor. Oh no. You get one book out. If John John reads the book and says it is great. No one will care. But if a “leader” like a famous person like … I don’t know … Oprah for example gets this book on the TV and says “oh my how I loved this one, it’s a must have!” then BANG! A million copies sold in a few days. How’s that for a success story? Does it really matter that you can’t even remember the name of the author or the story told in that book after buying it and reading it? No. The book is sold, the cash is in, the name becomes a brand after receiving a bestseller title and a “book of the year” award. And that is how in the recent years, history is written. Does any of those books compare to a long lasting novel that became a model for many generations since it was published? No, of course not. I pray to God that Sandra Brown (no offense, she just one of the most popular (ized) authors for a while now) will never be read in schools like Shakespeare, Hemingway, Hugo, Camus or Zola. I recognize the need to modernize a bit the reading list but some of the great masterpieces cannot be avoided. It would be a shame. That is why there should be three different classes taught in school: 1. Grammar, language, communication; 2. Classic literature; 3. Contemporary literature.  The world cannot do without and you will understand my statement a little bit further. Just hang on!

–          There is a huge gap between what we are taught and what is required of us after leaving school (no matter how far we are in the game). We are told since the beginning of time that if we want to get somewhere we should learn, learn, learn. Ok so we did! Until a day came and we had our University degree (College), the Master’s degree, the PHD title… maybe even the post-doctoral stage. It makes some of us feel a bit nauseated. It is like the twilight zone or a black hole… never mind you get my drift.  Then what? That’s a good question Joe! Thank you for asking! How are the kids?…Then the Hell breaks loose  because you have been a member of this higher learning institution that you have no clue what lies beyond this research paradise. All you see is green grass, research, studies, exams, papers, lots of papers, professors with manners and some twisted ones too, other smart, polite, funny peers… all is great. But what are we groomed for? FAILURE!

Don’t smack your lips in front of me lady ! I am just the messenger. Peace bro!

Why are we groomed for failure? Because the unexpected happens. You get out of an institution like this one  (a sort of cocoon, safe place, really comfortable and soothing, that is habit right there for you!) and you are thrown out of the fish tank into the ocean, out of the zoo into wilderness, out of your mama’s arms into the big dark forest of humankind. And that sucks big time! Did anyone ever evaluate the need of the former student to adjust to the business life, the grown up life, the domestic life? Did anyone see coming that once you get a position in a company they are pleasantly aroused by you fabulous resume that is all intellectual but they don’t know what else to do but to train you like a pet? Why is that and how does it feel to know that you have written a three hundred pages thesis and now you are “in training” in order to “perform” accordingly to the standardized procedures of the company and you will be “evaluated” according to your “qualitative and quantitative” work and your level of commitment to your job ( meaning NO LIFE)? How does it feel? Are you a dog? Even dogs have pride.

What are we groomed for again? To be proper in an improper society (and all that derives from that statement). Do the old patterns still stand? No. Are we mislead? Hell yeah! Excuse me, yes we are!

How to get my point across? I wonder…

Let’s see… If you go “to the mattresses” like in the Godfather, it means that you have followed the idealistic thinking of our elders that taught us to study hard, learn more, find a well-paid field, get a job in that field and all will be nice and dandy. If you do that all you will be is FRUSTRATED.

How about another approach. Let’s take study hard, learn more, do what you LOVE, expand your consciousness and knowledge and be happy. The ending result will be HAPPY all over the place, because if you have learned your lessons, you have done all that was mentioned before and you do what you love you will sometimes feel frustrated but you will never be depressed and the biggest result is that your work won’t seem like a never ending chore, under paid, where you don’t feel appreciated and respected… etc.

How dare I say such a thing? Well my life has forced me into taking a few steps back in order to gain some well needed perspective. I experienced firsthand both of these sides and whenever I feel frustrated now is not with myself but with something else from the exterior. Do you know what a great accomplishment is to not feel bad because you feel like you are never enough, nothing you do is never enough? How can you feel good with yourself and your life? It is quite simple in fact. When you do something that you love and you give yourself time and space to achieve your own established goals and you make it at your pace and succeed ( it is totally possible), then you never ever get to experience the overwhelming feeling of failure, the overwhelming anxiety of not being good enough, the unsteady feeling that no matter what at some point something will happen and you will get thrown out of “the system” that you (in fact) despise so much.

How ridiculous is to be afraid of failing someone or at something that in fact you despise? Get a grip!

                We are drawing in clichés spoon fed to us by “the system”. We are mentally challenged by the power of the mental missiles thrown at us on a daily basis over and over again. They want us to itch in order to scratch, in order to feel uncomfortable and to finally go to buy a new pill that will make us feel good again. They even show us the nasty rash on TV so that our mind get permanently branded by the false sensation that we need that product. It is just an example amongst so many others that contribute to our state of mind, to our way of thinking in patterns, to how we should lead our life and they show us how it is going to be from now on , if we want to participate and lead a “normal” life in this men made society.

We are set to fail since the beginning. We get depressed, dehumanized, stranded on a highway of regrets and what ifs, we buy more, consume more, have less money, feel like crap because we don’t have enough, we work like laboring animals on a field from dawn till dusk and we become well “trained” machines that never think for themselves, never get out of line and all is just NORMAL, peachy, dandy, just fine.

Do you feel that this is the poster of normality that our parents promised us when we were children? Does it depict even a fraction of the happiness we were promised to have if we behaved, learned and mind our own business? I surely don’t think so.

My point is that we have been shaped, we have been brain washed and we keep on being brainwashed for the sake of conformity. The pressure of the abnormal behavior on our brain and our soul is so great that we become alienated from all that is holly (family, personal life, pleasure, measure, balance and harmony, happiness, joy, awareness, consciousness, knowledge). We are deprived of all that matters under the false pretense of freedom, rights, law, order, government… but we are lonely even when we are suffocated by thousands of people… every single day.

