This is as much for me as for anyone who may need a helping hand. Help me keep the good  vibes going.

A project and a Book

Here is a little taste…

„We the human beings are such odd creatures. We come to live on this planet with a blank mind and a full soul. At the end, you’d think that we’d burst from such intense emotions and so many memories. Still, to this day, most of us think that we simply come here to live and die and we are all that there is.

That’s strange. Wouldn’t you agree?

Is this journey just us going from point A to point B? What is it about?

There surely must be something more than a movie roll filled with seemingly disjointed sequences because if it was so… well… then pain wouldn’t have any meaning, no practical or other reason to exist. This life of ours can’t just be about random facts bunched up one after another in a line that leads to death.

And what’s death? Is it the end of a cycle or the end of us altogether?

If I didn’t know better I’d object to this theory on principle. But I do and that makes me both sad and happy at the same time. I’m sad because there are so many people who still believe that this – whatever happens in their life- is all there is. I am happy because I know that there’s more. I couldn’t be myself if I didn’t acknowledge that there is more to “existence” than “living”.

That’s actually funny because people tend to think that living means doing the best to be happy as much, as hard, as long as they can. They actually say: that’s living! On the other hand people who struggle through some difficult times –myself included, at one point- state that they’re not living, they’re merely existing.

One day I decided to reserve the right to change my mind. It is a general rule. I know that I can never be certain of something. I also know that my perception can change in time, as I discover new things, read more, meet new people and have more experiences. So yes! I reserved the right to change my mind and I am fully aware that at some point in life I may contradict my former self, the younger version of me. That’s perfectly alright. I am good with that.

So this story is about what I know now and what I discovered while I was considering life, existence, human beings and our purpose.

First of all, I should mention that I think that all that is said and written is a gift that we’ve all received, -insights- that couldn’t be/exist without every single invisible particle of the Source that some of us call God. Nevertheless, all that is said and written is also drenched in the human mind’s constructs. We wouldn’t be able to express ourselves and be understood by everyone else if we didn’t have a common set of constructs such as language and common references. Right? Because there are billions and billions of such constructs. This is why on some of them we agree and on others we don’t because they change according to our upbringing, to our education, to our experiences…etc.

What if we had more than those constructs in common? What if we didn’t need those constructs at all? That’s a “crazy” serious idea to consider. I challenge you to come with me on this journey and to really look at this sequence of experiences. Maybe by the end of this story you will feel the need to ask yourself: “what did I miss while I wasn’t paying attention”?

Sometimes I think that these inherited landmarks are prohibiting us to make our own mind about what and how things really are. And what about our soul, our “anima”? Where does it come in? Or maybe, just maybe we are the soul that inhabits the body, which has these experiences. What a crazy thought! Fair warning: you will read a lot of things that may seem “out there” and I cannot blame you. There are too few people writing about this. But the most important is that I am not the only one and even more important is that we are growing in numbers each day. I am just opening more doors and welcome you to my experience.

We were created in such a beautiful togetherness yet… we now struggle to get along. We, as human beings, are divided by never ending conflicts when in reality the core of the matter is so very simple: we all are incarnate souls. That’s it! This is the simplified version of what we are and it resumes perfectly what we are supposed to be doing here. Unfortunately, for most people the short version isn’t enough anymore – because of previously stated constructs-. We seem to have forgotten who we are and what we’re doing.

Spirituality and the modern world

          At the moment I am writing this I am thinking about the people I have been blessed to meet until now. I see in the screen of my mind a collage of people that came apparently out of nowhere and taught me important lessons about life, about relationships and about me. I am very grateful to have met each and every single one of them because what I know today is partly because of them.

The world that I have been brought up in taught me to think a lot. Sometimes now and again people tell me I should probably think less but one can’t erase years and years of practicing thought and a certain philosophy about life. At least it doesn’t happen just like that. We need to embark on a journey that exists within our life journey… like the Russian dolls. And that my dear friends is an exciting roller coaster. 

The recent years showed me that life is a little bit about thought but a lot about feelings. How does one reconcile thought and a certain way of thinking to be more precise with all of these feelings that we cultivate and that we marinate in? How does one enjoy their own feelings when they are built in a way that all the energy that surrounds them is felt at such a deep level of their being? Or is it not yet true for you yet? 

Well awakening does that to you. It makes you feel all that you have been numbed not to feel so far. The growing pains will eventually allow you to become a gorgeous butterfly instead of the caterpillar that you have always known yourself to be.”

From #MakeItCount the Project- #MakeItCountTheBook- Coming up soon!


This is as much for me as for anyone who may need a helping hand. Help me keep the good  vibes going.

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