What is going on?

Things you don’t know but that you should have known by now dear people and world decision makers:


  1. One of the basic information, that we all poli-sci majors know or should know, all around the globe, really because it is a free info that is a requirement for all graduates to know is that: there are several evolutionary stages of a country and that democracy, until I last heard, is the last one invented and achieved (with/without +/-) successfully. Indeed, democracy has become a goal but CANNOT be reached and achieved by skipping progress levels. It is basically like Mario land, or any given computer game. If you understand the mechanism of computer games you know that you cannot just skip a level and go directly to finding the treasure or saving the princess, or finding the key. No that is not how it works. And although software engineers understood this basic information, politicians still cannot grasp this information. So, back to democracy. You cannot “upload” democracy on a country’s hardware and say it is done. You’re in, upload, you’re out, done! It is like a computer game with LEVELS. You need to play the game in order to find the treasure. In this case go through the stages. Oh my God! It’s like the stages of grief. One doesn’t go from a traumatic event to acceptance in one upload. Too bad really, because I, personally would love never to suffer again. More so, I would say that I’d love to erase all of that in a single ctrl+alt+del. BUT IT DOESN’T WORK THAT WAY! Scientist, go and make us proud!

Conclusion: YOU CANNOT IMPLEMENT, INSTALL, INSERT, CREATE, DEMOCRACY FOR/IN A COUNTRY THAT ISN’T THERE YET… like the hot zones of the earth that are from all point of view a few hundred years behind some of the European countries and the U.S.A.

It makes me wonder, what the heck are you still doing out there, killing your own best men?


