A brilliant script doesn’t a good movie make! (Thanks Yoda!)

 Now, guys, this is pure and simple mathematics with words. Read me now and never forget the equation, the master key, the perfect mix.


A great bunch of brilliant people= Good movie


A great bunch of brilliant people + good story+ good music+ good technique= Very good movie


Now let’s go back a little…


Have you ever seen brilliant actors making craptastic movies? Please raise your hands, don’t be shy… now say I.

Now imagine me: I am standing up, both hands raised and shouting from the top of my lungs I!!!

I am the first to recognize that if you have no story or a really bad one… don’t throw your money out of the window… such a waste of talent and money and time… our time and money too.

So 1. No story = no movie

  1. B.  Bad story= abort!


If, indeed you have a good story and you want to make a movie, God please help me here! Don’t rush and make a joke out of it!

Good story+great cast+ fantastic producer+ brilliant composer= Amen!

Now you are good to go.


Imagine Somewhere in time without Christopher Reeve, Jane Seymour and oh the music… Rachmaninov+ John Barry… No, I cannot imagine. It was that perfect!


Actually the movies on which the composer John Barry signed the music are just as great. Because my friends, without the perfect soundtrack the great story is limping.

Remember Out of Africa? How about Indecent proposal?

Great combo of story, cast and music… Yes! They’re more than worth my money and time.


How about James Horner?  Does it ring a bell? Titanic, Legends of the fall… Sadly, we lost him, all too soon, on the 22nd of June 2015, this year. R.I.P.


The great, the brave and the bold : Vladimir Cosma and Ennio Morricone, Michel Legrand…


Let’s not forget the Disney music that we all sing and love written by Alan Menken.


So, you see… it is not only about the script. The script can be a technicality the translation into movie words of a great story and all of it is only possible due to an entire cast and great , excellent music, written by the most soulful and talented composers.

Music enhances our emotions. And the love/hate of a piece of art comes from its power to move us.

A good movie, is from my perspective, a good story that moved me. The converging roles of the cast, the music and the story are essential in stirring up strong emotions.

So if you want to make a good movie out of a good story don’t compromise on the cast and the music.


Thank you!

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