Awakening and healing trauma

We have been talking about our awakening for years. It was great to be able to find people that went through the same experiences as ourselves. That gave us a lot of hope for what was to come next. These spontaneous rising communities have offered a sound board for all the members of the community and it provided with insights that are very precious to every member.
Within the community we have discovered amazing things about ourselves and each other and with the wisdom acquired we had the opportunity to discern what made sense to us as individuals, what was interesting and relevant for us to take from it all and… what was not. In New Age Spiritual Awakening terms: “what resonated with us”.
Many statements have been born out of this both collective and individual experience. They created a wave of enthusiasm that short circuited our discernment and as some of us step back from this joy ride we embrace our discernment and realize that some of the previously stated enthusiastic declarations that we kept approving of are not quite in sync with our true path.
This made me make the choice to look into what is going on from a broader perspective and use my awakening gifts as well as my acquired wisdom to recalibrate the situation for both myself and those that would resonate with the truth of my words.
After all “awakening” is not about parroting without discernment. One person’s perspective that is not aligned completely will only resonate with misaligned people looking for the light at the end of their traumatic experience of awakening.
Here we step into the subject at hand. From years of studying the process of awakening according to my own personal individual experience, other people’s experiences and the collective, I discovered that the largest most important trauma that needs addressing, “the elephant in the room” was the trauma caused by the awakening itself. You must agree that it was not a smooth sail. Sure, it has revealed a lot of past traumatic events that came previously to the awakening, but all traumas do that. One big shake of the boat awakes within a recall of all the times that the boat shook before. Our brain has registered at a conscious and subconscious levels everything. Sometimes the shocks that were not acknowledged by the conscious mind have been registered in the subconscious and eventually dropped into the unconscious mind as time went by.
The awakening brought everything to the surface like a huge tsunami, at all the levels of our being. This is why it is an awakening, all our dormant senses that forgot past hurtful events woke up to an array of emotions (energies in motion) that created ripple effects at a physical level and mental level as well.
Said tsunami called the awakening- the coming “online” of the consciousness had a price. The unconscious and subconscious mind would undergo a process of purging all the impressions left to sit comfortably for what was thought to be “forever” until the moment X called the first and deepest “dark night of the soul”. For me that instant is just the moment of “self-revelation” when you become one with yourself as you are faced with looking at all that has happened, all that led you to that instant X and all that you truly are and what you are meant to be. The total alignment is you taking responsibility for where you are in the instant X and all the moments that follow and decide to regroup and consciously discern who you are as a spiritual being and as a human being in equal measure.
We have been misled into thinking that the “shadow work” was all about healing our past traumas, going back even to previous lives. When the obvious was staring us in the face. What was the most painful, the most traumatic and the strongest wave that led us to where we are today? The awakening! Yes it has created and brought back trauma. It has been a purging of emotional, mental and even physical pain. So people have been encouraged to do “shadow work” like was suggested by C.G. Jung and they have tried their best at doing it without real presence or discernment because it has been a period of the bling leading the blind. Much money and effort have been spent on this quest. Yet for some reason the clearing remains seemingly illusory, not because we haven’t worked hard enough, dug deep enough… It is because we have failed to notice the “elephant in the room”. And that is the trauma caused by the awakening itself!
Why was there such a thing as a radical change in our lives that turned us every each way before leaving us almost breathless and disoriented, before landing again within ourselves and realigning, merging all the bits and pieces that were filtered and remained relevant to our life path (also called journey)?
It all started with many of us looking at ourselves and at the world around us and realizing that there was a disconnect, that something did not quite fit anymore between our inner life, our ideals, aspirations, yearnings, dreams and in the end at a deep level our vibratory energy was not compatible with the world that we observed. We were mostly aware of that bit of information but we did not know how to work with that. It was felt intuitively and then many signs in our life pointed to the fact that something had to give, something had to change because the discomfort of feeling like not belonging was becoming greater and greater each day. Because not many people chose to make a conscious decision to separate from the situation at hand and were still very much trying to make things work from within that energy space, that societal mayhem, something did happen. That was the tsunami, the radical change, the awakening.
For me that change came from the inner feeling that there was more to life than this (however the situation was perceived) and wherever we stood was going against our spiritual make up. The push-pull of what was going on at a collective level was working like a push-pull discomfort against what we instinctively felt we are about and would always be. Thus the awakening. Something had to give and it gave plenty in the form of a radical life change that people chose to overthink and self-indulge in.

How much time did you spend on peeling layers after layers of memory about all the events in your life that caused you suffering? When will it be enough? Have you considered the latest episode of your life where everything changed and you went from an uncomfortable known situation to an uncomfortable unknown one? How did that make you feel? Now that you think about it, what hurt the most the distant diluted past or the moment of radical change that occurred relatively recently?
By healing your now you heal everything because the one that you are now is encompassing all of it.
How do we heal the now? Well i have spent a decade working on this. From my findings equanimity, inner peace and self-love are the key ingredients. They have the power to heal you on all the timelines and at all levels of your being.
This is the holistic solution for what you have been going through for such a long time.

Accept your journey for what it has been. Love yourself through every stage and for all that you went through and conquered and let go of those experiences by embracing the lessons learned. There is nothing in the past that serves you now besides the things that you embraced as soul level as your personal treasures.
Your awakening has felt like a curse for a while because the mind was opposing resistance to change but your soul called for that change. Once aligned mind, body and soul, the deeper knowing and understanding will set your mind free from pain by releasing resistance to change. Remember that your soul has called for change. This is the universe delivering probably the most precious gift you have ever received.
Many of us have been calling for change and we received it. Change is here and we are moving forward with it. We have the certainty that change happens when it is created by our authentic soul divine essence. So rest assured we cannot fail because soul does not fail. There is no such thing as soul failing.
We may not always know where we are going but now we know that we are not stuck and we know why. If the mind understands why change needed to happen then there is nothing left for the mind to project and worry about.
Learning to have patience and love for ourselves is all that we need while allowing this process to unfold.
Self-care and self-love are crucial for self-mastery. They lead to a happy stable life within the new. That is how we embrace our true self and how we start showing our true self on the outside in our interactions with the others.
Soul meeting soul within the present human experience!
That is healing in itself. We were never meant to walk alone. We never were alone spiritually but at a human level the “disconnect” from the others made us feel so lonely at times. But you see… we were nit created to be alone and this is why when souls seek and find each other in human form there is pure joy of recognition. This is why each and every one of us must work in themselves so that when we finally meet we connect, we feel in sync and we merge through love and co-create.
Co-creation is part of our journey. It is where the awakening starts making sense. That is where change happens at a collective level. That is when you can see the manifestation in earthly form of what all of our souls have been working towards for what seems a very long time.
And that is when you feel individually healed from the awakening trauma, let go and embrace the new.
Call it new dawn… it has no relevance how you call it. The new words are confusing many people that are familiar with the old terms. In reality we are talking about one and the same thing. It would be terrible to loose ourselves in pesky details like terminology. By creating new wording for old paradigms is another form of separation created by misaligned people in search for the essential alignment.

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