So why does it matter so much to me to share this revelation? Because it feels damn good and all so right to break the chains and to feel at least in your own heart that you are the most important person in the world. If feels fantastic to feel free and in charge of your own path. It feels exhilarating to decide what, when and how to do with your time in order to have a comfortable salary, time to spend with the people you love, meet new people to love, take care of your mind, body and soul. It feels great to be able to be yourself and to love yourself as you are.

This is what matters folks! Not the internet crap about posting pictures of your last fiesta, not your best baby pictures, your best fake smile… It gets old and you eventually grow tired of playing a role in the story of “what you think that others need to perceive you as”. It doesn’t accomplish your main goal: to BE happy (not look like, seem to, appear,…).


Life became a struggle because the society made it a struggle. We mostly struggle with ourselves because we fight our own nature in order to fit the mold. We are scared to not fit the mold because we have the false sensation that the mold gives us security and that if we don’t fit in anymore we are left behind into the unknown.

 So now, what if I told you that you could leave the mold, be yourself in every shape, form and color and look, sound, smell and feel however your soul desires? It seems like heaven, from so deep within the mold. But once you get a peek outside the mold and you discover that there are actually a few people very happy and prosperous out of the mold … then maybe you will take a chance and get out.

Let me tell you a secret: outside there is no unknown, no black hole and no glimpse of nothingness that might scare you. Outside the mold there is air to breathe and an infinity of possibilities for you to choose from and make your own as you wish and dream of. Outside the mold, there is all that you were meant to be and could not because you were told that it is impossible, it is not proper, it is not what the company wants, you cannot afford it, you cannot achieve it… all the downers that you have heard thousands of times during your life time.

You need to get out of the mold in order to understand that there is more to life than what your eyes can see and the only way out is by EXPANDING YOUR CONSCIOUSNESS THROUGH KNOWLEDGE.

                You may want to know HOW, the ropes. Well it is actually simple. I gave up any possibility of a 10 to 12 hours job, I started reading and for the last three years I have read between 150 and 170 books per year. I have watched TEDx and Ivy League seminars (online). I took notes on things I didn’t understand yet and came back to them after I understood them. I took in all kinds of perspectives on life from psychologists, psychiatrist, life coaches, spiritual gurus and mentors, enlightened people, professors. I gave up 99% of television. 

Currently I am still trying to imagine a world where people are free to manifest their feelings on a daily basis and create their life with the mind, body and soul reunited. Imagine that John Lennon!

Is this too fancy for you? Well tell me what feels best a long walk on the sand by the ocean or a TV political marathon? (If it is too easy try replacing political with star wars or fifty shades of grey).


Expand your consciousness.  One eye one the prize one eye on the potential.

Be permanently on the prowl of knowledge.

What takes you from one of the best to THE best is the expanded consciousness that means

expanded knowledge.

People are trained to choose one field and sub-field to be the best they can at, but they’re put in a box

And they miss the bigger picture because of it. Da Vinci was and is still considered as being a genius exactly because of his expanded consciousness and therefore knowledge and his work like so many others still stand the test of time.  


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                 Cineva a declarat la televizor ca destinul evenimentului care a bulversat o tara intreaga : focul din COLECTIV, va fi uitat, ca toate celelalte.

Lumea pare ca s-a calmat si a uitat tot ce s-a intamplat. Sa fie oare asa?

Sa fie pleacarea lui Ponta de la Palatul Victoria usa care s-a deschis spre drumul uitarii?

Au mai ramas o mana de oameni care mai trec, pun o floare, aprind o candela si pleaca ,tacuti, resemnati, amarati.

Pentru unii victimele au fost niste nume, pentru altii au fost doar cifre, pentru restul a fost o stire in bucla la televizor.

Ei bine nu! Inca mai sunt oameni care tin minte si nu vor uita niciodata, fie ca au scapat din infern cu viata, fie ca au pierdut pe cineva drag, fie ca sunt oameni si au suflet.

Este de datoria noastra, a celor care ne pasa sa nu-i lasam pe oameni sa uite, sa nu-i lasam sa ne mature durerea sub covor, sa nu-i lasam sa scape pe vinovati, chiar daca au si ei prieteni, familie… Trebuia sa se gandeasca inainte de a permite sa se produca aceasta monstruozitate.

Ma uit la televizor si vad durerea Francezilor in urma atentatelor din seara fatidica numita generic „Bataclan”. Ei nu au uitat. Ei nu i-au uitat nici pe cei de la Charlie Hebdo.

E dureros cand vin altii si atenteaza la viata oamenilor din tara ta. Dar ce se intampla cand ai tai o fac cu nonsalanta?

Romania sufera de cancer politic si institutional. Si dupa tot ce s-a intamplat nu numai numarul victimelor a crescut ci si numarul vinovatilor, numarul complicilor, numarul criminalilor.

In fiecare zi in care nu auzim nimic despre condamnarea vinovatilor, a celor care au luat vietile tinerilor din COLECTIV, este o zi in plus, o zi prea mult, o zi in care se mai adauga nume pe lista vinovatilor. Fiecare individ care plimba hartii de la un birou la altul si nu isi face treaba pentru a pedepsi aceasta crima oribila se face si el complice si vinovat in acest caz.

Romani nu lasati COLECTIV-ul sa devina un caz rece pentru ca daca permiteti sa se intample asa veti fi si voi complici vinovati. Daca permiteti sa se intample asta vor mai fi si alte cazuri similare si poate data viitoare nu va fi un nume necunoscut pe lista de la IML, poate nu va fi un numar pe care-l veti uita.

Deschideti-va mintea si sufletul va rog!

Hai sa incepem anul reusind sa facem ceva nu numai incercand…

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Proiecte culturale pe furate. Experimentul Vladimir Cosma in Romania.


In Romania proiectele culturale se realizeaza cu succes prin metoda inventata (dar nu si patentata ) de mine: „MOMEALA”


Dragi cititori,


Se pare ca modestia, bunul simt si corectitudinea nu mai functioneaza decat pana la un punct. Asadar, am decis sa ma lepad de singurul lucru de care ma pot desparti cu constiinta impacata: de modestie.

