What is going on?

Things you don’t know but that you should have known by now dear people and world decision makers:


  1. One of the basic information, that we all poli-sci majors know or should know, all around the globe, really because it is a free info that is a requirement for all graduates to know is that: there are several evolutionary stages of a country and that democracy, until I last heard, is the last one invented and achieved (with/without +/-) successfully. Indeed, democracy has become a goal but CANNOT be reached and achieved by skipping progress levels. It is basically like Mario land, or any given computer game. If you understand the mechanism of computer games you know that you cannot just skip a level and go directly to finding the treasure or saving the princess, or finding the key. No that is not how it works. And although software engineers understood this basic information, politicians still cannot grasp this information. So, back to democracy. You cannot “upload” democracy on a country’s hardware and say it is done. You’re in, upload, you’re out, done! It is like a computer game with LEVELS. You need to play the game in order to find the treasure. In this case go through the stages. Oh my God! It’s like the stages of grief. One doesn’t go from a traumatic event to acceptance in one upload. Too bad really, because I, personally would love never to suffer again. More so, I would say that I’d love to erase all of that in a single ctrl+alt+del. BUT IT DOESN’T WORK THAT WAY! Scientist, go and make us proud!

Conclusion: YOU CANNOT IMPLEMENT, INSTALL, INSERT, CREATE, DEMOCRACY FOR/IN A COUNTRY THAT ISN’T THERE YET… like the hot zones of the earth that are from all point of view a few hundred years behind some of the European countries and the U.S.A.

It makes me wonder, what the heck are you still doing out there, killing your own best men?


  1. Trojan horse: dear politicians is your need for hypocrisy so great that you cannot open your eyes to the biggest truth you’ve ever seen up in your faces? I mean who does that? Who denies his/her own people of liberties and wealth and gives it to strangers that may or may not be dangerous in the name of humanitarianism? Hello! What about your own people? It is like that: a few days before the arrival of the refugees, you guys were complaining about the impact of the Greek crisis, on the people of the other European countries, on the economy of said countries… etc. One next crisis arises, like, um, uh, let’s say the arrival of the so called refugees and bam! There is no more Greek crisis at the horizon. There are no more concerns about the economic issues of the European countries. Now they are bountiful and graceful enough to great more useless, unemployable people that I repeat, may or may not be dangerous. Doesn’t that sound even a little fishy to you?
  2. Remember back in the day… of the 70’s and the 80’s? Your own European brothers and sisters from the East, went through a little something that we all agreed to call COMMUNISM. Have they all fled their country and went West in massive waves? NO. Why? BECAUSE, obviously they all, couldn’t do it without being murdered by the regime, some had this idea of staying and defending their country, fighting from within for their common rights… stuff like that… really it is easy to forget so I may need to remind you of such frivolous little details. Let me ask you a question, do you remember in your lifetime, when such a massive exodus has ever happened? If you don’t please raise your voice because I cannot see your hands but I have a good hearing.
  3.  Another fact that blew my mind is that there are actually people who were taught and sent to inform us that the concentration camps which killed a massive amount of Jewish people in WWII, actually never existed. Basically they are saying that it never happened. What in God’s green Earth is wrong with you people?
  4. Did you know that Romania is one of the few countries (I dare not say the only one) that has at its top, politicians that never went to real school? I mean look at France! Politicians (stupid or brilliant) all went to reputable higher education institutions and got their diplomas, their stamp of approval. Look at the USA, the politicians are all basically coming out of the Ivy League Universities.  But no. In Romania, anyone can become an active politician in an active role as … let’s say a prime minister, with a fake C.V., a fake PHD. and such… People are led to their deaths (economically speaking, politically speaking… and so on) by morons. There’s no need for a stamp of approval. They don’t even need a stamp of approval from an institute of mental health.
  5. Moving on… did you ever learn at school about a phenomena called “brain drain”? It is quite simple to explain actually, the great minds move from one place that offers them NOTHING, to a place where their greatness can bloom and thrive in a decent work and life environment.  So how do we call the ones that stayed in their country of origin? Idiots or heroes? That isn’t very clear to me. Maybe you can help me out with this one because I cannot … I can’t… Bouncing out of my stupor I wonder… should we call ourselves patriots? We are hanging on with both hands and one big hope. But each and every time we try that hope is shattered and scattered and we are left to gather back all the pieces and make a semblance of normality around us, because we stayed and we tried and we still try so damn much to make it right, to make things happen… but REMEMBER THE IDIOTS THAT GOVERN US?
  6. In Romania, there are for example, people with a master’s degree that work on cruise boats as servers. In Romania there are people with two master’s degrees that are unemployed. Meanwhile… the fake ones with a lot of cash are leading us to utter misery. Doesn’t that make you a bit sick? In Romania there are real PHDs that work for a minimal wage when all the above is happening under their noses. Isn’t it cool to be a doctor or a master in a field, and walk by your lonesome on the street while a good for nothing son of a gun rides in his fancy last model of car to his “work place”, where his basic only activity is to show up in a fancy suit and engage in meaningless talk? Yes, they tend to talk your years off. And what about the great masters and PHDs that are now at this very moment, working on constructions sites far away from home, for 2 euros per hour? Am I about right? Maybe it is less… who knows?
  7. Are you about to sell your sperm or one of your kidneys in order to survive? Just wondering…
  8. There is always a way you know? How about going crazy? And that leads me to my next point on the agenda: what takes to make you a kamikaze bomber? No one in their right mind would choose to embrace death just like that. I cannot accept that a healthy, normal individual would say: “Hey, I am going to do the world a ton of good by exploding today! Yey!”… NO, this cannot be right. Believe it or not, I am not an expert on this type of matters but… I am still wondering none the less.
  9. Manifestations and the stamp of approval from the people: the elections. We the people have, in a democracy, the right to choose. There are two forms, one very efficient and one that varies according to our level of evolution as a democratic country (yeah we are back to that topic, damn it all to hell!). Again people, what the heck is wrong with you? Are you stupid, self-sabotaging, totally disinterested, what? You cannot move your pretty behinds to go to vote? You cannot bring yourselves to participate and try to make a change, rally other thinking people around you and make a change? Are you blind, death and mentally challenged all at once? Why would you let this charade of nonsense go on for decades?

What about (the bass- joking) the manifestations. Are you too lazy to move your pretty self on the street and make some noise about all the crap that you have been fed with for so long? Or maybe that it wasn’t enough, maybe it hasn’t been so much, so long, so utterly disgustingly enough… It is a wonder how thousands of people cry out loudly from their chairs at home through the online social media, about their issues, but when it comes to get out and make a point… there’s just a hand of people shouting together about their own selfish problems. Yeah, good job dudes! At least you went out! I give you points for that. But still… you get out to defend what? And to what results? Because if you get out and get no results… it means that YOU ARE DEFINITELY DOING SOMETHING WRONG! What you hear is a passionate string of good hearted and well-meant cries for justice… what they hear is bla, bla and more bla.  Well sorry guys but I cannot see how a mass of coherent, determined citizens cannot take down a handful of stupid jerks.

 Sometimes I feel that stupidity is the worst disease of them all when it goes the stage of epidemic. And who said that ignorance is bliss, surely didn’t mean in that way. Let me explain: some things cannot be unseen, therefore you feel that if you weren’t there to see those particularly dreadful situations you’d be blessed with a more innocent mind and healthy memory. No one has ever required from you to be stupid in order to be happy. The educational system all over the world should think about teaching children how to think for themselves AGAIN!…  Because, uh, ummm… it really sucks for every party included to be a robot… and a stupid one as well.



That’s it for today, thanks for joining me on today’s show. I hope your life won’t suck as much tomorrow. Be good, be kind, be grateful and think for yourself!

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A brilliant script doesn’t a good movie make! (Thanks Yoda!)

 Now, guys, this is pure and simple mathematics with words. Read me now and never forget the equation, the master key, the perfect mix.


A great bunch of brilliant people= Good movie


A great bunch of brilliant people + good story+ good music+ good technique= Very good movie


Now let’s go back a little…


Have you ever seen brilliant actors making craptastic movies? Please raise your hands, don’t be shy… now say I.

Now imagine me: I am standing up, both hands raised and shouting from the top of my lungs I!!!

I am the first to recognize that if you have no story or a really bad one… don’t throw your money out of the window… such a waste of talent and money and time… our time and money too.

So 1. No story = no movie

  1. B.  Bad story= abort!


If, indeed you have a good story and you want to make a movie, God please help me here! Don’t rush and make a joke out of it!

Good story+great cast+ fantastic producer+ brilliant composer= Amen!

Now you are good to go.


Imagine Somewhere in time without Christopher Reeve, Jane Seymour and oh the music… Rachmaninov+ John Barry… No, I cannot imagine. It was that perfect!


Actually the movies on which the composer John Barry signed the music are just as great. Because my friends, without the perfect soundtrack the great story is limping.

Remember Out of Africa? How about Indecent proposal?

Great combo of story, cast and music… Yes! They’re more than worth my money and time.


How about James Horner?  Does it ring a bell? Titanic, Legends of the fall… Sadly, we lost him, all too soon, on the 22nd of June 2015, this year. R.I.P.


The great, the brave and the bold : Vladimir Cosma and Ennio Morricone, Michel Legrand…


Let’s not forget the Disney music that we all sing and love written by Alan Menken.


So, you see… it is not only about the script. The script can be a technicality the translation into movie words of a great story and all of it is only possible due to an entire cast and great , excellent music, written by the most soulful and talented composers.

