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              According to scientific research we are made of energy and that energy can be influenced either by positive thinking or negative one. The analysis has reached the sub-atomic level of our cells and it shows that the energy that we are made of changes according to our thoughts, our environment and can be influenced both by others or ourselves (if we acknowledge the imperative of awareness and its tremendous defining role in our life).

I would argue, both through my personal experience but also according to so many other people that took a special interest in the field, that there is such a thing as “passive” energies that come from places and objects left behind throughout history but also “active” energies that have their sources in the actions of all that is living on earth.

Active and passive energies

What I call passive energy is in fact an energy that is clustered and imprinted on objects and places. It is not a dormant energy but a non-renewed energy. Let’s take for example an historic place where a war or battle took place a few decades ago, centuries or even further back in time. For instance the Normandy Beaches (V-day, 1945). All Americans will hear the bells ringing because they can recognize the date as a very important day in the recent history. Some veterans, survivors of that period are still alive and maybe can show some light on the impact that that particular time in history has had on them and the hot places where the battles took place. There are many more places like this one, but I chose this particular one because I have been there and I had a personal experience with this particular hot place of “passive”, stagnant or lingering energy.

What am I talking about? Well to put it simply, I went there and I felt a disturbance in the electro-magnetic field that changed my mood and altogether my sensations. We can also take in consideration the state of mind that allowed me to connect to those energies, my empathy, respect and sorrow for all those young lives taken too soon in a bloody battle, but we can also acknowledge the intellectual readiness, the information that I took in during my travels (images of soldiers that have been there, the visual impact of the fields where bombs have left definitive marks and imprints on the ground, debris and bits of lingering barbwire  fences surrounding the place that has become a memorial…etc.)

A connection was made and those energies that most of the people ignore or aren’t aware of are still there even if they aren’t felt by everyone present.

I tried to make sense of this change on my state of mind and the physical impact that those energies I felt there had on me. I became dizzy, nauseated, had a dreadful migraine, none of which could be explained by anything else but the energy of the place where I was. The proof came a little while later when I left the place and went back to the city of Caen a little further from the Normandy Beaches. Once I was out of that zone, I was “home free”. It took its toll on me because even if the nausea and the migraine left, I became hungry but my energy levels were good and became positive again. I felt good as new, once again.

What happened there? Why was that place in such a bad shape energy-wise? After all this time, where the place looked like a healed wound but with some scar tissue as a memento, there were still low vibes.

After doing my own research on energy and how it works I realized that places that were witnesses to violent scenes where a person or more died in a very tragic way are more likely to have low lingering energies.

One could argue that a bomb could break the existing energies. That can be true, but what happens next is even worse than before because people blead to death, in tremendous fear, anxiety, sadness, suffering physical as well as mental and it was a mass crime. Just imagine all those energies belonging to all those fallen soldiers, plus the bombs, plus the state of mind and being of the ones that survived, coming together in a bubble of lingering energy that infused the soil, the rocks and the grounds. Just imagine how powerful that is.

Any such place where such tragedy happened is bound to have lingering energies that were never cleared even if the place is very close to the clear waters of the Atlantic Ocean. Those grounds have never been washed out by the ocean and so the new low energy has never been broken in any shape and form since WWII.

This is a mere example of lingering “passive” energy that remains untouched but so very present and impossible to ignore.


The second category of energy the “active” one is in continuous movement and change. What happens to this type of energy? Well, first of all it belongs to living entities, from human beings, to animals, plants and all that nature encompasses. This energy comes from thoughts, actions and words or basically it is all over and in continuous movement due to living, breathing things. This active energy is found here on earth but also in the whole universe and everything is connected in an invisible web that makes us and our lives as they are.

After reading about this matter for a few years I feel compelled to share my ideas on the matter because it has been influencing me for such a long time. I am aware of the existing energies and how they can affect people in so many different ways. It is very important to acknowledge these facts and get to know and understand what all this means because it seems to me that it is our responsibility to turn around the energy when it tends to go south.

High and low energies

                There are more and more people aware of this scientific proved fact: energy can be high and low and the impact of those types of energies is tremendous on sensitive people but all the same very effective either we acknowledge them or not.

For those of you that need to catch up with the information it is really simple if we break the energies into two categories the highs and the lows.

The high energy is the one that comes from love, joy, happiness, peace, harmony, a state of relaxation, meditative state, positive actions, positive words… etc.

The low energy is found in fear, anger and basically in destructive or self-destructive thoughts, words and actions.

How can a simple person detect those energies? You just have to ask yourself: how do I feel? If you feel energized, happy, good, loving, kind, relaxed, well rested… etc. Than the energies in you are high energies. This is how you are supposed to feel and you should stay in sync with this type of energy.

On the opposite side, if you are feeling depressed, sad, angry, anxious and fearful and your actions follow this line of vibrations, than, it is clearly the time to disconnect from this type of energy and orient yourself towards the first set of feelings and emotions.