Tacerea si anonimatul nu sunt o pereche buna pentru partida neincetata pe care o joc cu lumea culturala romaneasca. Este un sport deja si incep sa cred ca am ajuns la o anumita performanta din moment ce inca mai sunt in picioare si proiectele mele inca se mai desfasoara, in ciuda adversitatii.

Nu fac parte din niciun clan, institutie sau partid. Nu fac parte din nicio grupare elitista ascunsa… Sunt doar eu si cu teancul meu de diplome, vise si proiecte. Tot ce am facut a fost auto-subventionat chiar si atunci cand lucram pentru altii care ma puteau sprijini. Nu regret nicio clipa din fiecare pas pe care l-am facut si am ajuns la punctul in care nu imi mai pasa daca vor si altii din placinta mea de vise.
Gratie „proiectului Vladimir Cosma” am descoperit ca orice as face, lumea se va servi din belsug din placinta mea de vise si cu mare „gusto” as putea sublinia.
Am stiut de la inceput ca odata ce proiectul este pus in actiune nu va mai exista cale de intoarcere si ca va deveni patrimoniu public. Nu ma asteptam insa sa nu mi se acorde niciun fel de credit pentru efortul meu individual si pentru munca mea neincetata de a-l reuni pe Maestrul Cosma cu patria natala. Nu conteaza … Maestrul Cosma stie, eu stiu… si acum voi stiti. Este suficient, nu imi trebuiesc floricele si nici aplauze deoarece mi-am primit premiul pentru eforturile mele:

  1. Visul meu de-al intalni pe Maestrul Cosma s-a implinit inaintea majoritatii romanilor.
  2. Visul meu de a fi primita in sanctuarul magic al Maestrului Cosma, acolo unde iau viata toate creatiile sale,s-a implinit.
  3. Visul meu de a-l readuce in atentia romanilor, s-a indeplinit (gratie Dilemei Vechi care a acceptat cu gratie articolele mele, gratie TVR Cultural care a difuzat materialul pe care l-am pus la dispozitie voluntar si gratuit).
  4. Visul meu de-al vedea pe Maestrul Cosma in mijlocul romanilor din Paris s-a indeplinit ( prin relatia de apreciere/apatie a ICR Paris unde Catia Danila imi cita din propriul meu articol pentru a-mi da detalii despre evenimentul „organizat de ICR”). Multumesc am invatat sa citesc printre randuri si sa gasesc complimentul ascuns in fiecare injuratura.
  5. Visul meu de-al vedea pe Maestrul Cosma in Romania s-a indeplinit de doua ori deja pana acum.


Nu am visat niciodata sa devin o apropiata a Maestrului Cosma dar totusi am devenit. Cand lumea s-a prins de aceasta legatura culturala si afectiva , ori m-a cautat pentru ajutor ori s-a urcat pe mine ca sa ajunga la el fara sa mentioneze ceva despre existenta mea. O iau ca pe un compliment. Multumesc ca m-ati folosit pentru un scop mai putin nobil dar care pana la urma a dus la rezultatele pe care mi le doream

Azi mai mult ca niciodata Vladimir Cosma stie ca este cunoscut, iubit si asteptat de Romani. Gratie interventiei lupilor din presa si cultura romaneasca, Vladimir Cosma stie ca in Romania inca mai exista o casa care-l asteapta cu bratele deschise.

Mai avem de lucru insa. Sunt mii de oameni care nu au fost informati de lupii din presa si din cultura romaneasca , ca Vladimir Cosma a avut doua concerte la Ateneul Roman in 22 si 23 Decembrie 2015, decat dupa ce faptul s-a consumat. Va era teama sa nu cumva sa beneficieze si omul de rand de bucuria de-al vedea in concert? Majoritatea celor care isi doreau sa-l vada in concert nici nu au ajuns sa puna piciorul in sala Ateneului intrucat ca prin magie „biletele erau deja vandute”.

Si mai indrazniti sa urlati pe strazi impreuna cu noi ca nu va vindeti tara? Mai indrazniti sa vorbiti de schimbare de „mai bine”… Va rog sa va inghititi cuvintele. Vrem fapte. Nu fapte care sa va serveasca intereselor voastre ci fapte care sa ne bucure si pe noi. Daca sunteti incapabili de a mai servi tara si poporul roman… retrageti-va!

Nu mai suntem pe vremea comunismului daca nu ati aflat. Pozitia de „director de institutie culturala” nu este oferita ad eternam.  Maestrul Licaret, inca nu a aflat acest lucru. Din acest motiv cand am ajuns la Ateneu pentru a-l intalni pe Maestrul Cosma, invitatii domnului Licaret m-au insultat pe mine si pe invitata mea. In mod indirect au insultat si pe ingerul meu protector care mi-a oferit de Craciun doua locuri in sala. Stie ingerul meu cine este, nu are rost sa-l numesc. Ingerii de pe pamant au o infatisare umana dar au aceleasi calitati ca si cei din ceruri. Ii multumesc din nou, pe aceasta cale.

Din nefericire noul regim politic pare sa fi mostenit toate tarele regimului de care ne credeam liberati in 1989. Curand dupa descoperirea ca suntem condusi de alt om dar aceeasi mostenire politica, botezata altminteri… a inceput incet deziluzia. Aceasta din urma a culminat cu urmatoarele constatari: cei obisnuiti cu educatia solida din vremuri demult apuse au fost pusi la pamant. Peste ei s-au ridicat cei care au stiut sa fure ( si au facut-o bine de tot). In Romania anului 2015, aveam impresia ca nu mai este nimic de furat. M-am inselat. Se fura identitati, se fura vise, se fura proiecte, se fura munca altora, se fura idei, se fura neincetat orice se mai poate fura… Dar pana cand?
Cei care nu sunt in stare sa cladeasca vor inventa mereu ceva de furat, cat de mic, chiar daca nu sunt obtinute beneficii financiare. In curand ajungem sa facem troc in aceasta tara minunata cotropita de lupi.

 Va mai mira ceva? Daca da e bine, inseamna ca inca nu ati fost contaminati cu cinism, pesimism, sarcasm si multa deceptie. Va felicit!