Music enhances our emotions. And the love/hate of a piece of art comes from its power to move us.

A good movie, is from my perspective, a good story that moved me. The converging roles of the cast, the music and the story are essential in stirring up strong emotions.

So if you want to make a good movie out of a good story don’t compromise on the cast and the music.


Thank you!

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How to spoil a book by making a movie…


            How many are there until now? Have you ever counted the number of books being torn into pieces, thrown into the wild fire of a producer’s film set?

            I won’t waste any time to make lists, because I am sure that everyone has at least a few names in mind.
As, unfortunately, there are so many “no-no’s” in this category, I will try to think at what couple book/movie that made me cringe in agony and led me to this article, but also at what, in fact, makes a movie spoil a perfect written story.


I started to think about this a while ago, due to the ugliest experience of filmed book: the infamous “Fifty shades of grey”. Man wasn’t it a disaster? I am very disappointed but I have also expected it to turn into shhhht…. The actors, the cut scenes, the shortened version of summarized hotness turned into a cold shower to the spectator’s disgust and horror. It was like sex without orgasm.


Then I read the first two books of a cool series: Shelly Crane’s Significance 1and 2.  I really enjoyed reading them. I chose the first book randomly and was very pleased with the surprise that I discovered between the pages. Now I find out that this October there will be a movie made out of the first book. I knew from the start, when I saw the cast, which it is doomed to the same destiny as the previous shady one that I wrote about before. Why? How? It’s just a gut feeling. The results will be most likely different because the producers won’t be forced to cut out all the thrills that the book had awakened inside the readers. But still… when you promise a blue eyed boy, hot as hell, tall, sweet, sensitive and give us a brown eyed boy, short and less attractive, with a look that says more evil than good team… I want to zap. Don’t you?

Another point is the girl… she is too old, too unflavored, plain…

The evil characters are played by ugly boys… O.K. This is enough! Why does ugly equal evil in the Hollywood dictionary?

Can you believe that the feminine role of the best friend is way hotter than the main character?  Say what?

They meant well but they threw another load of money on a movie meant for people who are too lazy to read. Sorry guys but this is too pathetic not to mention.


On the other hand we have kudos to give to The Notebook, written by Nicholas Sparks and produced by Nick Cassavetes. The movie was better than the original book, 123 min of pure bliss.

Another that makes the list of film wins over book: Just like heaven, written by Marc Levy, produced by Mark Waters.


Those are just examples… don’t get me started on the classics… there may be a point in making a movie out of Jane Austen, F. Scott Fitzgerald, the Bronte sisters, Emile Zola, even Shakespeare. They are too complex and complicated for some readers, or maybe too outdated for others, but the new, hot, simple stuff that is written nowadays, should be read as it is because the movies some are making are giving the authors a bad reputation.


After reading my share of classics, I can guarantee that if you have the taste for reading, you should not skip the book and go straight to the movie. It is kind of insulting for those artists who are a part of the world’s literary history.

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Unde se duce TVR-ul



Un subiect „fierbinte”, sau cel putin asa l-ar considera colegii jurnalisti. Eu il consider rece si teapan ca un defunct… Ca sa fiu optimista as putea compara TVR-ul cu un pacient comatos si paralitic. Nu va da fiori? Mie da. De fiecare data cand deschid televizorul si trec din canal in canal, peste emisiuni marca TVR, de fiecare data cand trec pe langa turnul TVR, de fiecare data cand vad alte masini marcate cu emblema altei televiziuni dar nu cea a TVR-ului, prezente la diferite evenimente.

Azi am aflat ca Stelian Tanase a zburat din TVR in Parlament si a fost inapoiat universului, despuiat de titluri. Victor Ponta a aruncat si el niste vorbe in eter, considerand, poate, ca ne mai pasa de ce are el de spus. Ca orice om are dreptul sa spuna ce doreste dar din punct de vedere oficial, eu personal, il consider persona non grata.  Oare V. Ponta spune adevarul si S. Tanase chiar l-a sunat sa se milogeasca la el ca la usile paradisului? Oare Ponta a avut vreo data puterea de a oferi ceva cuiva? Ah, promisiuni, sigur, cu carul… in rest „totul este tacere”.

Dupa V. Ponta „milogul” de Tanase a „scancit” pentru o sansa, un ajutor. Pai, ma scuzati dar cine este Ponta sa ii dea, sau sa ii mai dea ceva lui Tanase? I-o fi dat ceva, candva? Oricum, daca trecem peste caractere, Ponta este un nimeni in comparatie cu Tanase, desi asta nu spune nimic despre cei doi. Un plagiator nu are ce sa dea unui om de televiziune, unui cadru didactic, unui om cu carte. Pacat ca Tanase nu si-a dat seama ca in momentul in care a acceptat postul de director al Televiziunii Nationale… si-a semnat certificatul de deces profesional.

Nimeni, repet, NIMENI, care accepta acest post nu iese curat. Directorul TVR-ului este ca un medic care din pacate trebuie sa accepte ca unicul sau pacient sufera de cancer, intr-un spital in care nu mai are decat o aspirina si o sticluta veche de apa oxigenata… si ca nu are absolut nimic de facut.

Tot ce se poate face cu TVR-ul in momentul de fata este sa jongleze cu hartii, sa jongleze cu bani imprumutati… un saltimbanc cu o viata de imprumut pe strazile unui oras ca Las Vegas unde exista distractii mult mai atragatoare, la tot pasul. Imaginati-va un saltimbanc printre, neoane, stroboscoape, paiete, fantani muzicale si alti artisti care investesc, in imaginea lor, sute de mii de dolari. Saracul! Este depasit, frustrat, consumat, degradat, cazut in dizgratie.

Ce vor cei de la putere? Nu sunt cititoare in stele dar imi imaginez ca daca pui la carma unei institutii mamut, pe cale de disparitie, pe cineva care nu are habar de ce trebuie facut pentru a resuscita pacientul, inseamna ca cei de la putere, isi doresc moartea inceata dar sigura a TVR-ului. Am simtit asta de cand lucram pentru TVR in serviciul publicului.

Am ajuns acolo ca stagiar, si a trebuit sa construiesc o lucrare de evaluare manageriala a institutiei, asa cum puteam si cu informatiile la care aveam acces… desi in mod normal, o institutie este obligata sa ofere informatii unui cercetator stiintific…

Conform documentelor la care am avut acces… cele publice… mi-am dat seama de multe.  Insa nu era de ajuns sa citesc rapoartele de activitate. Adevarurile nescrise, se  gaseau in angajatii TVR, la locul de munca, in redactii, in salile de montaj, pe teren cu echipele de filmare. Ce spune experienta umana spre deosebire de sterilele rapoarte de activitate? Aceasta este o intrebare pe care si domnii parlamentari ar trebui sa si-o puna. Dar nu le pasa, cum nu le pasa de nimic altceva decat somnul lor de veci si de viata lor de acum, greoaie de buzunarele, pline cu carti de credit, simboluri ale multiplelor conturi. Ha! Mai ales acum ca si-au asigurat pensii „decente”. Nu va vine sa ii scuipati intre ochi? Nu este nimic decent la ei. Puterea i-a transformat in monstri. Caut UN singur om politic activ care sa imi dovedeasca ca mai exista Dumnezeu in el. Unul. Nu cer mult.

Revenind la TVR: ce am aflat despre TVR de la oameni?