  1. Trojan horse: dear politicians is your need for hypocrisy so great that you cannot open your eyes to the biggest truth you’ve ever seen up in your faces? I mean who does that? Who denies his/her own people of liberties and wealth and gives it to strangers that may or may not be dangerous in the name of humanitarianism? Hello! What about your own people? It is like that: a few days before the arrival of the refugees, you guys were complaining about the impact of the Greek crisis, on the people of the other European countries, on the economy of said countries… etc. One next crisis arises, like, um, uh, let’s say the arrival of the so called refugees and bam! There is no more Greek crisis at the horizon. There are no more concerns about the economic issues of the European countries. Now they are bountiful and graceful enough to great more useless, unemployable people that I repeat, may or may not be dangerous. Doesn’t that sound even a little fishy to you?
  2. Remember back in the day… of the 70’s and the 80’s? Your own European brothers and sisters from the East, went through a little something that we all agreed to call COMMUNISM. Have they all fled their country and went West in massive waves? NO. Why? BECAUSE, obviously they all, couldn’t do it without being murdered by the regime, some had this idea of staying and defending their country, fighting from within for their common rights… stuff like that… really it is easy to forget so I may need to remind you of such frivolous little details. Let me ask you a question, do you remember in your lifetime, when such a massive exodus has ever happened? If you don’t please raise your voice because I cannot see your hands but I have a good hearing.
  3.  Another fact that blew my mind is that there are actually people who were taught and sent to inform us that the concentration camps which killed a massive amount of Jewish people in WWII, actually never existed. Basically they are saying that it never happened. What in God’s green Earth is wrong with you people?
  4. Did you know that Romania is one of the few countries (I dare not say the only one) that has at its top, politicians that never went to real school? I mean look at France! Politicians (stupid or brilliant) all went to reputable higher education institutions and got their diplomas, their stamp of approval. Look at the USA, the politicians are all basically coming out of the Ivy League Universities.  But no. In Romania, anyone can become an active politician in an active role as … let’s say a prime minister, with a fake C.V., a fake PHD. and such… People are led to their deaths (economically speaking, politically speaking… and so on) by morons. There’s no need for a stamp of approval. They don’t even need a stamp of approval from an institute of mental health.
  5. Moving on… did you ever learn at school about a phenomena called “brain drain”? It is quite simple to explain actually, the great minds move from one place that offers them NOTHING, to a place where their greatness can bloom and thrive in a decent work and life environment.  So how do we call the ones that stayed in their country of origin? Idiots or heroes? That isn’t very clear to me. Maybe you can help me out with this one because I cannot … I can’t… Bouncing out of my stupor I wonder… should we call ourselves patriots? We are hanging on with both hands and one big hope. But each and every time we try that hope is shattered and scattered and we are left to gather back all the pieces and make a semblance of normality around us, because we stayed and we tried and we still try so damn much to make it right, to make things happen… but REMEMBER THE IDIOTS THAT GOVERN US?
  6. In Romania, there are for example, people with a master’s degree that work on cruise boats as servers. In Romania there are people with two master’s degrees that are unemployed. Meanwhile… the fake ones with a lot of cash are leading us to utter misery. Doesn’t that make you a bit sick? In Romania there are real PHDs that work for a minimal wage when all the above is happening under their noses. Isn’t it cool to be a doctor or a master in a field, and walk by your lonesome on the street while a good for nothing son of a gun rides in his fancy last model of car to his “work place”, where his basic only activity is to show up in a fancy suit and engage in meaningless talk? Yes, they tend to talk your years off. And what about the great masters and PHDs that are now at this very moment, working on constructions sites far away from home, for 2 euros per hour? Am I about right? Maybe it is less… who knows?
  7. Are you about to sell your sperm or one of your kidneys in order to survive? Just wondering…
  8. There is always a way you know? How about going crazy? And that leads me to my next point on the agenda: what takes to make you a kamikaze bomber? No one in their right mind would choose to embrace death just like that. I cannot accept that a healthy, normal individual would say: “Hey, I am going to do the world a ton of good by exploding today! Yey!”… NO, this cannot be right. Believe it or not, I am not an expert on this type of matters but… I am still wondering none the less.
  9. Manifestations and the stamp of approval from the people: the elections. We the people have, in a democracy, the right to choose. There are two forms, one very efficient and one that varies according to our level of evolution as a democratic country (yeah we are back to that topic, damn it all to hell!). Again people, what the heck is wrong with you? Are you stupid, self-sabotaging, totally disinterested, what? You cannot move your pretty behinds to go to vote? You cannot bring yourselves to participate and try to make a change, rally other thinking people around you and make a change? Are you blind, death and mentally challenged all at once? Why would you let this charade of nonsense go on for decades?

What about (the bass- joking) the manifestations. Are you too lazy to move your pretty self on the street and make some noise about all the crap that you have been fed with for so long? Or maybe that it wasn’t enough, maybe it hasn’t been so much, so long, so utterly disgustingly enough… It is a wonder how thousands of people cry out loudly from their chairs at home through the online social media, about their issues, but when it comes to get out and make a point… there’s just a hand of people shouting together about their own selfish problems. Yeah, good job dudes! At least you went out! I give you points for that. But still… you get out to defend what? And to what results? Because if you get out and get no results… it means that YOU ARE DEFINITELY DOING SOMETHING WRONG! What you hear is a passionate string of good hearted and well-meant cries for justice… what they hear is bla, bla and more bla.  Well sorry guys but I cannot see how a mass of coherent, determined citizens cannot take down a handful of stupid jerks.

 Sometimes I feel that stupidity is the worst disease of them all when it goes the stage of epidemic. And who said that ignorance is bliss, surely didn’t mean in that way. Let me explain: some things cannot be unseen, therefore you feel that if you weren’t there to see those particularly dreadful situations you’d be blessed with a more innocent mind and healthy memory. No one has ever required from you to be stupid in order to be happy. The educational system all over the world should think about teaching children how to think for themselves AGAIN!…  Because, uh, ummm… it really sucks for every party included to be a robot… and a stupid one as well.



That’s it for today, thanks for joining me on today’s show. I hope your life won’t suck as much tomorrow. Be good, be kind, be grateful and think for yourself!

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