Acum va invit sa descoperiti proiectul „Momeala”. Pe mine ma face sa ma gandesc la filmul cu Toma Caragiu si Marin Moraru „ Operatiunea Monstrul”. Doamne cat de multe lucruri aveau de spus acesti doi actori magnifici!

La Masterul de Dezvoltare Culturala si Management de Proiect din Franta pe care l-am absovit ca bursiera a  Guvernului Francez in 2009, am invatat cu ia nastere un proiect si cum se desfasoara un proiect cultural. Am invatat cum se face un buget si cum se pune pe picioare o masinarie culturala de succes. Ceea ce nu ni s-a spus, poate intentionat, este ca uneori proiectul care ia nastere sub ochii nostrii incepe sa devina independent de noi si sa ia forme si culori pe care nu ni le imaginam initial. Un proiect cultural este ca un copil. Ii dai nastere, il educi, il hranesti cu tot ce ai mai bun si apoi copilul devine adult si prinde aripi. Un proiect cultural nu este destinat celor care au o problema cu controlul. Odata actul artistic infaptuit, creatorul trebuie sa renunte la puterea pe care credea ca o are asupra lui. Se produce un transfer de putere de la creator la public.

Nu scrie in niciun manual si este prea rar mentionata intr-un discurs implicarea politica si politico-economica. Si mai rar sunt mentionate daunele produse de ego-uri si interese personale ale diversilor actori. Trist dar adevarat.

Sa luam drept exemplu „Proiectul de vis: Vladimir Cosma in Romania”.

Totul a inceput intr-o dimineata. M-am trezit cu dorinta arzatoare de-al cunoaste pe Maestrul Vladimir Cosma, pe care il admiram de cand eram copil. Multumesc unui inger din Ambasada Romaniei la Paris care a facut primul miracol dintr-o serie lunga, pentru ca eu Ilinca Sandu, sa-l pot contacta pe Vladimir Cosma. L-am intalnit si restul este istorie…

Asa a pornit planul de atac. Maestrul Cosma a recunoscut ca nu mai fusese in tara din anii 60’ cand a plecat din tara cu parintii si o vioara. Am revenit in tara cu un interviu bomba. Romania a inceput sa se trezeasca. Am trimis mailuri peste mailuri, am dat telefoane peste telefoane, am lucrat neincetat la pagina sa de Facebook pentru ca nu exista pe aceasta platforma de socializare, i-am construit pagina de Wikipedia in limba romana, am postat neincetat articole, fotografii, videoclipuri, ultimele noutati… in timpul meu liber. Intr-o zi de primavara am vorbit cu Vladimir Cosma la telefon si mi-a zis ca a primit o invitatie de a veni in Romania. In sfarsit mi-am zis. Apoi au intervenit probleme de ordin financiar… Romania nu avea bani pentru a duce la bun sfarsit acest proiect. A intervenit Ambasada Frantei si Institutul Francez ( acum stiti de ce nu ati avut acces la bilete la concert). In toamna acelui an, Vladimir Cosma, indoliat dupa pierderea celui mai mare suporter al sau, tatal, a ajuns la Bucuresti pentru prima data de la plecarea sa din tara. Cel mai mare regret pe care l-a avut este ca nu s-a putut intoarce acasa la tatal sau ca sa-i povesteasca ce a vazut, simtit si aflat in Romania.
A fost o mare pierdere pentru noi cei apropiati, cei care l-am privit pe Dl. Cosma Senior, cantand la pian cateva din operele fiului sau, la frumoasa varsta de 100 de ani. A fost un moment unic, un moment magic, un moment istoric.

Apoi s-a lasat o cortina de liniste in presa romaneasca pana cand Irina Baiant a oferit un interviu celor de la Adevarul. Acolo se mentiona o posibila reintoarcere a maestrului Cosma in Romania. Tot cei de la Adevarul s-au grabit sa „produca” si un interviu ( nimic nou) dupa ce faptul era deja consumat.

Tin sa multumesc celor de la Radio Romania Muzical ca au avut decenta sa posteze un buletin informativ despre concertul de anul acesta inainte de a avea loc.

Oricum, stati fara griji. Totul a fost realizat in maxima tacere ( intimitate) de parca acest concert era defapt destinat unei anumite clase de persoane. Un praf de intelectuali a fost totusi prezent in sala. In rest, prietenii domnului Licaret, prietenii Ambasadei Frantei, unii „amarati” care aveau abonamente la Ateneu si s-au prins de miscare… La telefon mi s-a spus „ casa de bilete e inchisa”, „toate locurile sunt ocupate”… ceva de genul „noroc si mai trage o data” ca la loto. Aceste vorbe le puteati auzi oricare dintre voi cei interesati daca sunati la numarul de pe site-ul filarmonicii.

In sala … O rusine totala, erau persoane care asteptau cuminti evenimentul, altele care faceau scandal desi se proclamau mari personaje… de care nimeni nu a auzit si nu va auzi niciodata si peste doua zeci de locuri GOALE! Erau oameni care isi plangeau soarta ca nu au avut pile ca sa poate intra, nu au avut pile nici macar sa afla din timp de acest eveniment si in acest timp scaunele stateau goale. De ce?

Din lacomie. Lacomia romanilor ii va pierde. Nu stiu cate din spusele din Biblie sunt cunoscute de lume insa mentiunea lacomiei este cunoscuta ca fiind unul dintre pacatele cele mai mari, impreuna cu minciuna, inselatoria… s.a.m.d.

Efectul domino-urilor, sau efectul bulgarelui de zapada, asa cum mai este cunoscut, s-a produs. O visatoare a indraznit, a fost, a vazut a aflat si a transmis, a construit, a muncit si a luptat , proiectul aprins aripi si a fost furat si modelat „a la roumaine”.
Asta este tot ce se poate face ca agent liber pasionat de cultura si dedicat unor aspecte precise ale culturii.

Copilul meu, proiectul meu, a ajuns la majorat, si isi da testele vietii, testul memoriei, testul istoriei, testul civic, social…

Fara sa stie, toti cei care au intrat in hora mai devreme sau mai tarziu mi-au facut un mare serviciu. Au dus pe noi culmi un proiect care s-a nascut dintr-un vis pe care l-am avut. Le multumesc pentru stradanie si interes.