  1. Pe langa plosnitele si lipitorile care castiga de o suta de ori mai mult ca ceilalti angajati, pentru o simpla aparitie, in care citesc ceva de pe prompter si se plimba zambind pe o scena, construita de altii… exista oameni care intr-adevar muncesc. A propos, a fost amabila spunand ca diferenta este doar de o suta de ori mai mare.
  2. Cei care stau in spatele camerelor, multi, sunt in mare parte profesionisti care si-au dedicat din ( ATENTIE!) Pasiune, intreaga lor viata TVR-ului.- Imaginati-va un zeu numit TVR si miile de credinciosi care aduc sacrificiile si le depun la picioarele acestui monstru sacru.- Intr-adevar TVR a fost un monstru sacru, care nu a fost parasit de fidelii sai decat atunci cand au trecut in nefiinta. Dar intr-o tara de adoratie a non-valorilor, oare mai este loc pentru cultura, pentru treaba „bine facuta”? … Unde este domnul Presedinte Iohannis sa ne arate cum stam cu treaba „bine facuta”? Incep sa cred Sibiul, asa cum este azi, a fost recladit in ciuda domniei sale, nu gratie lui. Intrucat un om dedicat constructiei nu poate fi pasiv, tacut si rezervat. Cum ar zice unii: „Parerea mea”.
  3. Toate redactiile sunt mixte. Daca  nu toti cei care lucreaza la TVR sunt angajati pe pile si relatii, atunci 90% sunt oricum. Cei 10% sunt acceptati cu greu si doar pe termen limitat. Cei 10% sunt acolo pentru a stimula productia pentru ca este nevoie de creierele lor proaspete si competente. Intre cei 90% sunt o parte profesionisti integri dar care nu au mijloacele necesare pentru a-si atinge adevaratul potential, dar sunt si cei care „dau bine pe sticla” sau copiii, nepotii, amantele, verisoarele… cuiva care conteaza. Si ce conteaza cel mai mult azi? Ghici ghicitoarea mea! Da! Acel lucru pe care il vor toti dar de care nu au parte decat cei care il iau cu japca.
  4. Materiale invechite… facem ce putem cu ele desi alte televiziuni au parte de tehnici de ultima generatie. Cu toate astea TVR a reusit sa faca din nimic lucruri marete, intrucat adevaratii profesionisti lucreaza cu Oameni, chiar in ciuda echipamentelor desuete. Un secret pe care au inceput sa-l afle si unii de la celelalte televiziuni. Atunci cand lucrezi cu Oameni, nu poti gresi, in umanitatea lor, in experienta lor de o viata, in expresia individualitatii lor salasluieste adevaratul spectacol miracol al Lumii. 1-0 pentru TVR!
  5. Doua echipe de teren: sofer, cameraman, jurnalist ori doi. Doua echipe de teren, zece evenimente, acoperire…prin dedublare. Am sarit garduri ca sa ajung la locurile unde se desfasurau simultan evenimentele. Am sarit garduri si am incercat sa absorb tot ce se putea, contra cronometru. Dar TVR Cultural nu a murit nici pentru ca echipele nu ajungeau la toate evenimentele, nici pentru ca in jurnal se transmiteau informatii despre evenimente trecute de o zi, doua, trei… TVR Cultural a murit pentru ca i s-au oprit monitoarele si i s-a taiat oxigenul. TVR Cultural a murit si pentru ca desigur, o persoana cu doua mastere si patru limbi straine cunoscute la perfectie, nu putea sa fie la fel de valoroasa ca o persoana care nu isi luase licenta inca. TVR Cultural a murit pentru ca spre sfarsitul vietii sale, au fost numite, in diverse locuri strategice, persoane care aveau deja scenariul scris. Titlul oficial: Schimbare si reinoire. Titlul original: Ne facem ca muncim.
  6. Cum sa pui bete in roate la TVR? Filmare de zi, exterior, invitati, luna caniculara, ora 12, cu soare la zenit. Cum este domnule posibil sa programezi o astfel de filmare pe 40 de grade, atunci cand lumina soarelui este atat de nefasta pentru materialul filmat? Cum este posibil sa ai numai 60 de minute ca sa filmezi interviul si imaginile de ambianta, pe 40 de grade, in 60 de minute? Cei care au habar stiu ca lumina este prea puternica si ca imaginile vor fi extrem de expuse la acea lumina, ca temperatura de 40 de grade este un hazard pentru sanatatea intregii echipe, ca 60 de minute nu lasa timp nici de respiratie dara mite de un pahar cu apa adusa de acasa (desigur)… Cu toate acestea „Intalniri in Gradina Botanica” exista! Multumiri domnului Panzaru, fostul rector al Universitatii din Bucuresti, pentru omenie, intelegere si permisiunea de a filma in Gradina Botanica.
  7. Cum sa iti bati joc de un coleg care vrea sa munceasca in TVR? Programezi o filmare care necesita doua camere de filmat, doi cameramani, lumini, sunet, tot pachetul, in ziua in care invitatul tocmai aterizeaza din alta tara si ajunge la timp doar cu voia lui Dumnezeu si cu taxiul, obosit, transpirat, nemachiat… In timp ce tu impreuna cu echipa de doi pe care i-ai convins cu rugi si lacrimi sa te acompanieze la filmare ca sa nu o ratezi. Doi: un cameraman, un asistent lumini. ( Dupa aceasta aventura, asistentii de lumini nu au mai fost trimisi cu echipele TVR Cultural- din cauza banilor, sau a lipsei lor). Revenind: Iei una bucata, coleg tanar, ii pui un dosar in mana, pleci in vacanta, il lasi de capul lui sa isi dea seama de ce are nevoie. Acel om adica eu, alearga sa-si faca echipa. Cum sa ma duc la o filmare de aceasta anvergura nepregatita? Pai…aaa…aaa… „Fa si tu cum fac ceilalti!”, „Adica cum?”, „Pai suna la cameramani, cere unul, da-i intalnire… a dar vezi ca iti trebuiesc doi, daca vrei sa iti iasa treaba cum trebuie!”, „Doi? Dar daca iau doi inseamna ca o echipa sta degeaba!!!  Nu o sa-mi permita nimeni sa ii iau pe amandoi!”, „Aaa… pai da! Dar daca nu iei doi, o sa iasa prost. Lasa ca te descurci tu!”… In fine asa a mers treaba si cu microfoanele care nu mergeau, lavalierele care erau de doua feluri, invitata care era aranjata de ea insasi… Eu care transpiram in fata puzzle-ului din fata mea. Un cameraman care a acceptat sa fie numarul doi dar care in ziua filmarii nu a venit si nu a raspuns la telefon… Am plecat asa. Am avut norocul sa am o echipa de doi: lumini si imagine care s-au purtat exemplar cu mine , adica ca si cand as fi fost de-a lor nu una de la departamentul X. Oameni! Asa dragi prieteni s-a nascut „Istoria Europei in Sigilii si documente istorice” de la Muzeul de Istorie a Orasului Bucuresti! Impotriva sistemului dragii mei! Impotriva curentului, a valurilor, a „nu-urilor” si mai presus de toate intru credinta in cel de sus si in oamenii care mai sunt inca Oameni. Multumesc, pe aceasta cale tuturor fostilor mei colegi din echipa de imagine a TVR-ului, in special colegului meu Laurentiu Tanase ( stie el de ce), pentru ca au fost Oameni de bine ( in adevaratul sens al cuvantului ). Mai multumesc si colegilor din echipa de montaj, in special lui Denise Constantinescu, pentru rabdare, intelegere si profesionalism. Am invatat multe de la tine Denise si sunt mandra ca am reusit sa mi te fac prietena! Si multumesc Dianei Dumitru care a crezut in mine si mi-a dat o sansa sa descopar ceva nou care a ajuns sa imi fie tare drag: lucrul in televiziune. Mai sunt multi alti colegi deosebiti insa aici nu este vorba de pomelnicul recunostintei. Am dorit doar sa exemplific cu cateva nume, ca in TVR mai exista viata si ca mai exista profesionisti… sau cel putin au existat pana ce sistemul i-a determinat sa plece spre alte orizonturi. Ca si mine Denise si Laurentiu nu mai lucreaza pentru monstrul sacru al televiziunii din Romania. Vreau sa cred ca ne este mai bine unde ne aflam si ca am fost salvati de  pasiunea pentru aceasta munca care ar fi putut sa ne scoata prematur din joc cu destinatia norilor. Diana Dumitru mi-a povestit la inceput, pentru lucrarea mea de master, ca foarte multi angajati, pasionati ai TVR-ului, parasesc prematur aceasta lume si ca nu au timp sa iasa la pensie… Am fost trista sa aud, dar la finalul calatoriei mele, am fost bucuroasa ca nu am fost si eu printre ei. Am iubit si iubesc televiziunea dar nu mai mult decat viata.
  8. Cum sa dai afara un colaborator al TVR-ului? Simplu! Vineri il trimiti in week-end cu doua joburi, Luni ii spui ca „nu putem continua”.
  9. Cum dai afara un angajat al TVR-ului? Prin concurs! Doar pilele raman! … si desigur o mana de oameni care stiu ce sa faca…
  10. Vrei sa filmezi un eveniment de anvergura in strainatate? Nicio problema! Du-te ca te descurci tu! Si asa dragii mei prieteni a fost inregistrat concertul maestrului Vladimir Cosma la ICR- Paris. M-am descurcat. Am fost inviata de Ambasada Romaniei, adica mi-am platit singura biletele de avion, am zburat singura pentru ca „TVR nu are bani pentru asa ceva”, am fost primita de directoarea ICR de atunci cu citate din propriul meu articol din Dilema Veche, si am obtinut imagini de la un jurnalist francez care mi le-a trimis prin curier diplomatic la Bucuresti. Totusi cand un francez se ofera, ambasada are obrazul inca sensibil si pune si de la ea un curier! Multumesc domnule D. Pentru ajutor! Si asa Romania a vazut o avampremiera a concertului de la Ateneu, nestiind pe atunci ca Maestrul Cosma urma sa vina vreodata inapoi in Romania. Pana la urma ce puteam crede? Era plecat din 1963! Vreau sa cred ca am avut ceva de a face cu intoarcerea sa in tara. Numai noi doi stim adevarul…
  11. Cum sa distrugi o institutie legendara? Pe bune e ca la tort. Iti vine sa si razi… sau ai rade daca nu ai plange… undeva printre sughituri… Parlamentarii de azi, nu numai ca nu au constiinta, nu au Dumnezeu, nu au neam, nu au patrie, nu au nimic real… si ce au nu poate fi luat nici colo’ sus nici sub pamant S.R.L. Dar daca ar mai avea ceva  din toate cele mai sus mentionate, ar cunoaste cateva nume legendare care au facut ca TVR-ul sa existe azi, au facut ca TVR-ul sa fie cum il numim noi azi „un brand”, mai ceva ca „marca urs”. Daca ar sti de fauritorii acestei institutii nu ar putea sa isi bata joc de munca lor. Prefer sa ii cred ignoranti decat criminali. Pentru ca este o crima impotriva neamului sa iti bati joc de istoria sa.  Ei bine pentru a distruge o institutie legendara, nu trebuie decat sa numesti o serie de pioni pe postul de conducere si sa le dai instructiuni sa se „scalde in sos propriu timp de … x ani”. Unde sunt banii dumneavoastra? Nu aici! E jenant ca un mare realizator de emisiuni sa vina cu metroul, sa se imbrace cu acelasi set de haine si sa alerge pana i se rup opincile dar Directorul sa vina mereu la costum, sa stea ascuns in asa zisul sau birou, unde sa nu poata intra nimeni si sa aleaga cine ramane si cine pleaca conform unei liste: „uite asa pana la numarul 10 raman, cei sub linie pleaca!”. Mai tata tu ai citit C.V.-ul cuiva? Ca habar de nume nu ai. Ce faceai dumneata in timp ce trageai linie si semnai?… Probabil ca din acest motiv nu o sa tina nimeni minte numele tau si nici nu mai stie nimeni ca ai calcat vreodata pe terenul TVR-ului.
  12. Nimeni nu se intreaba cum sa scapam de dictatura care ne-a osandit, cum sa renastem ca pasarea Phoenix, din propria-i cenusa. Pentru ca daca s-ar intreba, pe bune, ar exista sanse sa se faca lumina.


