Unite, share and conquer vs divide and conquer

What happens to a society after it has been „divided and conquered” ?

I am not a scientific genius but I believe to remember that some numbers are just not divisible anymore… So I went back to a sociological and political paradigm of „Divide et impera”- divide and rule or dived, conquer and rule, because after dividing and conquering what is there left to do but rule? Right? Well I believe that in some cases the „ruling” part hasn’t been successful and the mission, for some reason, hasn’t been aborted, -like how they say in army words-. All right, I am watching too many movies that inspire some of the used terminology. I am in fact not really aware of the army language but I believe that the screen writers have been researching intensively before delivering us a believable story about war and its leading actors.

 So what gives? What happens when a contemporary society ( far bigger and multi-faceted) gets to be divided, conquered and the „power crazed leader” is not able to rule it? You never thought of that, or have you?

Here comes the big example of the century. Here goes nothing, as they say…

What if a democracy is built on a semi presidential form of ruling and that means that the Prime-minister has a lot of decisional power. – It isn’t lost to our notice, that history has plenty of such examples of leading men that send their people to doom because of their incompetence. So please keep that in mind-. If the state has been conquered and divided it will be for a period of time, lost in its functional ways of being. The government form has the power to lead the people by example and competence, I am thinking here at a strong personality and a power-minded ruler that also has the courage, to make things happen… or else… chaos is coming next.

Power crazed politicians, aspiring for the best ruling seat are willing to go as far as dividing the people and conquering the power but are they all capable of taking the immense responsibility of ruling the country towards prosperity, balance, equilibrium and harmony in order to submit, eventually willingly to that new form of government? Because, I wonder… what can a ruler do without his subjects? What can a chief in command can do without the people? What if the separation lasts and it is not saved by intelligent, smart decisions and projects and programs of government? Chaos…

On the other hand we have the people. I believe that there are a few stages „of grief” as are those stated by psychologists. They very much apply to the decimated nation and the divided society but in another form that in the case of let’s say losing a spouse or a job or even PTSD the biggest psychological struggle of the last decades, with all the wars and carnages that surround us all around the world. Some fighters never come home, a part of them because they are killed on an action field, a battle field, others because they come home totally changed by Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and you never get to meet your son or husband as you knew him. But that is an entirely different subject that makes me think a lot and that keeps me up at night. Maybe I will share in another chapter of my wonderings.

Back to business! What happens to the divided people? What if the mathematical division that I imagined earlier, has arrived at the smallest number that isn’t divisible anymore? Or let’s put it into other words: what if the breaking and taking has happened and the „victor”, – believe me dear Romanian friends, the joke is not lost on me-, the winner has no clue how to govern the mess he has made in order to take the power? What then?

What about the „grief stages of the people”? Well of course there is a lot of denial, and a lot of anger, and a lot of resignation but isn’t there something more than that… way back in our national spirit, our national collective conscience that gives people the power of bouncing back from the seemingly bottomless pit where they have fallen? Oh dear! Am I being a bit dramatic? Surely you can understand that a writer is meant to get all flushed and bothered by a subject like this , more so than normal when he has a political sciences background.

People tend to get jaded and robotized after the strong hand of manipulation has been turning their screws tighter and tighter. Some earlier leaders may have had a hand on preparing the society to get unfocused and unconcerned with the ruling matters. Do they care anymore? Do they know anymore how to use their assets? It like someone provoked an accident, the people go through trauma and recovery and at the end of their hospitalization the have to undergo the rehabilitation program because their muscle mass has decreased greatly during the internal healing process. The muscles are atrophied and the functions are disabled… Now it is time to strike.

The fourth stage that I predict by going back to my little knowledge of psychology, is the “share and conquer back” stage. What supports my idea? Well let’s see… how about human nature? How about the coagulation of the society around the basics of natural human instincts. That should be possible id mutations in human behavior haven’t occurred since the beginning of the division and conquering mission threw back at them by the leaders.

Mutation can in fact occur as a result of intense manipulation that forces the society into fragmentation and focuses their attention on their own Brownian motion. – Basically, sending the dog to chase its own tail-. 

How is that even possible? You ask. Well let’s illustrate with some examples, for the sake of the argument.

Alienation: Psychological, physical, spiritual …

Don’t those examples suffice?  Imagine for example that you are so frustrated by life in your own home country that you can even think straight. You are mad. Mad turns one wonderful person into someone who doesn’t want to communicate, cannot communicate, or communicates with great difficulty… Big challenge. Wouldn’t you say?

Then there is also the fact that one that has communication problems, also loses touch with the reality of the endless possibilities so… he eventually finds that he isn’t able to cope with what he thinks and sees or simply feels disabled in some twisted kind of way. So he shields himself with loneliness. All by himself, you say, one cannot be harmed… Think again!

Finally if all this s**t has happened … where is God?

Well my friends if you don’t ask you won’t receive. If you have been estranged from God from some cultural, educational, familial reason or simply because the House of God – and its leaders- made religion a business… That is a tough act to follow if they’ve been successful.

N.B. Let me remind you a small fact that some people seem to have forgotten because of all the challenges that current societies put us through. God, or no matter how you call Him is one for all and each one of us is built like a candle from His everlasting flame. So when one goes all out, set on killing another soul he is in fact killing one of us, one light among each and every other that is as precious as the next and it is not an act of serving God. This is why I am against capital punishment…

Never mind… I am straying from my original thoughts.

Back on track again! Mind washing can be done through church that most obviously in some cases has gone rogue… It also occurs through media… Stop listening to all that crap. Or, through “well meaning” people that spread the rumor so fast that you can’t even react. The deed is done before you get to snooze. You “snooze you lose” as people so eloquently say.
One other truth that needs to be mentioned: if you are numb you cannot react. That is relevant in both cases of mass numbness and PTSD or other psychological disorders due to stress and fatigue.

From a spiritual point of view, if you are not aware and conscious you cannot enjoy and live the experience of life at its best. That would be a shame wouldn’t it?

The society is waking up from its slumber…

Look at all the classes of Awareness and Self-improvement… They are called master classes… Look at all the life coaches, guides, psychologists, self-made men or self-improved people. Look at the invasion of the positive that slowly invades the darkness from within ourselves. We have the promise of a bright and freeing but also free future ahead of us. If the little number that isn’t divisible anymore decides to find his little alike friends… that means coagulation. Well a mathematicians would maybe argue this because I am imagining this as a possibility when giving it as an example. But even if in the mathematics world this isn’t feasible, it sure is happening at the level of humanity. Human beings don’t like to be alone and they surely don’t want to be forced into something, mostly f it’s loneliness and alienation. All we need is the wake-up call in order to coagulate and UNITE, SHARE and CONQUER BACK.

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