Nu pot insa sa nu remarc ca dorinta maestrului Vladimir Cosma, asa cum mi-a marturisit, era de a se intalni cu publicul din Romania. Nu cred ca dorinta i-a fost indeplinita corect, intrucat publicul din tara nu a fost reprezentat corect in sala de spectacol. A fost un soi de petrecere cu usile inchise la care au putut asista cativa norocosi.

Despre ce elite mai vorbim? Intelectualii nu mai sunt considerati ca fiind elite. Traiasca retelele de interese. Pana si in cultura se joaca murdar. Si eu care in naivitatea mea credeam ca este cel mai curat loc in care noi tinerii mai putem face o diferenta spre deosebire de alte zone in care politicul detine monopolul suprem. Am trecut de la cultul personalitatii unui singur individ la cultul personalitatii fiecarui om care este conducator de ceva intr-un domeniu sau altul. Asta isi doreau oare parintii nostri la Revolutie? Copiii lor sa detina diplome si sa lucreze pe vase de croaziera si in cazinouri? Familii dezbinate de saracie si frustrari? Copii din familii de intelectuali aruncati la marginea societatii in favoarea prefabricatilor din fabricile si uzinele de altadata?

Au murit si inca mai mor oameni pentru a ne oferi din nou o frantura de normalitate dupa atatea si atatea umilinte. Intelectuali milogi si nomenclaturisti regi… Strainii zic ca nu meritam nimic deoarece nu am fost in stare sa construim nimic.
Ba da suntem in stare sa construim multe insa nu ne lasa sistemul. Nu mai putem vorbi de oameni ci de un sistem inept, inadecvat, impotent, desuet, degradat, in paragina.

Dar stiti ce dragi oameni de la putere? … Oricare mai sunteti voi…nici nu meritati sa ne aducem aminte de numele voastre. Atata timp cat romanii se bat pentru accesul la cultura, dreptul de a crea si de a fi impreuna, lupta noastra inca nu este pierduta. Asa ca tineti-va bine ca vine din urma un nou val de tineri care sunt insetati de cultura prin toate manifestarile ei, fie ca este vorba de „Colectiv”, „Concert Vladimir Cosma”, „Piata Revolutiei” sau „Piata Constitutiei”.

Noi tinerii intelectuali sau golani… cum vreti voi sa ne numiti vom ocupa domeniul culturii.


 Doamne Ajuta si Sarbatori Fericite!




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Suntem sau nu un Colectiv?



        Eram asa de suparata pe aceasta tara si pe tot ce mi se parea nedrept incat am uitat sa disting frumusetea ce o inchega.

Inca imi gasesc greu cuvintele potrivite pentru a spune ceea ce ma tot macina de vineri 30 octombrie 2015 si pana acum.

Inchid ochii si vad o serie de fotografii care circula in bucla in amintirea mea. De cand au fost facute publice, chipurile celor care nu mai sunt, nu numai ca de acum toata lumea le cunoaste dar ni le vom aminti mult timp de acum inainte.

Alte chipuri imi erau cunoscute…

Am trecut prin agitatie, speranta, disperare, enervare, furie, dorinta de a ajuta oricum, oricand, oricat, frenetic, vehement, neincetat, apoi am inceput sa inteleg ce se intampla, sa accept inacceptabilul… ei nu mai sunt. Am plans si inca plang de fiecare data cand ii vad chipul fostului meu coleg « corporatist » Adi.
Ce urat suna astfel de cuvinte din partea unor necunoscuti care se forteaza sa fie impartiali ! Am auzit dispretul din cuvantul « corporatist » atunci cand a fost rostit, l-am auzit si atunci cand toti si fiecare dintre acei tineri era trecut pe banda rulanta in fata publicului judecator… « desigur ei erau de vina » era insinuat. Cum poate sa se intample asa ceva daca nu era vina lor ? Trebuie sa-ti fi pierdut complet mintile sau sa fii de o nesimtire crasa ca sa vorbesti de acei oameni frumosi ca si cand ar fi niste rebuturi ale societatii. Si uite asa… nu mai pot sa tac, desi imi doream sa indur singura si cu Facebook-ul necazul, amaraciunea, neputinta si apoi celelalte sentimente si emotii care ma incearca.

In ultimile zile am ascultat tot cel putin de doua ori. Stiu exact ce s-a spus si ce nu s-a spus. In timp ce unii dintre noi alergam de la un cap la celalalt al Capitalei ca sa-i gasim « Dead or alive » (melomanii inteleg referinta), eu incercam sa postez tot ce aflam, sa dau mai departe, sa se stie, sa nu se treaca nimic cu vederea, sa nu se uite, sa nu fie ascuns sub covorul mizer al societatii care de multe ori uita ce inseamna omenia. Am vrut sa se stie ca stiu si ca si altii au aflat si ca nu suntem asa cum am fost banuiti si numiti in fel si chip de indivizi limitati (despre care nu voi mai vorbi pentru ca din acest moment nu mai exista pentru mine).

Daca nu ai capacitatea sa gasesti un cuvant bun de spus in aceste clipe e mai bine sa ramai tacut, ignorant si nepasator.

Am fost furioasa intrucat mi se pare de neconceput ca astfel de tineri frumosi, destepti si cu un viitor infinit in fata lor au putut sa piara degeaba, din cauze pe care cu totii le banuim, le presupunem, insa pe care nu le putem numi inainte ca justitia sa se pronunte. Ce este cert este ca ceea ce s-a intamplat in Clubul Colectiv nu a fost un accident. A fost o atrocitate.