Ce as vrea eu sa vad la TVR?

As vrea sa fiu reprezentata bine si corect in primul rand. Stati asa ca mi-am adus aminte!

Cum e domne’ posibil sa trimiti echipa la niste Jocuri Olimpice si sa stai in direct de pe telefonul mobil al jurnalistului? Domnilor prezentatori de emisiuni incendiare de la alte televiziuni, sau televiziunile ETC…, nu am informatii „bomba”, nici macar informatii „fierbinti” dar garantez ca sunt adevarate pentru ca le-am auzit cu propriile urechi. Acea fata era peste mari si tari, prezenta competitia de gimnastica si a anuntat in direct ca din motive tehnice a trebuit sa transmita in direct de pe propriul sau telefon. Asta inseamna dedicatie, sa iti folosesti propriile puteri si resurse desi ai certitudinea ca nimeni nu iti va deconta cheltuielile. In cazul domnisorei respective era vorba de apeluri, in cazul meu era vorba de transport, cazare, masa, imagini…s.a.m.d.

Dedicatie inseamna sa lucrezi pe gratis  sau aproape pe gratis pe 40 de grade celsius, sa acoperi trei evenimente intr-o ora si sa mai fii si luat peste picior de un mare critic literar al neamului care cand m-a insultat nu s-a balbait.

Dedicatie inseamna sa spui prezent chiar si dupa ce nu mai lucrezi pentru acea institutie si tot tu esti sunat sa fii intrebat cum se zice „aia” sau „aialalta” in franceza… desi cat ai lucrat acolo toti se dadeau mari specialisti in tot.

Dedicatie este sa faci traducere simultana in direct pentru prima data in viata ta, sa nu fii platit dar in schimb sa fii criticat ca ai avut emotii. „Daca nu esti in stare de ce te-ai oferit?” – aaa… „1. Nu m-am oferit, am fost rugata, 2.sunt in stare ca daca nu as fi fost nu as fi acceptat si nici nu as fi fost rugata. 3. Cine esti tu sa iti dai cu parerea?”… Acesta este raspunsul pe care nu l-am dat niciodata. Cred ca actiunile vorbesc de la sine.

In timp ce va dati cu oja si cotrobaiti prin geamantanele pline cu toale de vanzare, intrebati-va de ce sunt eu cea aroganta pentru ca imi fac treaba in tacere si insist sa se munceasca mai repede si sa imi fac treaba ca sa fie difuzata o stire in ziua in care chiar s-a intamplat evenimentul.

Spre finalul activitatii mele in TVR, textele mele nu mai erau corectate ci rescrise, eram fortata sa imi pun semnatura pe textul prost al altuia ca sa primesc in cel mai bun caz sub salariul minim pe economie.
Acolo unde singura rasplata este umanitatea si aceea era pe terminate. Cred ca seamana mult cu cozile de pe vremea lui Ceausescu, atunci cand stateai la coada ore intregi fara sa ai garantia ca vei prinde jumatate de salam. Ai mei au stat la coada. Dar ai vostri?

Si daca tot ne aflam intr-un sistem de non-valori, de erori umane, de greseli transformate in legi, de roboti „slugarnici” dupa cum il descria Ponta pe Stelian Tanase… macar sa putem spune adevarul, sa putem sa respiram minima libertate de simtire si expresie. 

Stelian Tanase nu are de ce sa se simta jignit de un nimeni ca Ponta pentru calificativul de „slugarnic”. Ponta nu mai are nimic de oferit, nu cred ca a avut vreo data… poate doar sa te contamineze cu vinovatie si dezgust. Insa Stelian Tanase trebuie sa admita ca s-a sinucis din punct de vedere moral si profesional in momentul in care a acceptat postul „terminal” de director al TVR-ului.

In momentul de fata nu se poate face nimic pentru TVR pentru ca nu se vrea nu pentru ca nu se poate. Si oricine ar fi director daca nu face parte din gasca demolatorilor, nu poate face nimic. Fiind in gasca demolatorilor de valori nu poti decat- evident- sa demolezi. Daca te impotrivesti masacrului culturii, a istoriei, a neamului… ori stai pe loc si mori incet, ori mori repede stand pe loc. Pana cand gasca pentru Romania – oricare ar fi ea- va fi la putere, – oare cand se va intampla miracolul?- trebuie sa stam pe loc si sa supravietuim.

In concluzie daca cineva doreste sa ajute TVR-ul, o poate face pe timpul si banii sai. In momentul de fata se poate salva un singur canal daca ne bazam doar pe donatii. Este imposibil sa credem ca este viabil proiectul de canale multiple pe bani inexistenti si reluari infinite. Nu ai cum sa faci rating doar cu arhive.

Si a propos de arhive… Stiti cate arhive sunt pierdute din cauza ca nu au fost digitalizate?

Asa se sterge trecutul si se rescrie istoria.

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Perifericii suferintei…






Privesc la cerul cenusiu pe care zac norii indecisi ai unei potentiale furtuni si recunosc in natura starea omenirii. Oare ce se ascunde dincolo de acesti nori apasatori dar deosebit de usori?

Este posibil sa se afle indoielile nemarturisite, glasurile sufocate, suferintele tacute ale fiecaruia dintre noi. Si… ma intreb de cand nu am mai fost sinceri unii cu altii, dar mai ales de cand nu am mai fost sinceri cu noi insine. De exemplu de cat timp nu ne-am mai spus ce se afla dincolo de durerea noastra de cap -aproape acuta- sau dincolo de greata latenta ? Oare sub cate straturi de emotii se afla adevarul care ne macina, tacut, incercand sa erupa ? Si apoi ? Ce urmeaza ? Unde incepe vindecarea  si cat timp trebuie sa treaca peste noi pana sa ne vindecam ?

La un moment dat, pe drumul meu academic am invatat ca libertatea mea se termina acolo unde incepe cea a celuilalt insa nimeni nu ne-a invatat unde se termina suferinta… unde si cand incepe vindecarea.

Ce este ciudat este ca nimeni nu vorbeste de vindecare… sau prea putini… undeva, intr-un colt, subversivi – ca si cand este o rusine sa vorbim despre ce ne doare si cum putem sa ne vindecam-. Tind sa cred ca majoritatea nu-si doreste vindecare, sau poate o ignora intrucat nimeni nu ne-a invatat ca se poate trai si altfel. Lumea a inceput sa se destepte atunci cand fiecare individ s-a trezit intr.-o situatie la limita suportabilitatii. La televizor se vorbeste in continuare de lucruri « grave » cu – in mod ironic- o usurinta aproape amuzanta daca nu ar fi dezgustator de trista. Pe micul ecran se vorbeste despre “tara”, “patrie” si “popor”, despre “o buba” colectiva care va erupe si ea in curand. Oare nu cumva “tesutul colectiv”s-a sfasiat deja, fara sa ne dam seama? Si cum am putea noi sa realizam ce se intampla daca suntem in permanenta “hipnotizati”?

Inca exista umanitate. O descopar in vanzatoarea de la magazinul din colt, o vad in vecina  de pe strada alaturata, o simt in farmacista care nu stie ce sa imi mai dea atunci cand nu ma simt bine. Da… acesti oameni imi dau speranta pe care paream sa nu o mai gasesc nicaieri. Fara sa stie, ei ma determina sa vreau sa mai colind pentru a ma ciocni in continuare de Oameni.

Roboti sunt peste tot. Nu prea avem ce sa ne spunem. Prapastia dintre noi a devenit prea adanca. Poate ca mi-e pur si simplu dor.

Umanitate gasesc si intr-un artist al cinematografiei internationale, care vine sa ma vada de fiecare data cand este in Romania. Oare cum poate el sa traiasca fara fite si pretentii cand “nimicii” care se vad “uriasi” in oglinda, par sa nu poata trai fara bang-uri si brizbrizuri, fara farul indreptat mereu spre ei?

Cred ca pot sa va spun un secret: oamenii care merita cunoscuti nu se afla mereu in lumina reflectoarelor. Adesea se afla doar sub lumina soarelui. Ei isi continua viata, isi urmeaza menirea si din cand in cand reapar in atentia publicului pentru o clipa.

Care sunt valorile adevarate? Ce alegem sa apreciem mai mult? Trebuie macar sa va intrebati, intrucat, copiii de azi vor mosteni maine, valorile pe care le sustinem. Nu ii doresc niciunui copil sa pretuiasca mai mult un telefon mobil decat o conversatie cu un prieten. Nu ii doresc acelui copil nici sa pretuiasca mai mult o masina decat o relatie de suflet. Cu siguranta, nu ii doresc, sa viseze bani in loc de dragoste, armonie si pace.

Daca generatia noastra se afla la periferia suferintei, atunci, este posibil ca in mainile noastre sa stea haturile care determina unde ne indreptam si unde ii ducem cu noi pe cei dragi.