Energy can be healing, rejuvenating, constructive or it can be damaging, destructive and plainly painful.

Here comes into play the awareness! For our wellbeing and that of those who surround us , it is imperative to take notice to be aware of the energy that we aliment ourselves with every day and check it every day as if we would check the glucose-meter if we were diabetics. Long periods of time spent at a low energy level can produce damage to our brain, our organs, the whole set of functions that our body has but also this low energy affects our surroundings, our relationships, the people that are in contact with us and on a higher scale everything we touch (physically, mentally, energetically).

All is good but how does our energy relate to the international crisis?

Just think about it. Reflect on what we do regularly, what we think, what we say, how we feel on a daily basis. Also think about what are the elements that are able to influence us (either way) on a daily basis and condition us to thinking in a certain way, act in a certain manner, react. Remember to chew on the idea of awareness. How aware are we really? How much of what gets to us is a well thought individually chewed information and how much of the information that we assimilate is poured down our throats without us even blinking?

The international crisis, in my modest opinion, is first of all a human crisis.  The good news is that all the human beings can do something about it. As shown before when speaking about energy, the more of a kind there is in one place, the more it intensifies and makes a mark on the general state of being. It is the same for high and low energies the only thing that differs is what we set our minds and feelings on: our attention.

I bet you don’t feel that great about the economy and how it is presented on TV. I bet you have plenty of reasons to complain about a billion things that happen to you personally or in the world in general. We, can each, make a very long list of things that tend to bother us and make us feel bad, less than, inadequate, inefficient, depressed, fearful and angry.  But this is surely not the way to go if we want to change the frequencies of our energies. It is just the opposite in fact and for the same reason I decided to not watch TV news on a loop. It would be even better to lose the TV for good. For example if you want to be informed you can read about it. Reading is selective, you have the power to read more of something or less of it, think about it, be aware and make up your mind about an event or another without being told nonstop (in a direct or indirect manner) how to think and feel about something. Reading is good for brain activity, increasing memory, rewiring the neuronal paths and basically making you smarter. Lose the free hypnotist that is the television.

On the other hand if you are shown success stories, humanitarian acts, support and love amongst people or between people and nature or animals… that will make you feel good, happy, motivated, rejuvenated…etc. That is all good high energy that we must aliment ourselves and our surroundings with. Take the happy pill of love and increase its effects with a dose of empathy, kindness and stay in the moment by being aware of its effects on you and the ones that surround you.

One doesn’t have to be a genius or a religious person to understand the meaning of coming together, be as one, connecting through high energies and keeping an eye on the results through awareness. It is as simple as that.

How can we end the human crisis?

                People we are getting desperate here! As you know being desperate is not a high emotion inductive of high energies. Not at all! But there are more and more people trying to convey this same message through the internet and inside their community, leading through example and showing through messages that may seem cheesy or goofy even silly sometimes, that we as human beings are in need of some high energies or simply put: cheering up.

Some find solace in quotes from people that we identify as being smart, others find solace in the honest belief in God or a form of universal energy that is the source of all there is living in the universe. Others find joy in random acts of kindness caught on camera and spread through the World Wide Web. Its mere existence shows us our innate need to be connected to people, the need to belong to a community, to feel included and participate. Nobody forces us to communicate with others it is just the way we, human beings work and it is so since the beginning of time. But we have a choice to make. To what, how much and how long do we want to stay connected to? How does this make me feel? Let’s make it feel good and stay in this windmill of positive energy by being aware of what is happening and changing lanes when the one we are connected to has been corrupted by information or action that makes us feel less than great about it.

My point is that by changing our energy, our vibration, we become happier people. By becoming a happy person we attract happy people or people who want to be happy too. If our intention is to make a change not only in our personal life but also in the one of those who surround us the good vibes keep on spreading and “spreading they will”.

A happy person is not depressed, gets less angry, is less violent, thinks clearly, attracts more of the same, is not alone, has back-up and a community of more of the same people. A kind person helps and receives help. That same person is noticed, communicates better and helps others to feel better and so on.

A happy person with high energy, good vibes is not a candidate for stealing, cheating, hurting anyone just the contrary.

That same type of person needs less medicine, less therapy, less comfort food and is healthier.

That same type of person is less influenced by negative thoughts or information, is clear headed and more inclined to learn and be aware of their surroundings. That person is more likely to read, workout, go out and socialize with other people than to watch TV news on repeat and look for deeply troubling information on the internet. That person is more likely to save a life than take one.

How do we change the world?


One step at a time, by changing ourselves. Law of attraction people! Start reading!

By being informed we are less easy to manipulate.

By being king we are less likely to get into an argument, a fight or any aggressive behavior.

By being empathic we get to understand ourselves and others more than before and we are able to control our reactions and be aware of how our words, thoughts and actions influence the others.

Just think about it!


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