Stati linistiti ca vor exista cretini care vor spune peste ani si ani de acum inainte ca defapt incendiul de la Colectiv e un mit si ca nu a existat, asa cu mi-a spus un imbecil acum cativa ani, ca crimele impotriva umanitatii de la Auschwitz sunt inventii istorice conspirationiste. Un alt ilustru descreierat mi-a zis ca acel loc ar trebui facut parc de distractii deoarece este intretinut degeaba pe multi bani europeni. Nu am cuvinte ca sa imi pot exprima parerea despre acei oameni si nici emotiile care ma incearca numai cand imi aduc aminte. Am o memorie selectiva foarte buna, insa uneori imi aduc aminte de intamplarile cu impact afectiv puternic si nu am filtru de bun sau rau in ceea ce priveste ce ramane din informatiile stocate. Poate intr-o zi o sa reusesc sa matur toate ineptiile auzite pe durata anilor mei de viata. Sper.

        Sunt profund impresionata de mobilizare, de numarul mare de oameni care urmaresc si isi dedica din timp, din viata, din tot ce au de daruit pentru a-si ajuta semenii. Imi pare rau ca cei plecati dintre noi, nu au apucat sa vada ca se poate, ca romanii nu s-au acrit de tot, ca tara asta nu este formate dintr-o majoritate de lichele si o minoritate aproape invizibila de oameni sufletisti si frumosi. Nu ii pot condamna daca au crezut asta pentru ca si eu am crezut asta si m-am rugat la Dumnezeu sa imi arate ca ma insel, ca se mai gasesc oameni asemeni mie sau intr-o oarecare masura compatibili cu mine.

Televiziunile si alte surse sunt vinovate pentru impresia gresita pe care mi-am format-o in ultimii ani. Vedeam in jurul meu, pe strazi, magazine, in localuri si mai ales pe ecrane ( de aceea nu ma uit la televizor decat in momente de criza) numai fite, figuri, reprezentantii vii ai spagilor, non modele transformate in vedete… Ma intrebam de ce unii oameni cu carte investesc in astfel de creaturii. La un moment dat, erau si ei oameni, dar au fost transformati in marionete cap de afis (sau trend)… Non valorile reprezinta o alta boala grava a societatii din Romania. Am inteles ca ne place asa de mult sa copiem si ne pasa asa de mult de ce cred unii si altii despre cum aratam incat ajungem sa nu ne mai pese deloc de ce simtim, ce gandim, ce iubim, ce si cine suntem cu adevarat. Acei « rockeri golani » din club ii reprezinta pe cei putini ramasi carora le pasa mai mult de ce conteaza cu adevarat. Stiu, nu mai e la moda sa iti iei diplomele pe bune si cu note mari. Nu mai e la ordinea de zi sa fii rebel si sa te exprimi prin muzica nu prin pumni si insulte. Nu mai e de actualitate sa mergi intr-o carciuma nenorocita numai ca sa te simti bine cu cei dragi, facand ceea ce iti place tie sa faci cu adevarat…

        Am mers ani de zile prin astfel de cluburi. Am sfidat moartea, poate, fara sa vreau, fara sa imi dau seama. Nu stiu… am avut noroc desi mama nu dormea in noptile in care eram plecata si mergeam destul de des in ciuda facultatii si a serviciului. Parca in acele vremuri mai gaseam un strop de energie si pentru ce iubeam sa fac. Acum realizez cat de libera am fost cu adevarat si imi pare rau ca m-am gandit vreo data ca grija parintilor mei era altceva decat ceea ce era. Imi pare rau ca pentru a ma simti eu libera si independenta, mama facea nopti albe pentru ca ea se gandea la toate ce se puteau intampla, la care eu nu ma gandeam. Acum realizez ca acum cat si atunci, nu aveam nicio grija pentru ca avea altcineva grija in locul meu.

Azi daca m-ar intreba cineva, as spune ca nu o sa ma mai prinda punand piciorul intr-un subsol cu o singura iesire. Simt ca am nevoie mai mult ca oricand de oxigen.

        Dragi parinti, regret infinit de mult durerea voastra. Acum inteleg si mai bine cat de greu este sa fii parinte si sa-ti asumi responsabilitatea pentru o alta fiinta. Si golul din voi cei care ati pierdut un fiu, o fiica…nu vi-l poate umple nimeni cu nimic din ce este lumesc. Dragi prieteni, prietene, frati, surori, sotii, soti…va trece mult timp pana o sa va regenerati tesutul emotional. Nu va mint, nu am de ce. Uneori va fi mai bine, alteori va fi mai rau si amintirile va vor napadi chiar atunci cand nu va veti astepta. Dar iubirea nu moare niciodata. Sper doar sa tineti minte asta atunci cand va va durea sufletul.

        Cateva fapte…

        L-am cunoscut pe Adrian Rugina in 2002. Am lucrat impreuna la Orange care era pe atunci o familie mare cu oameni frumosi si in perioada in care am fost acolo am strans multe amintiri. A fost una dintre perioadele care m-au marcat cel mai mult pana acum… Si acum visez ca sunt in intarziere la Orange. Am lasat ceva din mine acolo, poate? Dar am si luat multe cu mine, poate cel mai important lucru a fost sentimentul de apartenenta la un grup de oameni pe care nu i-am uitat si nu-i voi uita niciodata. Cu unii dintre colegii de la Orange m-am mai intalnit uneori prin cluburi, la concerte… Daca nu am fi avut muzica in comun, probabil ca am fi ramas pe veci niste destine care la un moment dat s-au intersectat.

Intr-o tara in care din experienta mea poti sa cazi pe strada, sa poti fi atacat pe strada pentru a ti se fura telefonul si nimeni nu face nimic… poate doar se uita, Adrian Rugina s-a aruncat in foc ca sa salveze oameni ! Sper doar ca daca voi avea nevoie intr-o zi, voi gasi si eu un om ca Adi care sa imi intinda mana. As fi nedreapta sa spun ca nu exista oameni buni, am intalnit si eu cativa. Vreau doar sa subliniez faptul ca sunt prea putini carora sa le pese de cel de alaturi.

M-am gandit mult la tine draga Adi. Sunt suparata ca nu te-ai salvat dar iti multumesc ca mi-ai redat increderea in posibilitatea de a mai intalni oameni asemeni tie si curajul de-ai cauta ! Multumesc !