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Si un ronsard ose se moquer d’une rose…

« Le délit d’outrage public à la pudeur,

incriminé par le Code pénal de 1810,

établissait un heureux équilibre

entre le respect de la liberté individuelle

et la protection de la décence ; décence nécessaire

d’une part aux rapports sociaux de la population

d’autre part à l’harmonieux développement des mineurs.


Ce délit a disparu du Code pénal de 1993

et a été remplacé par le délit d’exhibitionnisme.

Il n’en reste par moins une référence essentielle

du point de vue de la prévention de la délinquance,

dont l’une des causes est la dépravation des mœurs.


Il demeure au reste un délit civil,

pouvant donner lieu à des réparations civiles,

quand il a causé un préjudice à une personne précise. »


  Extrait du « Traité de droit pénal »
de R. GARRAUD ( 3e éd. T.V, Paris 1924 )




Inceste, misogynie, misanthropie, enfer, adultère, meurtre…

… et tout ce que nous appelons, de nos jours, pluralisme et diversité, démocratie, liberté de l’expression, langue de bois et « politically correctness »… et bla bla bla…

J’ai appris que parfois trop c’est moins, comme disent les anglophones ; c’est à dire il ne faut pas trop en faire pour prouver un point.

 Que constitue un crime ? Quelle est la frontière entre la liberté d’expression et un crime ? Quelles sont les limites sociales (s’il y en a toujours) ? Sont-elles des frontières correctes, justes, respectueuses de l’être humain ?

Pouvez-vous imaginer que toute cette déambulation d’idées, ce débat intérieur, provient d’une simple réflexion sur les œuvres littéraires et plus particulièrement celle de Pierre Ronsard ?


Si le nom Ronsard vient du nom commun « ronces » et nous rajoutons la suggestion de Ronsard même, que ses ancêtres proviennent de la Valachie… et en fait lie à un personnage reconnu historiquement comme « Banul Maracine » un homme avec statut et importance à son époque… Le « Ronsard » du XVIème siècle est lui aussi d’origine roumaine. Des historiens de la littérature pourraient attester cela mais c’est un petit fait de l’histoire littéraire, comme un mythe presque, que je souhaite croire, sans avoir investigue, pour autant, les traces de l’histoire.

En bref si Ronsard vient du nom commun ronces, en quelque sorte, une plante du hasard, dangereuse pour les explorateurs des bois, à cause de ses nombreuses épines, c’est un peu douteux et hilaire qu’une ronce se moque d’une rose. N’est-ce pas ?


Que nous enseigne-t-on à l’école ? À quoi, la littérature classique nous renvoie-t-elle ? Quelles valeurs ?

Le carrefour, le lieu de confluence des sciences au XXIème siècle, nous impose un regard critique de point de vue psychologique, éthique, philosophique et moral.

Si Ronsard nous enseigne des un très jeune âge, la misogynie, la mythologie grecque nous enseigne l’inceste avec Œdipe au pupitre. Molière nous délivre un misanthrope ainsi que l’adultère et sera suivi de Flaubert, Choderlos de Laclos et de tous les grands écrivains de la littérature classique et puis vint l’Enfer… non pas nécessairement de manière chronologique c.f. Dante, mais aussi chez Sartre, Hugo et Baudelaire.

Ils y sont tous dans les programmes d’enseignement de la littérature à l’école.

 Enfin le meurtre ou le suicide… oh la, la ! Ces ceux-ci traversent l’histoire et sont présents partout : Camus, notre confrère roumain Cioran, Ernesto Sabato… et focus en arrière depuis les mythologies à nos jours.

Finalement, a quoi pouvons- nous résumer la vie, telle qu’elle est décrite dans les œuvres littéraires et d’une manière très éloquente présentée et enseignée a l’école par nos illustres professeurs ? Si derrière toutes ces notions, nous avions le moindre espoir de survivre ces valeurs introduites, d’une manière subliminale, subversive, dans notre psyché, dans notre sous-conscient… il faudrait suivre notre instruction scolastique avec un rendez-vous chez un psychiatre, psychologue ou psychanalyste. Je conseillerais que le spécialiste en cause soit préparé dans les trois domaines comme si ces derniers étaient un tout, une partie intégrante de leur voyage dans les tunnels sombres de notre cerveau. Ou au moins, la partie du cerveau qui sert au rationnement.


 Si Ronsard, pauvre plante du hasard, épineuse et indésirable, ose se moquer des roses… nous sommes perdus.

Je n’ai vraiment pas souhaite m’en prendre à l’illustre Pierre Ronsard. Mes pensées ont juste flotté vers lui car mon père me demandait, lorsque j’étais jeune, si je connaissais les origines de son nom. Finalement aujourd’hui je me suis dit : « tiens ! C’est bien étrange qu’une ronce se moque d’une rose ». Avez-vous vu sa tête ? Si vous deviez rencontrer Ronsard en ville, aujourd’hui, est-ce que vous le prendriez pour quelqu’un qui soit justifié d’instiguer les femmes à profiter « de la vie » tant qu’elles sont jeunes et belles ? Selon lui, la femme n’a de valeur que lorsqu’elle est jeune et belle… sinon tant pis. Mais avez-vous vu sa tête un peu ? Que nous apprend-t-il ? Il nous enseigne, en fait que la valeur d’un être humain n’est pas plus, ni moins, que liée à son apparence. N’est-ce pas pour cela que les grands enfants qui jouent avec la mode sont tous petits, moches et n’ont de valeur que selon leur compte en banque ? Et ne sont-ils pas aussi célèbres pour la seule raison d’avoir diminué la valeur de la femme à une bête anorexique ? Est-ce comme ça que vous souhaitez qu’on regarde votre femme, votre sœur, votre mère, votre fille ? Voulez-vous réduire la valeur des femmes les plus précieuses de votre vie à un bout de chair et d’os, a un intervalle de temps, a une couleur, a un poids, a une taille ?

Qu’en dites-vous du paradis promis de la vie après la mort, de la menace d’un enfer qui n’est pas le vôtre ? Est-ce que les autres représentent vraiment l’enfer pour nous ? Faute de ne pas pouvoir prouver l’existence d’un enfer au-delà de cette existence, sommes-nous condamnés à chercher ce dernier dans l’image de l’altérité ?

Voilà la notion d’athéisme qui gagne terrain. C’est le refus de croire tout ce qu’on nous dit et de porter des guerres avec un ennemi invisible, alors que la spiritualité nous enseigne à concevoir et comprendre que chaque être est lie a une lumière supérieure, que nous sommes tous un rayon de cette lumière et qu’ensemble nous sommes tous égaux devant cette lumière universelle qui nous a donné vie et qui nous permet de faire cette expérience de la vie sur terre. Je comprends qu’il n’est pas facile de faire la distinction entre les institutions religieuses, les écrits religieux et la véritable expérience spirituelle, unique et individuelle… mais au moment où nous ne réussissons plus à voir dans les autres êtres humains, un miroir de nous-même… les jeux sont faits, on fait table rase et il n’y a plus de barrière. Avec la mort de l’innocence et du respect des autres nous pouvons dire adieu à toutes les valeurs stipulées légalement ou non. Est-ce vraiment cela la liberté ? Devenir fous, insensés, irresponsables et impossible de contenir, d’endiguer?


En 1993 l’Outrage public à la pudeur s’est transformé en exhibitionnisme… donc si je comprends bien, nous commettons un délit seulement si nous posons nus dans une place publique, mais si nous avons un comportement de nature immorale et socialement inacceptable mais qui ne solde pas en nudité publique… tout va bien. Pourquoi ? Puisque y en a certains qui n’ont honte de rien.

« Le sommeil de la conscience, de la raison (si vous voulez) engendre des monstres. »

Reste-t-on humain si on n’est plus capable de raisonner ?

Au lieu de « garde à vue » qui dénue l’État de ses fonds, ne serait-il pas plus sage de réfléchir a l’humanité de certains êtres qui sont privés de discernement et agissent sous l’emprise d’une impulsion ?

Il faut faire un choix  à quelle loi obéir : celle morale, celle étatique… ? Que de choix, que de choix…

Entre temps, réfléchissez bien à ce que l’on enseigne dans les écoles, comment on endort vos enfants afin de créer les potentiels cyborgs du futur. Oui, l’école est le premier des laboratoires ou l’on joue avec la vie des êtres humains. Si vous avez un peu de chance l’Université vous fournira une échappatoire… à condition que vous identifiiez vous-mêmes le signe indiquant « sortie ».


P.S. La vie nous enseigne qu’il y a plusieurs sortes d’enfer :

  • L’au-delà et la menace d’une punition inconnue mais terrible.
  • Les autres car ils nous pourrissent la vie.
  • Nous-mêmes car nous n’arrivons pas à sortir du labyrinthe préfabriqué par nos ancêtres qui nous ont endormi la conscience.

P.P.S. En partant de la prémisse que nous ne savons pas ce qui est au-delà, ne serait-il pas censé d’essayer de ne pas faire de notre vie, société, monde un enfer ?


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Unite, share and conquer vs divide and conquer

What happens to a society after it has been „divided and conquered” ?

I am not a scientific genius but I believe to remember that some numbers are just not divisible anymore… So I went back to a sociological and political paradigm of „Divide et impera”- divide and rule or dived, conquer and rule, because after dividing and conquering what is there left to do but rule? Right? Well I believe that in some cases the „ruling” part hasn’t been successful and the mission, for some reason, hasn’t been aborted, -like how they say in army words-. All right, I am watching too many movies that inspire some of the used terminology. I am in fact not really aware of the army language but I believe that the screen writers have been researching intensively before delivering us a believable story about war and its leading actors.

 So what gives? What happens when a contemporary society ( far bigger and multi-faceted) gets to be divided, conquered and the „power crazed leader” is not able to rule it? You never thought of that, or have you?

Here comes the big example of the century. Here goes nothing, as they say…

What if a democracy is built on a semi presidential form of ruling and that means that the Prime-minister has a lot of decisional power. – It isn’t lost to our notice, that history has plenty of such examples of leading men that send their people to doom because of their incompetence. So please keep that in mind-. If the state has been conquered and divided it will be for a period of time, lost in its functional ways of being. The government form has the power to lead the people by example and competence, I am thinking here at a strong personality and a power-minded ruler that also has the courage, to make things happen… or else… chaos is coming next.

Power crazed politicians, aspiring for the best ruling seat are willing to go as far as dividing the people and conquering the power but are they all capable of taking the immense responsibility of ruling the country towards prosperity, balance, equilibrium and harmony in order to submit, eventually willingly to that new form of government? Because, I wonder… what can a ruler do without his subjects? What can a chief in command can do without the people? What if the separation lasts and it is not saved by intelligent, smart decisions and projects and programs of government? Chaos…

On the other hand we have the people. I believe that there are a few stages „of grief” as are those stated by psychologists. They very much apply to the decimated nation and the divided society but in another form that in the case of let’s say losing a spouse or a job or even PTSD the biggest psychological struggle of the last decades, with all the wars and carnages that surround us all around the world. Some fighters never come home, a part of them because they are killed on an action field, a battle field, others because they come home totally changed by Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and you never get to meet your son or husband as you knew him. But that is an entirely different subject that makes me think a lot and that keeps me up at night. Maybe I will share in another chapter of my wonderings.

Back to business! What happens to the divided people? What if the mathematical division that I imagined earlier, has arrived at the smallest number that isn’t divisible anymore? Or let’s put it into other words: what if the breaking and taking has happened and the „victor”, – believe me dear Romanian friends, the joke is not lost on me-, the winner has no clue how to govern the mess he has made in order to take the power? What then?

What about the „grief stages of the people”? Well of course there is a lot of denial, and a lot of anger, and a lot of resignation but isn’t there something more than that… way back in our national spirit, our national collective conscience that gives people the power of bouncing back from the seemingly bottomless pit where they have fallen? Oh dear! Am I being a bit dramatic? Surely you can understand that a writer is meant to get all flushed and bothered by a subject like this , more so than normal when he has a political sciences background.

People tend to get jaded and robotized after the strong hand of manipulation has been turning their screws tighter and tighter. Some earlier leaders may have had a hand on preparing the society to get unfocused and unconcerned with the ruling matters. Do they care anymore? Do they know anymore how to use their assets? It like someone provoked an accident, the people go through trauma and recovery and at the end of their hospitalization the have to undergo the rehabilitation program because their muscle mass has decreased greatly during the internal healing process. The muscles are atrophied and the functions are disabled… Now it is time to strike.

The fourth stage that I predict by going back to my little knowledge of psychology, is the “share and conquer back” stage. What supports my idea? Well let’s see… how about human nature? How about the coagulation of the society around the basics of natural human instincts. That should be possible id mutations in human behavior haven’t occurred since the beginning of the division and conquering mission threw back at them by the leaders.

Mutation can in fact occur as a result of intense manipulation that forces the society into fragmentation and focuses their attention on their own Brownian motion. – Basically, sending the dog to chase its own tail-. 

How is that even possible? You ask. Well let’s illustrate with some examples, for the sake of the argument.

Alienation: Psychological, physical, spiritual …

Don’t those examples suffice?  Imagine for example that you are so frustrated by life in your own home country that you can even think straight. You are mad. Mad turns one wonderful person into someone who doesn’t want to communicate, cannot communicate, or communicates with great difficulty… Big challenge. Wouldn’t you say?

Then there is also the fact that one that has communication problems, also loses touch with the reality of the endless possibilities so… he eventually finds that he isn’t able to cope with what he thinks and sees or simply feels disabled in some twisted kind of way. So he shields himself with loneliness. All by himself, you say, one cannot be harmed… Think again!

Finally if all this s**t has happened … where is God?

Well my friends if you don’t ask you won’t receive. If you have been estranged from God from some cultural, educational, familial reason or simply because the House of God – and its leaders- made religion a business… That is a tough act to follow if they’ve been successful.

N.B. Let me remind you a small fact that some people seem to have forgotten because of all the challenges that current societies put us through. God, or no matter how you call Him is one for all and each one of us is built like a candle from His everlasting flame. So when one goes all out, set on killing another soul he is in fact killing one of us, one light among each and every other that is as precious as the next and it is not an act of serving God. This is why I am against capital punishment…

Never mind… I am straying from my original thoughts.

Back on track again! Mind washing can be done through church that most obviously in some cases has gone rogue… It also occurs through media… Stop listening to all that crap. Or, through “well meaning” people that spread the rumor so fast that you can’t even react. The deed is done before you get to snooze. You “snooze you lose” as people so eloquently say.
One other truth that needs to be mentioned: if you are numb you cannot react. That is relevant in both cases of mass numbness and PTSD or other psychological disorders due to stress and fatigue.

From a spiritual point of view, if you are not aware and conscious you cannot enjoy and live the experience of life at its best. That would be a shame wouldn’t it?

The society is waking up from its slumber…

Look at all the classes of Awareness and Self-improvement… They are called master classes… Look at all the life coaches, guides, psychologists, self-made men or self-improved people. Look at the invasion of the positive that slowly invades the darkness from within ourselves. We have the promise of a bright and freeing but also free future ahead of us. If the little number that isn’t divisible anymore decides to find his little alike friends… that means coagulation. Well a mathematicians would maybe argue this because I am imagining this as a possibility when giving it as an example. But even if in the mathematics world this isn’t feasible, it sure is happening at the level of humanity. Human beings don’t like to be alone and they surely don’t want to be forced into something, mostly f it’s loneliness and alienation. All we need is the wake-up call in order to coagulate and UNITE, SHARE and CONQUER BACK.

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Ou est Charlie? Un autre regard sur les évènements du 7 janvier 2015


Depuis que j’ai fait connaissance avec la culture française, l’une des plus fréquentes questions de mon enfance était « Ou est Charlie ». Il n’y a rien à ajouter là-dessus car tous ceux qui savent ce que je veux dire, se sentent concernés par ce qui s’est passe au début de cette année et bien évidemment, réfléchissent aux conséquences qui s’en suivent. Chacun a son point de vue sur comment saisir ce qui s’est passe. Certains éprouvent de la peine, de la nostalgie, d’autres sont plus pragmatiques et réfléchissent aux conséquences et à l’impact que cette tragédie a et aura sur la France et les français. Le monde entier parle et il y a déjà un clash entre les opinions gratuites de tout le monde mais il y a aussi un consensus sur un fait important : les journalistes de Charlie Hebdo ne méritaient pas et ne devaient pas être tues pour la liberté d’expression artistique même si elle touchait souvent des sujets chauds. Tout simplement : on ne tue pas quelqu’un pour un dessin, un livre, une chanson. On ne tue pas au nom d’autrui dieu ou mortel pour penser et sentir et se manifester différemment. On ne tue pas pour des idéaux, des critiques, du journalisme. On ne tue pas, tout court car tuer, pour toute et n’importe quelle religion que je connaisse est un pêcher. On ne se fait pas justice avec les armes car, voyez-vous, cela signifie perpétuer l’injustice, multiplier les victimes, la souffrance et la haine.

J’ai pris du temps à écrire ce message car j’ai voulu entendre les voix des français mais aussi des étrangers, tous choqués en égale mesure par cette atrocité. Car, voyez-vous, le monde entier est secoué lorsque des êtres vivants sont exécutés. Le monde entier est trouble lorsque des individus prennent des armes et se font justice avec des balles. Le monde entier vibre lorsque des gens qui commençaient tranquillement leur journée se font tuer à sang-froid. Dans la mort il n’y a pas de discrimination car la mort non naturelle de quelqu’un est d’autant plus choquante. Il y a une famille qui attend son fils, son frère, son mari, son père a la maison et tout à coup, on ne comprend plus rien. On apprend à la télé que celui qui vient de fermer la porte de la maison, a fait ce geste pour la dernière fois. Quels furent les derniers mots prononces ? Lui ai-je dit « je t’aime » ? Le savait-il ?

Pensez aux familles de victimes chères lecteurs. Pensez à leur drame, à leur peine, à leur choc. Pensez aux dernières minutes de vie de ceux qui sont morts, à leurs émotions, sentiments, pensées.

Mettez-vous à leur place quelques secondes et imaginez, faites cet effort d’imagination, afin de comprendre mieux, peut-être, le cœur du problème.

Ce qui s’est passe n’est pas justice pour les criminels et injustice pour les victimes. C’est un massacre, un crime, ce n’est même pas une vie pour une autre, de l’auto-défense. Non. C’est cruel, c’est sanglant, c’est criminel, c’est atroce et effroyable… c’est INHUMAIN.

La France a perdu encore une couche de son innocence face à cette réalité. La France a perdu des artistes, des journalistes, des hommes qui faisaient histoire avec leur talent. Une page de l’histoire a été arrachée pour en coller une autre qui ne fait pas partie du contexte, une farce qui met en question les raisons de son existence dans le livre nommé France… seulement que c’est un cauchemar devenu réalité.