        Caut sa inteleg…

        Chiar nu imi mai pasa ce vehiculeaza presa, cu ce ne mai mint politicienii. Stiu ca mint si e de ajuns pentru mine. Stiu ca presa manipuleaza si ca atunci cand afla informatii cruciale isi pun lacat la gura si striga in alta directie. Nu pot sa cred ca cei din presa nu au numarat si ei victimele. Eu am ascultat cu atentie tot ce s-a spus la televiziuni de vineri si pana azi si am auzit multe discrepante in informatii in ziua de vineri, chiar si in ziua de sambata… apoi s-au uniformizat si ne spun toti acelasi lucru de o mie de ori pe zi. Nici la scoala nu se insista atata pe o lectie. Credeti-ma ca am invatat pe dinafara tot ce ati ales sa ne spuneti. Cand cineva a avut o alta relatare nu a contat pentru voi, nu a fost relevanta desi era cea a unui martor prezent la evenimentul care s-a sfarsit in atatea lacrimi si durere. Vine un om si va spune « stati fratilor ca nu a fost asa » si voi ii inchideti gura ? Cum este posibil ? Ce fel de oameni sunteti ? Mai lasati-ne cu asociatiile voastre cu strangeri de fonduri. Nu sunteti nici macar capabili sa ascultati o victima. Nu va pacaliti din nou ca sunteti buni sau mai buni deoarece nu aveti cu ce mari ispravi sa va infoiati penele. Perpetuati minciunile altora. Nu va simtiti vinovati ? De unde sa aiba spitalele « tot ce le trebuie » cand pe pacientii cu cazuri grave sau mai putin grave ii trimiteti sa isi cumpere singuri medicamente ? Credeti ca ajung doar cinci paturi cu oxigen pentru toti pacientii loviti de flacarile de vineri noapte ? Sau poate pana se ajunge la paturi nu vor mai ramane decat cinci pacienti in viata ? Ce asteptati ? Pe cine sau pe ce contati ? Credeti ca doctorii sunt nebuni sa spuna ca nu au ce le trebuie cand le sufla cineva in ceafa care ii poate lasa fara loc de munca si salariu cu care sa-si intretina familia ?

Nu stiu nimic… doar ma intreb dintr-un simplu exercitiu de logica si de informatii acumulate din experienta cunoscutilor mei de-a lungul anilor. Eu am invatat din istorie, pentru mine fiecare zi este o zi buna de notat in carnet pentru zilele care vor urma si nu se stie cand as putea avea nevoie sa scot o fila din dosar.

Pe unchiul meu il plimba de acasa la spital si inapoi si iar inapoi pentru o hernie si imi spuneti ca toate merg perfect ? Un prieten este plimbat de doctori desi trebuia operat, cand in sfarsit ajunge pe masa de operatie anestezia nu prinde si ei continua sa-l taie dupa care omul le spune ca simte tot si in sfarsit se decid sa faca ceva ? Sa mai spun ? Eu cred ca e de ajuns.

Doamne ajuta-i pe cei din spitale. Nu stim cine sunt si unde sunt dar cui ii pasa ca eu cetatean ! (nu om simplu) nu stiu astfel de lucruri… desi recunosc ma intreb.

Am intrebat pe retelele de socializare care e situatia cu Andrei (solistul trupei care a cantat in club vineri)… nu a stiut nimeni sa imi spuna nimic. Nu stiu unde s-au dus cei care au scapat nevatamati din incendiu, nu stiu unde sunt toti ceilalti… Nu imi ies la numar. Dar, din nou, cui ii pasa ca eu , cetatean, ma interesez, imi pasa, vreau sa stiu ?

       Marti 3 noiembrie 2015, au iesit 20-30 de mii de oameni ca sa manifesteze de la Universitate, la Victoriei (Guvern), la Ministerul de Interne, la Clubul Colectiv si inapoi la Universitate… In aproape 7 ore de mars ati strigat impotriva conducatorilor, le-ati spus sa plece, sa demisioneze… Dar nimeni nu le-a cerut adevarul.

Sper ca cei care lupta pentru viata lor, cei care au luptat pentru viata altora, cei care mai sunt, cei care mai suntem sa nu fi primit degeaba acest cadou imens pe care ni l-au oferit cei plecati dintre noi prin jertfa lor. Respectati-le memoria prin a face ceva cu mostenirea pe care ne-au lasat-o. Avem exemple mari de urmat !


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What is going on?

Things you don’t know but that you should have known by now dear people and world decision makers:


  1. One of the basic information, that we all poli-sci majors know or should know, all around the globe, really because it is a free info that is a requirement for all graduates to know is that: there are several evolutionary stages of a country and that democracy, until I last heard, is the last one invented and achieved (with/without +/-) successfully. Indeed, democracy has become a goal but CANNOT be reached and achieved by skipping progress levels. It is basically like Mario land, or any given computer game. If you understand the mechanism of computer games you know that you cannot just skip a level and go directly to finding the treasure or saving the princess, or finding the key. No that is not how it works. And although software engineers understood this basic information, politicians still cannot grasp this information. So, back to democracy. You cannot “upload” democracy on a country’s hardware and say it is done. You’re in, upload, you’re out, done! It is like a computer game with LEVELS. You need to play the game in order to find the treasure. In this case go through the stages. Oh my God! It’s like the stages of grief. One doesn’t go from a traumatic event to acceptance in one upload. Too bad really, because I, personally would love never to suffer again. More so, I would say that I’d love to erase all of that in a single ctrl+alt+del. BUT IT DOESN’T WORK THAT WAY! Scientist, go and make us proud!

Conclusion: YOU CANNOT IMPLEMENT, INSTALL, INSERT, CREATE, DEMOCRACY FOR/IN A COUNTRY THAT ISN’T THERE YET… like the hot zones of the earth that are from all point of view a few hundred years behind some of the European countries and the U.S.A.

It makes me wonder, what the heck are you still doing out there, killing your own best men?


  1. Trojan horse: dear politicians is your need for hypocrisy so great that you cannot open your eyes to the biggest truth you’ve ever seen up in your faces? I mean who does that? Who denies his/her own people of liberties and wealth and gives it to strangers that may or may not be dangerous in the name of humanitarianism? Hello! What about your own people? It is like that: a few days before the arrival of the refugees, you guys were complaining about the impact of the Greek crisis, on the people of the other European countries, on the economy of said countries… etc. One next crisis arises, like, um, uh, let’s say the arrival of the so called refugees and bam! There is no more Greek crisis at the horizon. There are no more concerns about the economic issues of the European countries. Now they are bountiful and graceful enough to great more useless, unemployable people that I repeat, may or may not be dangerous. Doesn’t that sound even a little fishy to you?
  2. Remember back in the day… of the 70’s and the 80’s? Your own European brothers and sisters from the East, went through a little something that we all agreed to call COMMUNISM. Have they all fled their country and went West in massive waves? NO. Why? BECAUSE, obviously they all, couldn’t do it without being murdered by the regime, some had this idea of staying and defending their country, fighting from within for their common rights… stuff like that… really it is easy to forget so I may need to remind you of such frivolous little details. Let me ask you a question, do you remember in your lifetime, when such a massive exodus has ever happened? If you don’t please raise your voice because I cannot see your hands but I have a good hearing.
  3.  Another fact that blew my mind is that there are actually people who were taught and sent to inform us that the concentration camps which killed a massive amount of Jewish people in WWII, actually never existed. Basically they are saying that it never happened. What in God’s green Earth is wrong with you people?
  4. Did you know that Romania is one of the few countries (I dare not say the only one) that has at its top, politicians that never went to real school? I mean look at France! Politicians (stupid or brilliant) all went to reputable higher education institutions and got their diplomas, their stamp of approval. Look at the USA, the politicians are all basically coming out of the Ivy League Universities.  But no. In Romania, anyone can become an active politician in an active role as … let’s say a prime minister, with a fake C.V., a fake PHD. and such… People are led to their deaths (economically speaking, politically speaking… and so on) by morons. There’s no need for a stamp of approval. They don’t even need a stamp of approval from an institute of mental health.
  5. Moving on… did you ever learn at school about a phenomena called “brain drain”? It is quite simple to explain actually, the great minds move from one place that offers them NOTHING, to a place where their greatness can bloom and thrive in a decent work and life environment.  So how do we call the ones that stayed in their country of origin? Idiots or heroes? That isn’t very clear to me. Maybe you can help me out with this one because I cannot … I can’t… Bouncing out of my stupor I wonder… should we call ourselves patriots? We are hanging on with both hands and one big hope. But each and every time we try that hope is shattered and scattered and we are left to gather back all the pieces and make a semblance of normality around us, because we stayed and we tried and we still try so damn much to make it right, to make things happen… but REMEMBER THE IDIOTS THAT GOVERN US?
  6. In Romania, there are for example, people with a master’s degree that work on cruise boats as servers. In Romania there are people with two master’s degrees that are unemployed. Meanwhile… the fake ones with a lot of cash are leading us to utter misery. Doesn’t that make you a bit sick? In Romania there are real PHDs that work for a minimal wage when all the above is happening under their noses. Isn’t it cool to be a doctor or a master in a field, and walk by your lonesome on the street while a good for nothing son of a gun rides in his fancy last model of car to his “work place”, where his basic only activity is to show up in a fancy suit and engage in meaningless talk? Yes, they tend to talk your years off. And what about the great masters and PHDs that are now at this very moment, working on constructions sites far away from home, for 2 euros per hour? Am I about right? Maybe it is less… who knows?
  7. Are you about to sell your sperm or one of your kidneys in order to survive? Just wondering…
  8. There is always a way you know? How about going crazy? And that leads me to my next point on the agenda: what takes to make you a kamikaze bomber? No one in their right mind would choose to embrace death just like that. I cannot accept that a healthy, normal individual would say: “Hey, I am going to do the world a ton of good by exploding today! Yey!”… NO, this cannot be right. Believe it or not, I am not an expert on this type of matters but… I am still wondering none the less.
  9. Manifestations and the stamp of approval from the people: the elections. We the people have, in a democracy, the right to choose. There are two forms, one very efficient and one that varies according to our level of evolution as a democratic country (yeah we are back to that topic, damn it all to hell!). Again people, what the heck is wrong with you? Are you stupid, self-sabotaging, totally disinterested, what? You cannot move your pretty behinds to go to vote? You cannot bring yourselves to participate and try to make a change, rally other thinking people around you and make a change? Are you blind, death and mentally challenged all at once? Why would you let this charade of nonsense go on for decades?

What about (the bass- joking) the manifestations. Are you too lazy to move your pretty self on the street and make some noise about all the crap that you have been fed with for so long? Or maybe that it wasn’t enough, maybe it hasn’t been so much, so long, so utterly disgustingly enough… It is a wonder how thousands of people cry out loudly from their chairs at home through the online social media, about their issues, but when it comes to get out and make a point… there’s just a hand of people shouting together about their own selfish problems. Yeah, good job dudes! At least you went out! I give you points for that. But still… you get out to defend what? And to what results? Because if you get out and get no results… it means that YOU ARE DEFINITELY DOING SOMETHING WRONG! What you hear is a passionate string of good hearted and well-meant cries for justice… what they hear is bla, bla and more bla.  Well sorry guys but I cannot see how a mass of coherent, determined citizens cannot take down a handful of stupid jerks.

 Sometimes I feel that stupidity is the worst disease of them all when it goes the stage of epidemic. And who said that ignorance is bliss, surely didn’t mean in that way. Let me explain: some things cannot be unseen, therefore you feel that if you weren’t there to see those particularly dreadful situations you’d be blessed with a more innocent mind and healthy memory. No one has ever required from you to be stupid in order to be happy. The educational system all over the world should think about teaching children how to think for themselves AGAIN!…  Because, uh, ummm… it really sucks for every party included to be a robot… and a stupid one as well.



That’s it for today, thanks for joining me on today’s show. I hope your life won’t suck as much tomorrow. Be good, be kind, be grateful and think for yourself!

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