Débats et questionnements :

Premier constat : la France n’est pas un pays politiquement correct. Les gens font semblant lorsqu’ils sont en dehors de leur maison mais ils pensent ce qu’ils pensent. Certains par contre s’expriment ouvertement. Parmi les méfiants il y a des voix qui disent des vérités qui blessent parce que les gens sont habitues à valser parmi les mots, à jouer à cache-cache avec les idées, les croyances, les vérités.

Qu’elle le veuille ou non la France a des problèmes et elle évite à les regarder en face.

La France est multiculturelle et ouverte mais elle a aussi sa propre identité. Certains font une erreur fondamentale en assimilant l’identité de la France au multiculturalisme.  Certes les deux sont composes de choix collectifs construits au fil de l’histoire mais l’identité du pays se trouve dans le sang, l’âme et l’esprit des français. Le multiculturalisme est une construction. On ne choisit pas d’être ne français mais on choisit d’épouser une personne d’une autre culture. On ne choisit pas d’apprendre la Marseillaise en étant enfant mais on choisit  de partager son repas avec un ami. On ne choisit pas de prononcer les premiers mots  en français mais on choisit d’apprendre d’autres langues aussi. Par contre on choisit d’être patriote ou de se cacher derrière des constructions idéologiques perpétuées par d’autres (je me demande à quoi elles servent ?).

Je pense que lorsqu’on aime son pays on en est fier et on souhaite partager sa culture, ses valeurs, son histoire. Lorsqu’on aime son pays on fait de son mieux pour préserver son héritage… enfin, je suppose, nous ne sommes pas tous pareil finalement.

Je pense aussi que lorsqu’on est étranger et on choisit d’aller vivre dans un autre pays, on est conscient du choix que l’on fait et on accepte les règles du jeu, les règles de conduite et tout ce qui va avec l’implantation dans un autre pays avec une autre culture et d’autres principes de vie en commun. On ne peut pas venir de notre pays et dicter à nos voisins nos manières, imposer notre personnalité, l’obliger à être témoin de nos croyances et notre propre culture. On ne peut que s’adapter en se faisant adopter par ce pays et partager une partie de nous avec ceux qui souhaitent découvrir davantage.

Je pense aussi que la France a tenu sa part de promesse par rapport à la majorité des nouveaux venus, mais les nouveaux venus ont-ils réellement compris et accepte les termes de leur contrat avec le pays d’accueil ?

Tout ce qui s’est passé le 7 janvier 2015 est tellement absurde et réel qu’il faut être aveugle pour ne pas comprendre ce qui se trouve en dessous de cette image sanglante.

Ce que nous comprenons de l’extérieur est que la France considère la liberté d’expression comme une valeur fondamentale et inaliénable, un droit essentiel de la démocratie. Quelle coïncidence nous aussi ! Mais n’oublions pas qu’une part des français agissent au nom de cette liberté et profitent de cette liberté car elle leur appartient et d’autres font semblant. Ceux qui font semblant n’ont rien à craindre, ils ne vont pas se faire tuer. Mais que faire de ceux qui expriment leurs vérités qui dérangent ? La France dit que tous les français sont égaux en droits donc je conclue que même les ainsi dits « hérétiques » ont le droit de communiquer. Par contre je n’ai jamais lu le droit à s’exprimer par des balles…

La France n’est pas un Pays païen, les milliers de cathédrales témoignent cela y compris l’orientation religieuse et spirituelle de ce pays, même si maintenant la France se déclare laïque.  Les français ont renoncé à leurs croix pour que les musulmans renoncent à leur hidjab (en public). Mais cela n’est pas arrivé. Qui fait la loi ? Qui l’applique ? Que fait-on de ceux qui ne l’appliquent pas ? Je pense que la croyance est comme le sexe, cela doit se manifester en prive car c’est personnel et intime. Multi culturalisme oui mais individualité aussi. Multi culturalisme oui mais loi aussi. Multi culturalisme oui mais identité nationale aussi. Quand il y a un clash de civilisations et les lois en place ne sont pas respectées nous devenons témoins involontaires de tragédies.

Le 7 janvier 2015 des droits fondamentaux français et démocratiques ont été piétinés : le droit à l’expression, le droit à la liberté et le droit à la Vie !

Les français disent que c’est abominable, les français expriment des évidences mais tournent autour du pot car ils ont peur des représailles, non pas celles de la loi française mais celles venues de la part d’individus qui ont pris le pouvoir par la force et décident du destin d’autres individus au nom de quelque chose qui ne fait pas partie de l’identité française.

Comment sommes-nous arrives à ce point ? Pourquoi ? Comment réagir ?

La solidarité que nous manifestons pour les victimes de Charlie Hebdo et pour leur famille ainsi que pour les policiers disparus ne veut rien dire si derrière tout cela il n’y a pas un Etat fort qui trouve des solutions pour que cela n’arrive plus jamais. Si l’Etat ne fait rien, le sang de ces magnifiques êtres humains aurait coule pour rien. C’est cela qui nous fait froid dans le dos, savoir que l’Etat qui est censé garantir les droits qu’il prêche, est incapable de soutenir ses sermons en passant à l’action.

Sur ce point je suis d’accord avec ceux qui disent que les 12 morts du 7 janvier et les autres qui ont suivi ne sont pas les seules victimes.

Nous ne sommes pas tous Charlie, peut-être, mais nous sommes tous des êtres humains et ce n’est pas à un individu de décider de notre vie ou de notre mort.


Condoléances aux familles, condoléances à la famille de journalistes qui a perdu ses confrères, condoléances au monde de la culture, condoléances à ma douce France qui pleure ses enfants et est incapable de voir ses erreurs.


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Suspectatul de proza si pufosul literat

 N.B.  Titlu cf. Dan C. Mihailescu

Tandemul literar Angelo Mitchevici si Ioan Stanomir, rezista “timpului” si s-a reunit azi, la libraria Carturesti (Verona) in compania celui de-al treilea muschetar Ion Manolescu ( cf. “O lume disparuta” pe care au scris-o toti trei impreuna cu marele absent Paul Cernat), Daniel Cristea Enache si deja celebru Dan C. Mihailescu.

Atmosfera torida din mica incapere a librariei nu a impiedicat publicul sa-i reziste cu stoicism, de dragul artei si al literaturii. Desi cele doua volume lansate nu au in comun decat prietenia celor doi autori, lansarea a fost o gura de aer curat in poluata capitala a Romaniei din 2014… Poluata de politica, de neajunsuri si de “neam” care nu-si mai recunoaste fratii si trece strada, intorcand capul in cealalta parte ( metaforic vorbind, desigur). Aer curat… pentru ca e placut sa-ti regasesti fratii literati care nu au mereu habar de rudele lor mai tinere sau mai putin publice si care cu siguranta nu stiu ce placere este sa-ti revezi “familia” literata macar de la distanta, fie ea mica sau mare.

Iata scena, uite personajele si in sfarsit actiunea care trebuie disecata pentru absenteistii (ne)-motivati.

Cei trei frati literari din volumul “O lume pierduta”, o veritabila bijuterie a ultimilor ani de literatura tanara, au sarbatorit reuniunea printr-o dubla lansare de carte “Caragiale după Caragiale”, de Angelo Mitchievici, şi “Camera obscură”, de Ioan Stanomir. Daca volumul lui Angelo Mitchievici este oarecum auto-prezentat de titlul sau, cel al lui Ioan Stanomir ne cucereste usor curiozitatea prin misterul sau.
Evident surpriza cea mai mare a fost volumul celui de-al doilea autor din mai multe motive: in primul rand intrucat nimeni nu se asteapta , cel putin dupa titlu, sa descopere continutul cartii legat de benzile desenate, apoi pentru ca publicul nu se astepta ca fauritorul unei carti cu un astfel de subiect sa fie Ioan Stanomir, in fine (pentru cei mai apropiati) ca Ioan Stanomir s-a decis sa intoarca foaia si sa-si schimbe orientarea literara spre un astfel de subiect, desi era o pasiune veche. Iata ca miracolul s-a produs sub forma unei carti… evident!

Atunci cand auzim de camera obscura ne gandim mai intai la fotografie, la developarea pozelor si la izolarea filmului cat se poate de departe de lumina care i-ar putea fi fatala. Ei bine « Camera obscura » trateaza un subiect mai putin legat de fotografie cat de imagine si de cuvinte ( componentele esentiale ale benzilor desenate). Una dintre surprizele despre care vorbeam era ca seriosul profesor Stanomir, « tata-mama » al Constitutiei ( asa cum a fost prezentat de Dan C. Mihailescu) este defapt un om, care a inteles ca pentru a trai bine, in armonie cu lumea dar si cu propria sa existenta, nu trebuie sa-si uite niciodata marile sale iubiri si sa fie cinstit cu el insusi in legatura cu emotiile si sentimentele sale. Una dintre acestea este dragostea sa pentru benzile desenate. Iar ultimul volum scris de el este o relectura subiectiva dar si o confidenta care « risca » sa-l lege profund si iremediabil de sufletele cititorilor adulti- (inca) copii.

Dupa nenumaratele volume despre subiecte serioase, Ioan Stanomir mi-a promis cu ceva ani in urma, pe strazile Bucurestiului vechi, ca va incerca sa scrie si altceva, marturisind ca simte nevoia sa schimbe ceva in viziunea despre literatura, in experienta sa de viata si in relatia pe care o are cu lumea profesionala. Cel putin asa l-am inteles eu si vad ca s-a tinut de cuvant. Mi-a fost clar de la inceput ca era vorba de un proiect literar dar nu stiam catre ce orizonturi il va duce acesta.

Suspectat de proza, de catre criticul literar Dan C. Mihailescu, Ioan Stanomir a recunoscut ca dincolo de interesul sau pentru benzile desenate, se afla amintiri si amprenta lor asupra universului sau de copil si mai apoi de adult.

Melancolia dulce-amara moldoveneasca, mostenita de la radacinile mustoase ale pamantului arid romanesc dar si de la profundul sau atasament fata de familie si in special de buncii materni se citeste in fiecare strop de proza scrisa de el, pe care am citit-o ( fie ca este vorba despre volumul despre Ionel Teodoreanu, “O lume disparuta” ( favorita mea) sau chiar si acest volum despre una dintre pasiunile sale marturisite: benzile desenate). Totul se leaga armonios si dupa o prietenie de mai bine de un deceniu, enigmaticul meu prieten, Ionut, inca continua sa-si pastreze misterul ( condiment esential intr-o relatie, de prietenie, intelectuala, sau de oricare alt gen cu tenta personala). Zambesc, si il aplaud singura in tacere dar si in vazul lumii, pentru tenacitatea sa, care-l determina sa fie unic intr-o lume de oameni care prefera sa urmeze decat sa conduca, originalitatea, atunci cand ceilalti prefera sa imite, tandretea, dedicatia si fidelitatea ( sentimente iesite din vocabularul contemporan), jucaus in taina dar integru si serios in orice moment.

Subiectul: “Camera obscura” este un titlu cu tot atata mister ca si scriitorul volumului. Camera obscura poate fi interpretata si ca acel colt din amintirea noastra pe care ni-l permitem sa-l vizitam doar uneori, atunci cand ni se face dor de trecut si de copilarie; ea poate fi si incaperea in care scriitorul se ascunde pentru un timp pentru a-si pune in ordine gandurile, pentru a le transpune apoi pe coala virgina; sau locul in care developam miliardele de poze ale vietii noastre incercand sa le sortam si sa le categorisim pentru a extrage mustul acela cu iz moldovenesc al legaturii dintre radacinile puternice si prezentul nesigur.

Consider ca pentru a putea intelege o opera literara, ne trebuie mai mult decat o simpla lectura. Avem nevoie si de o buna intelegere a autorului care i-a dat nastere. Pentru mine, nu este o intamplare ca Ioan Stanomir sa-si fi deschis orizonturile intorcandu-se catre adevaratele sale pasiuni, imbinand, gratie experientei sale, cunostintele literare cu primele sale iubiri ( fie ele si inanimate). Sunt elemente “profund personale” ( dupa cum a marturisit la lansarea acestei carti), care raman la locul lor de taina in camera obscura, in timp ce altele, tot atat de intime si de profunde nu mai incap in obscuritate si cauta sa-si faca loc catre suprafata si catre lume prin intermediul mestesugului literar dobandit multi ani mai tarziu.

Daca aveti curiozitatea de a descifra itele unui fragment din misteriosul autor al “Camerei obscure” sau pur si simplu sa descoperiti legaturile dintre literatura clasica si benzile desenate sau poate pur si simplu sa aflati de ce, un om de litere si-ar da silinta sa scrie o astfel de carte… ei bine stiti ce aveti de facut!


“Caragiale după Caragiale”, de Angelo Mitchievici este o alta poveste. Nu stiu inca nimic despre acest volum desi l-am ascultat cu atentie pe maestrul Dan C. Mihailescu care desi, intr-o verva de zile mari, cu un umor aproape straniu, fata de imaginea publica pe care si-a creat-o in anii sai de glorie la televiziune, nu a reusit sa ma lamureasca daca a citit cartea domnului Mitchievici, si ce contine aceasta. Stim doar, conform impresionantului C.V. al autorului ca este o promisiune de calitate. Mai stim conform personalitatii sale ca volumul este o promisiune de bun simt, arta literara si seriozitate. Laudele primite de autor din partea criticului literar Dan C. Mihailescu au fost numeroase si vin sa sustina convingerile mele exprimate mai sus, insa cartea de referinta care a stat la baza prezentarii autorului volumului (proaspat lansat)  “Caragiale după Caragiale”, este cu totul alta: minunata radiografie a societatii in care a crescut la care a fost co-autor alaturi de prietenii sai Ioan Stanomir, Ion Manolescu si Paul Cernat : “O lume disparuta”. Toate bune si frumoase insa nu am aflat de unde vine nevoia autorului de a scrie o carte despre Caragiale, ce aduce ea nou, si de ce era important ca acest volum sa fie scris si publicat… poate ma voi lamuri citind cartea sau poate voi afla mai tarziu. Se spune ca pisica a fost omorata de curiozitate… dar se mai spune si ca in viata trebuie sa fii curios pentru a invata : « ca doar nu vine nimeni sa-ti hraneasca mintea cu o lingurita si nici punand cartea sub perna ».

Dupa cum am zis la inceput: o lansare torida ( la propriu), cu discursuri inegale si asimetrice, cu doua volume fenomen ( avand in vedere ca nu prea se mai publica tineri autori romani si talentati pe deasupra). Acum nu vreau sa speculez in defavoarea autorilor emitand ideea ca poate ei nu mai sunt asa de “tineri” incat sa fie considerati neglijabili de editurile romanesti… Ar fi urat din partea editurilor sa ii scoata la pensie pe acesti doi deosebiti care mai sunt si educati si fini pe deasupra! Imi exprim pe aceasta cale admiratia fata de lucrarile lor literare si de parcursul lor intelectual si bucuria ca editurile romanesti au inceput sa publice din nou astfel de volume.


Indraznesc sa ghicesc ca motivul unei carti despre Caragiale este legat de « Caragiale le mal compris » ( cel prost inteles), revazut prin prisma mintii luminate a tanarului autor. Poate ca autorul a simtit nevoia sa-l repuna pe Caragiale la locul sau de cinste dupa ce de multi ani incoace, este citat aiurea, in orice loc, moment si situatie. Sau poate Angelo Mitchievici, specialist in domeniul literar, si-a dorit sa ne reintroduca in lumea lui Caragiale asa cum era el cunoscut dupa ce era in intregime citit nu aflat « de bouche a oreille », prin telefonul fara fir al cititorilor de « almanahe ». In fine ar mai fi si posibila dorinta de a desfoi ilustra personalitate a lui Caragiale si opera sa, ca pe un boboc de ceai de iasomie…

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Do you want to be right or do you want to be happy?



I think that if we should find in reality the proverbial demon and angel standing on opposite sides of our shoulders well that would be the ego and the soul.

It seems to me that all the bad decisions in life are taken because of the ego because it tells us to get revenge, to always compare our self with the others, to seek more of what the others have… etc. Those emotions that our ego provides us with, are just the roots of hate, jealousy, envy, grudge  and everything that normally we should aim to avoid.

On the other hand we have a soul, as pure as it can be, considering that even in our birth we don’t come with a real clean slate ( karma and all), that functions on a different channel and totally different vibrations/vibes/ waves of communication. This part of us tells us all we need to be safe, good and prosperous. We are saved by it when we are in trouble, when we are feeling sick, when to trust or not various external challenges.

So, practically, we have the good, the bad and the ugly inside of us as well as some “magic” that no one cares to remind us of. In fact it isn’t magic it’s a very real and wonderful gift that we are born with and are meant to develop. 

Nowadays we struggle to rekindle the flow between our narrow minds ( what we were taught) and  the “art of being” ( what we are naturally gifted with but encouraged to ignore “because it’s ridiculous”- really?). So we need Deepak Chopra, Louise L. Hay and others in order to get our head straight. Even religion does a poor job at making us better because we are guided by other humans that strayed from their original path of being guides. Where are we supposed to get guidance when we feel lost (I say feel because we aren’t really lost, never)? The answer is as simple as we want it to be or as complicated as we make it (our mind fabricates obstacles because we were taught to accept challenges, we were taught that nothing is as simple as it seems (when in fact it is), we were taught that nothing is for free (of course not, only the things that our ego wants are expensive, in more than one way). So one friend of mine got me thinking and asked me one question that everyone should ask himself/herself: “Do you want to be right or do you want to be happy ?” because if the latter is the response to the question, than you are on the good path of recovering your connection with your soul and the truth of your existence.

If you manage to leave your ego out of the equation you will find out that there is so much happiness beyond the treacherous lessons we are taught by the society which are alimented by  “zombies” ( the  followers of trends, of politics, of religions, of media, generally everything that is generated orally or in written in order to make us sheep  because it is convenient for leaders ( no matter of what they lead) to have an unquestioning, unchallenging population that does whatever they say). Well forgive me for being so blunt but “God” or whatever name you chose to give him/it, surely didn’t mean for us to have so much squashed and choked and suffocated potential.
We were born with great potential, a wonderful working body and a wonderful, powerful computer called “the brain” that we were meant to use as well as we want. We also have a spirit, a soul, an energy that we deny, ignore… I find it funny that when you by yourself a new mobile phone like an I-phone or whatever is the newest model in shop, you get to go over all its applications (also called apps) and you get to use and learn all its kinks and use it to it maximum potential, but when it comes to your own being, you just flake, give up, ignore yourself, your own powers and “apps”. And believe me you have so much more “apps” than a mobile phone! Why are you so curious about a human made product and not about your own person that is no less than a miracle?

Till next time … Think about it ! Do you want to be right or happy?

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